I felt anger building up inside me as my friends came filing into my room without permission and ruining this perfect moment with Natsu, my new boyfriend. The next thing I knew was, I was screaming.



Lucy's heart was pounding in her chest as her palms got sweaty and her forehead got moist over the event that was making her almost jump out of her seat.

"Lucy, calm down," Mirajane laughed as she pats Lucy's shoulder, smiling sweetly. "Mirajane is right, Lu-Chan, you should be all happy!" Levy said, smiling widely towards her best friend.

"B – But, I – I –"Lucy stuttered her eyes wide and body trembling slightly. She was so nervous that she felt like her heart was going to jump right out of her chest and walk away leaving her dead.

"Lucy, calm down, you're sweating like a pig." Erza said, handing her a handkerchief.

Lucy whipped her forehead, biting down on her bottom lip which was glossed with lip-gloss and shine.

"I'm just so nervous, I never been so nervous in my whole life!" Lucy said, chewing on the inside of her cheek. She just wanted to go sit in a corner and pull on her hair but her hair was so perfectly made she's going to regret it if she even touched her perfectly tied up hair.

"Don't worry Lucy, now hurry up and gather up your feelings, it's time,"

"Oh please no, just a couple more hours!"

"Lu-Chan, it won't be that bad, now come now!" Levy smiled, grabbing Lucy's arm and bringing her to the door.

"No, somebody, help!" Lucy shouted as she was out the door and in front of hundreds of people she knew and didn't know.

She gulped, frozen in spot not knowing what to do. She saw her friends all the way up front, smiling at her. She felt confident build up inside her as she focused her attention on her friends and not at the others who were staring at her.

She looked down the aisle and saw Natsu, grinning widely at her, giving her the thumbs up.

She sighed in relief and smile back, walking down the carpet slowly so she doesn't trip nor she doesn't go too fast.

She just kept her eyes on Natsu, somebody who knows that could give her courage on something big as this.

As she made it down, Natsu grabbed her hand, smiling widely at her. "You look beautiful," Natsu whispered, eyes never leaving hers.

Lucy blushed a bit, staring into his eyes while giving his hands a squeeze. "And you look so handsome," They both faced the preacher, hold each other hands.

"We all are gathered here today to witness the love of this woman, Lucy Heartfillia, and this man, Natsu Dragneel. We will now begin the wedding."


"Momma, Momma!" A pink haired girl shouted, jumping up and down on the bed screaming for her mother's attention.

Lucy groaned, turning to her back to rub her eyes and look at her hyperactive daughter that was awake so early on a Monday.

"Y – Yes sweetheart?" Lucy yawned, trying to focus her attention on her lovely daughter. "I start school today, get up! Get up!" She started to whine pushing and pulling on her arm, bouncing up and down on the spot.

Lucy sighed and sat up, grabbing her daughter by the shoulders.

"Sweetie, school doesn't start for another 3 hours," She said, maintaining eye contact. She frowned, sadness washing over her.

She pulled away from her mother and got on top of her father, bouncing on top of him. "Papa! Papa! Wake up!" She shouted, shaking him.

Natsu groaned, and buried his head into his pillow. "Honey, I think you should leave your father alone, he came home late last night and slept late too," Lucy frowned as Natsu didn't even open his eyes to look at his daughter or Lucy.

Her daughter pouted again and got under the covers, between the two as she lied down. "Fine then!" She pouted as she pulled the blankets up to her face.

Lucy sighed and lied back down, wrapping an arm around her.

"Don't worry, momma and papa will get you to school on time," She kissed her cheek making the small girl squirm in her arms.

Natsu instantly put his arm over his daughter and put his hand on Lucy's waists, pulling them closer to him.

"You two are so loud in the morning." He mumbled causing the little girl to protest and pout cutely. Lucy smile and put a hand on Natsu's cheek, causing his eyes to flutter open.

"Morning love," She whispered. Natsu grinned and kissed her hand, closing his eyes again. "Papa, remember I start school today?" The little girl said, excitement washing over her now.

Natsu nodded his head, looking down at his daughter.

"Of course my dear Nashi, but if you be a good girl and sleep for a bit Momma and papa will have a surprise for you later." Natsu winked making Lucy look at him with wide eyes while Nashi gasped and quickly closed her eyes, trying to fall asleep again.

"Natsu but –", "Don't worry, I got this under control. Sleep some more, beautiful," Lucy blushed a bit and nodded, closing her eyes again.

She'll trust him this time.


"Momma's what?" The little girl squeaked as she had her backpack strapped to her back while she wore a blue little floral dress with matching shoes.

Her pink hair tied into braids with small bows in her hair making her look extra cuter.

Natsu scratched the back of his head, shrugging nonchalantly. "Err, momma is pregnant." He explained again making Nashi tilt her head sideways confused.

"Pregnut?" She asked, trying to think of what that meant.

Lucy sighed as she overheard their conversation from where she was cooking her and Natsu's breakfast, ready to eat it when Natsu comes back from dropping her off at school.

"No, Pregnant. It means she's going to have your little brother or sister growing inside her for a while before he finally comes out and grows up to be like your papa."

"So momma going to become all round and fat like Auntie Erza?"

"Yep!" Natsu said, chuckling at his daughter's explanation. She could be so cute sometimes. "So, I'll have a little brother or sister?" She asked, her lips curving to a smile while her big brown orbs twinkled in excitement.

Natsu nodded also grinning making the little girl bounce up and down cheering loudly.

"Momma, hurry up and get fat so I could play with my little brother or sister!" Nashi shouted, running up to her mother and tugging on her pajama pants.

Lucy sweat dropped, squatting down to her size. "It takes time, Nashi. 9 months so be patient, okay?" Nashi frowned for a split second before grinning again, nodding.

"Okay momma! Now papa and I will leave for school, you stay here and take care of my brother." Nashi said, putting her small hand on Lucy's stomach.

"Brother?" Lucy asked, smiling at her daughter. Nashi nodded, smiling back. "I want to have a brother, and if I don't like him, we can exchange him for a sister then," Nashi said making Natsu laugh and pick her up.

"That's not how it works kiddo, but if you insist on a sister after a brother, I'll gladly apply," Natsu smirked causing Lucy to blush and scold him.

"Bye momma, see you later!" Nashi shouted waving at her while Natsu carried her out. "Bye sweetheart, be careful!"

"Bye Luce, I'll be back soon. Keep the food warm,"

"Oh I'll keep them warm all right,"


A beautiful pink haired teen smiled widely as she bounced up to her mother and father, happy to tell them news she had in mind.

Her 14 year old brother sat with them while her 10 year old sister was in her room, talking with friends and doing homework. Hopefully they were going to take this well.

"Hey mom, dad?" Nashi said, stepping into the room with a sweet smile on her face. "Nashi, you're home early." Lucy said as she looked at the clock to see it's only 4.

Nashi smiled and nodded, looking at her father who looked at her curiously. "Guess what?" She asked, looking all innocent. "What is it, dear?"

"I'm pregnant!"

"What!" Natsu shouted right after he heard the words come out of his daughter's mouth.

"You're only 17 years old, who is this bastard who got your pregnant?" Natsu growled, standing up on his feet. "It was Luke Redfox; oh he's such a sweetheart!" Nashi sighed making Natsu's and Lucy's eyes widen, looking at each other.

Redfox? Holy shit, Gajeel's and Levy's son got their kid knocked up.

"I'm going to talk to that metal face; no daughter of mine will be pregnant with their goddamn son!"


Natsu held his wife's hand in his, squeezing it slightly while he had a weak smile on his face. He couldn't believe the most important woman in his life was on her death bed.

She hasn't even reached the age 60 yet and she was already dying.

They even promised they'll live together till maybe around their 90's and even watch their grandchildren grow up and have kids but looks like Natsu might be the only one witnessing it.

"It'll be okay, Lucy." Natsu whispered, kissing the back of her hand making Lucy smile weakly at him. They both knew it wasn't okay but all they needed to wish it will be. "It's not okay . . ."

"No, Lucy it is, just keep fighting, I promise, it'll be okay."

"I think my time is limited in this world, I won't be here long."

"No, Lucy, don't say that, please." Natsu begged, squeezing her hand tighter, tears fighting their way to his eyes.

He didn't want her saying this nor watch her leave his side. They promised they'll always be together, forever. Lucy squeezed his and smiled at him while Natsu lowered his head and let his tears fall.

Why did his kids have to be so far away from them now? They've informed their kids when Lucy was charged into this hospital but they were so far away, it'll take hours to be here and by the time they're here, Lucy might be gone.

"Natsu, look at me." Natsu lifted his head after a moment of hesitation and looked at his wife's still beautiful face. "Tell Nashi, Leo, and Luna I love them all,"

"No, Lucy, please don't do this to me,"

"And remind yourself I love you so much also."

"Stop talking Lucy, please!" Natsu begged, more tears falling from his eyes. Lucy's smile vanished from her face as tears started to fall out of her eyes.

She didn't want to die; she wanted to stay with her family till the end. She wanted to see her grandkids grow up and watch them get married and have kids. She wanted to stay by her husband's side by the time they were all old and wrinkly.

"I – I don't want to die Natsu." Lucy cried, causing Natsu to hug her tight, soothing her. "P – Please, take care of yourself and the kids don't do anything ridiculous, alright?" Lucy choked out making Natsu sob even harder.

"I don't even think I can live life without you."

"You can, I believe in you. I love you,"

"I love you too." And with that, they both sobbed and held each other in their arms, saying I love you to each other over and over again.

That night when Natsu has left to get some pain medicine for Lucy he came back to see Lucy has already passed away.

He cried, screamed, raged, and eventually broke.

That night when he was going to bed, he had a heart attack and died, following after Lucy in the afterlife.

Death cannot even separate True love.

The end.

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