When everything was done and settled with, Natsu was seated next to Lucy as the blonde was blushing from head to toe.

How could he just say that she was going to be his wife?! Does he not understand what the meaning of marriage or wife meant?! They were best friends and they were doing this stupid project together?! Worst of all, if they didn't act like it, she was going to fail the class for the year. How could her teacher be so mean to make it an hundred point project?

While Lucy silently cried and freaked out, she failed to notice that Natsu was watching everything she was doing.

He reached forward and grasped her arm making her squeak and stiffen, his eyebrow raising at her awkward behavior. "Lucy. . . Are you okay?" Natsu asked as he pressed his palm against her forehead and cheek. "You're burning up!"

"N—no! It's just the heat!" She lied as Natsu gave her a look of confusion. "Lucy, it's snowing outside." He jabbed his thumb towards the window as Lucy looked towards the window to see crystal snowflakes falling down ever so slowly before hitting the floor. Lucy silently cursed to herself before facing Natsu again.

"W—well . . . it's hot for me. . ." She said as Natsu snickered. "Luce, you weirdo."

"Shut up!"

"Awww, made the little one cry."

"I'm not crying, idiot!"

"She's yelling now."

"Don't make me kick you!"

"Lucy, calm down." Natsu chuckled as Lucy pouted blushing deep red. Their teacher then came to their table holding out the bowl in front of Lucy making the couple look up at the adult.

"Come now, pick your life style."

Lucy looked at her nervously, putting her hand inside the bowl to dig through the slips of paper.

"Pick us a nice one, Luce!" Natsu cheered her on as she grasped a small slip and pulled her hand out, watching as her teacher left to go give the others slip as Natsu leaned towards her. "What does it say?"

"I—I don't know..."

"Well, open it! I want to see how it's like!" He cried out as Lucy trembled and gulped, staring at the small slip as it was the fate of her life for the next month. What if it said something stupid or embarrassing? How could a school like this ruin her life so much?!

"Open it, Lucy!"

"Okay!" She said as she opened it, reading the small slip as her heart drooped.

Recently married, 6 months pregnant. Madly in love; living together.


Lucy, was officially dead. She has been dead for the entire day after what happened in the morning with Natsu and the stupid project. The thing that was written on the note was swirling in her head, confusing her dearly and making her feel so flustered that it made her wonder why she was this flustered in the first place.

This project will be the end of her.

Lucy let out a moan as she just thought about the crazy events she has to go through with Natsu, her face burning even more. Why couldn't it be someone else? Someone that wasn't Natsu?

Suddenly, Lucy jerked and let out a yelp as she felt something cold against the back of her neck, sitting up to see the male she was dreading to see. He held a bottle of soda as he grinned, handing the beverage to her.


"What are you doing here? School ended 5 minutes ago and you're here pretending to be dead."

"Some things are going on in my head." Lucy sighed as Natsu leaned against the desk looking at her. "Is it about that marriage project?" He asked making Lucy slowly nodded fidgeting in her spot as she held the bottle in her hands.

It was silent for a moment before Natsu stood back up and held his hand out in front of her, making her look up at him in confusion. "Come on, wifey, nothing to be so worried about."

"What did you just call me?" She said, shooting him a look as he snickered and held her up, grabbing her back to hand it to her. "Don't be so uptight, Luce. We'll think of a way to ace this project.

"Natsu, this is a big problem."

"Why? You live alone; we could live together for a month. You could stuff some pillows and walk around . . . and we can just act like a couple. There!"

"Natsu! This isn't as easy as you think it is." She explained making him shake his head. "Trust me, it is. Now come along, we need to get home!" He said as he walked away having Lucy follow him sighing.

Even though Lucy thought about the project seriously, Natsu did too but in a carefree manner.

He reassured her and made sure he wasn't going to mess this up for her and he even promised that he'll do his best to help her. It helped her for the most part but just thinking about pretending to be married and pregnant with Natsu's kid, it was difficult to comprehend.

And before they knew it, they were right in front of her house.

"Come over later. Since I'll be living with you from now on, we need to get some stuff and tell my parents."

"Whoa, who said you'll be living with me?"

"Says our marriage life!"

"No way in hell! I'm a girl and you're a guy! We can't be living together!" Lucy rejected the idea making him scoff. "Psh, whatever. Come or else I'll come and kidnap you!" Natsu threatened as he grinned before walking away. Lucy mumbled something under her breath before going in her apartment, watching her friend disappear down the street as she entered.

Her best friend since 2 years and it feels like she's known him forever. They were the closest from everyone else in their group of friends and Natsu always been with Lucy. Their bond was unbreakable and it was unknown to either of them why it was.

As Lucy got ready to go to Natsu's house, she did her homework, wrote her novel, and cleaned around a bit. If Natsu was going to live here, she better be prepared. Natsu was a slob. Everywhere, and in everything.

Lucy quickly finished as she went on over to Natsu's house where it was just down the street from hers, grabbing her coat and scarf as she walked in the snow-filled streets. She always loved being there since he had a blue cat—which he dyed since it was cool—a cute little sister, two awesome and funny parents, and one jerk who always loved to piss her off.

It was just fun being there, it felt like she was part of the family since both her mother and father passed away just a couple years back leaving her all alone in the big old world.

When she knocked on the front door of his house, the door swung open to have a blue-haired preteen holding a blue-haired cat.

Both of them looking happy to see her.


"Happy, Wendy!" Lucy cried out in joy as they all embraced each other, Wendy inviting Lucy in.

Lucy kicked off her snow boots as Wendy put down Happy, the blue-haired preteen giggling as she approached to whisper something in her ear.

"I heard you and Natsu are doing a marriage project together. You liiiike him!" She giggled making Lucy blushed and squealed embarrassed. "Shut up! I don't! And stop rolling your tongue like that!"

"Will you be living together and stuff?"


"Leave her alone, Wendy. You're going to scare her away," A new voice said as Lucy looked up to see Natsu coming towards the door and leaning against it. Lucy also noticed that Natsu only had his scarf wrapped around his neck while he was half naked.

"Natsu-Nii! Lucy-San is here—go put a shirt on!" Wendy scolded her older brother as he shrugged. "So what? She's even seen me butt naked." He said earning a smack to the head from Lucy. "I thought we decided to keep that to ourselves!"

"It just slipped out!"

"Idiot!" Lucy smacked him again, blushing scarlet as Wendy was gapping at them. "Lucy-San and N—Natsu-Nii did—?"

"No! I swear, we didn't do anything!"

"I'm telling dad!"

"You'll be what?" Igneel asked as he stopped eating the chips he was eating with Wendy and Happy. Lucy laughed nervously as Natsu slouched on the couch, playing with the ends of his scarf as he also felt a bit nervous. Grandine wasn't home yet so Lucy and Natsu had to break the news to Igneel first but it seemed like he wasn't too happy about the news.

"Natsu you tell him."

"No, you tell him."

"Why me?"

"Because I say so." Lucy shot him a look and looked back at the dumbfounded father. "Umm, Igneel. Natsu and I are married—"

"I KNEW IT!" Igneel shot up in his seat pointing towards the couple who both flinched at his sudden outburst.

Lucy was the first to recover as she blush and shook her head, waving her hands in the air. "N—not that way! For a school project!" She explained making Igneel sign and sit back down in disappointment. "So, what do you need?"

"A—and well, Natsu will have to live with me for a month."

"Wait, so, you're coming to live with us or he's leaving?"

"Either way is fine," Lucy said making Igneel's face brighten. "That's a great idea! Take him! Please, take him with you!" He begged making Natsu growl. "You old bastard!"

Igneel only ignored as Lucy gawked at him to Igneel who only grinned. "Take him for as long as you want."

Lucy violently shook her head in embarrassment. "N—no! It's just for a month and I just live up hill so you can see him anytime!"

"It's fine. I approve of this," He said as he went back to eating chips making Lucy sigh and Natsu grin. "Alright! Now to go make you pregnant!" He cried out making Igneel choke once more on his chips and Lucy flushed again. "You idiot!"


"J—just shut up!" She said making him blink in confusion and look at his father who was blushing from what was said earlier. He ignored them and stood up, grabbing Lucy's arm. "Come on, we have to think of how to make you look pregnant." He said as he dragged her to his room, leaving Igneel gawking from where he was with Wendy.

Once they were up in his room, he grabbed the pillow that was on his bed and tossed it to her. "Let's try it with a pillow." He suggested making Lucy stuff the pillow in her shirt and looked at herself in the mirror.

She looked oddly lumpy and Natsu started to laugh making her blush and take it out. "No."

"Then plan B!"

"What's plan B?"

"To make you fat." Lucy quickly disagreed to that one and sat down next to him. "Let's get a big bowl and tape it around my stomach." She suggested making him furrow his brows. "Isn't that going to be hard to walk around and stuff?"

"Well yeah, but I'm acting pregnant. It's supposed to do that."

"Alright then! We got the pregnant part down now the living thing, I'll move in today." He grinned as he grabbed a bag from under his bed, placing it on his bed to grab his belongings. "Don't take everything . . . just pack some few clothes and stuff. You have some of your things at my house anyways," Lucy said as she remembered that red t-shirt she just washed this morning without knowing it was his.

A month living with Natsu would be torture. She's going to most likely kick him out less than a week and he probably knew that too.

"Now for the last part—we're madly in love." She said as Natsu snickered a bit, grabbing his stuffed bag to go on over towards her and wrap his arm around her shoulders. "We can act that out, right?"

"Um yeah."

"Great! Now come on, Honey! Time to go home." Natsu grinned holding out his hand and giving her a wink as she blushed. She grabbed his hand and looked away shyly as she muttered, "You really need to stop embarrassing me."

"I don't do anything; your face just turns red when I say something."

"Because it's embarrassing, dumbass!" She screeched making Natsu snickered and turned around, dragging her along with him.

The two raced down the stairs as Natsu put his sandals on, Lucy respectfully bowing towards Igneel. "Good bye, Igneel! Bye Wendy, Happy!"

"Bye dad, Wendy, Happy! I'll be back next month!" Natsu ginned as he was already at the door, grinning as Igneel and the rest of the kids stood up running to them. "Natsu, I expect you to take care of Lucy." Igneel said making him nod. "I know,"

"Lucy, be careful." Igneel said grabbing her shoulders and looking her in the eyes. Lucy laughed nervously and nodded as she knew what Igneel meant by be careful. "We'll visit each week." Igneel smiled at the teens as Natsu and Lucy both nodded and headed out.

The two continued to wave as Igneel smirked. "How long do you give them, Wendy?"

"I'll say... maybe a week!"

"Not even, I say not even an hour."

Lucy's eyebrow twitched as she balled her hand to a fist. She stood in front of Natsu who was comfortably sitting on her couch, half naked, bags of chips and soda around him, and they haven't even been here for ten minutes.

"Y—you. . ."

"Oh, Hey Lucy!"

"Don't hey me, idiot!" She yelled making Natsu flinch and cringe at her angry expression. "You mess up my house. . . You eat my food. . . You're half naked. . . and it hasn't even been ten minutes!"

"Whoa, calm down sweetheart."

"Don't call me sweetheart!" Lucy hissed making Natsu stand up,scratching his head to sigh. "Alright, alright. What do you want me to do?"

"First, get dressed. Why are you walking around shirtless?"

"Because it's more comfortable."

"Natsu, please notice that you're in my house."

"So what? We're married now." Natsu grinned earning a swat to the chest. "That's only in school. Right now, we're just friends." She said as Natsu sighed and mumbled a low sorry. "Fine, fine. I'll clean this up, just stop nagging."

"I don't want my house to be a pig style! Don't tell me I'm nagging you! I'm just telling you what I don't like and want you to do!"

"Now come on Luce, I'm sorry. This is just how I am. Anyways, stop yelling at your husband. We're supposed to be madly in love." He smirked as she crossed her arms and huffed in irritation. "I said that's at school!"

"We're already fighting like a married couple, what's the difference?"

"Get out of my house!"


"Get off me, fatass!" Lucy cried out as she struggling under Natsu. Natsu smirked and pinned her arms down, hovering on top as he stared. "I told you I can beat you."

"What kind of husband does this to his wife?"

"The one that wants sex." He said a bit seductively making Lucy gasp and look up at him with wide brown orbs. "Natsu..!"

Natsu sweat-dropped as he noticed the reaction he got from her, sighing. "I'm just kidding..."

"Jerk! Get off me!"

"If you apologize~" He said poking her nose making Lucy hiss. She only stayed silent as he frowned and blew on her face, pushing his weight down on her pelvis as she made a sound of displeasure. "Get off me!"

"Say please?"

"Please." She begged as she felt her hips about to break. Natsu then stood up and held his hand out towards her as he grinned. "Now, was that so hard?" He asked as Lucy dusted herself off and smacked him hard on the chest. Natsu only rolled his eyes and sighed walking away, not even feeling the slap. "I'm going to go take a shower."

"Just don't mess the bathroom up." Mumbled Lucy as Natsu smirked and waved goodbye, disappearing into the halls.

It was quiet for a moment before she heard something fall in her bathroom, her eyes widening in realization.

"Lucy, uh, something broke!"