Okay, I think I've fallen for LucyxSting . Well I wanted to make a story about these two! No magic but their are magical weapons! Oh also Layla is alive and her father is almost nice... Also, age is different...

SUMMARY: It's happens every year, the mask dance, everyone must where a mask if they come and all must wear a mask. Lucy is the princess of 'Light' in which she must attend to this and well Sting is the prince of 'Dark' wants to attend this. They are actually forced to marry each other so there will be peace between 'Light' and 'Dark' Will they fall in love out of their own will or just be forced to?

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Chapter one: Masks hold surprises

Lucy POV

"This dress is too tight against my hip." I say helplessly as the maids stare at me. "Honey, if it hurts just tell us." My mother says while taking a sip of tea. "I just did!" I whine. The maids slowly help me out the dress, too slow, they want me to be tortured. "One more dress." my mother says and goes to a giant box. When she pulls it out I am in shock. "Just put this on." she says and hands it to me. I slip in it swiftly. The dress is baby blue with red laces on the hem of it. It reaches up to my feet no what it covers my feet. It is strapless and shows my creamy shoulders. It is soft and feels like a teddy bear's fur against my hips. It tightens around my curves perfectly. "It's perfect." I whisper and I can see my mom smile. "I knew it would." she replies and strips it off me. "Now that is for tonight." she says and folds it carefully and places it in the box. "Hairy now." A maid shouts and passes me a robe. I put it on me and walk to a small room down the hall. I take seat and a lady around her mid fifties comes behind me. She feels my face and hair. Her fingers are rough against my cheeks and I feel awkward. "Okay, I can't really see your hair color." she blinks and looks straight into nowhere. "It's blonde..." I realize she's blind and I instantly feel fear run through me. What if I end up blond? Or she does an uneven cut! "Don't worry dear you are safe." she says like she read my mind. She feels my hair and pulls a piece up. "I don't need to cut it." She says and puts down her scissors. She places her hand on the desk and finds the hair curlier. I honestly don't trust her with that.

She curls the last piece of hair and plops it down against my shoulders. I'm wide eyes and stare at my beautiful hair. It's curled and is bouncy on every head movement I do. "May you pass me the hair tie." She puts her hand out. I don't like hair ties so I place a pink string on her palm. Her fingers feel the tips of the string and smiles. "A ribbon. Classic." she says and smiles wider. She takes my curly hair and ties it with the ribbon. I'm amazed at how pretty I look, sounds coincided. "Make up now." she whispers and brings up a giant make up kit. "Do you like naked, dark or light?" she asks me. I think for a second, "Light." I reply. She puts on my make up quickly, so quick I swear I was gonna look like a clown. But what I got was the opposite. She put peach colored lipstick against my thin lips. A light blush against my cheeks. "No need for your eye or cheeks since your wearing a mask but hey." The lady says. I begin to like her. I thank up and go out of the room. I walk across the hallway back to the dressing room. "You look beautiful." my mother says and brings me to the mirror. My mom is still prettier even with no make up. The maid comes in front of me holding three masks. One's green with studs on the edge of it, the other is pink and has flowers on it. The last one is the one, it is gold and silver stripes with american zodiacs(Their's a difference.) on it. I pick the last on up and when I put it on. It only covers my nose and eyes but nothing else.

"One more hour until the dance!" my father shouts from downstairs. My mom comes in front of me and puts a box in my hand. "Open in ten minutes." she says and turns around. Her dress is red and has black roses on it. She carries her mask as she walks away. Twenty minutes past and I feel the urge to open the box. In it is white heels. It's beautiful and I want to thank my mom but I realize she is probably helping the staff.

Sting POV

"A thirty minutes before slumber." my personal butler says and shuts my bedroom door as he walks out. "An official thirty mintues to get to the dance you mean..." I say and go to my closet and take off my shirt and pants. I pull out a sky blue tux and put it on me. I get my shoes and slide it on my feet. The house is silent but that's because my parents are having a dinner party with the 'Lights' council...(Not Lucy's parents.) "Why do I have to marry you." I mumble. I pick up a magazine on my desk and read through it again. It has some information about this girl.

Lucy Hearfillia

Age: 20 (Different age.) DOB: July 1, X767 Blood type: AB

Hobbies: Reading, writing and hanging out with her best friends. (Levy Mcgarden,Page 23. Erza Scarlet, Page 24,Gray Fullbuster, Page 25. Natsu Dragneel, Page 26.)

Hates: Sexist people and Playboys. Likes: The night sky and dogs, especially white ones...

Personality: Clever, confident, kind and caring.

Facts: Her favorite color is blue. She is the princess of 'Light' Also, she likes hot springs.

The only thing I like about this girl is her favorite color is blue but for some reason I dislike her. Maybe it's because I have to love her. Yeah that seems like the right answer. I open my bedroom door and look out. No one is there, I close the door and lock it like how I usually would. I go to my window and jump down from the three floor house. I land on the ground with a thud. I climb over the stone fence and walk off. I can see the lights for the dance flash in all kinds of colors in the sky only a mile away. I smirk and run to the lights. I try not to dirty my tux while running and I succeed. I get to the 'Lights' city faster then I though I would. People all around wear masks and dresses or tux walk or drive to the castle. I pull out my green mask and put it on my face. I follow a couple to the castle. Two security guards stand at the door asking for tickets. "Shit." I say and go behind the castle. Their is a guy smoking and he left the fence door open. "Lucky me." I whisper and slip into the huge castle. The white ballroom has people dancing and drinking. I have no idea what to do but dance my way to an empty table. Before I reach the table a girl comes up to me and tries to grind on my. I frown and push her away. I take a seat quickly and stare at the people. I hear heels click and I turn around to face a girl in a brown mask. Colorful lights flash around. "Hello?" She says smoothly. I stare at her, she has a creepy smile on her face. "Hi..." I say dully. "Well, you look bored. Want to come out into the fresh air." she says. I think for a second then shrug my shoulder, "Sure."

The stars twinkle and the moon is in the shape of a C. "You're an attractive..." her voice slurs. She is drunk. "Um bye." I say in the awkwardest way and get up and leave her on the ground laughing. Suddenly once I get in there slow music turns on. More awkward now... I feel a tap on my shoulder so I turn around. A blonde girl with silver and gold mask stares into my eyes. "Would you like to dance?" She whispers in my ear. She sounds a little drunk but she still has her own conscience so I say yes. Her heels click smoothly and my feet does to. Her arms wrap around my should softly and my hands get a good grip on her curves. Out of now where I come closer to her. "You're a really good dancer." she says and holds me closer. "You to." she blushes and looks down. "Thank you." she says and I twirl her. Her dress twirls in a spinning motion. She is beautiful in the flashing lights. I get that thought out of my head andstare at her. The music stops out of a sudden and turns back to good not slow songs... She takes a seat on a chair that is against the wall. I take the seat next to her. "Lucy?" the queen Layla shouts for her daughter through the loud music. "Coming!" the girl I was just dancing with says. My eyes go wide. Lucy's lips take a peck on my cheek and she runs off.

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