Disclaimer: All names and Characters belong to Stephenie Meyer. I just play with her creations... however the plot line of this fan fiction is mine.

Authors Note: This fiction is from both Caius and Bella's POV, it will be stated every time it changes between the two. It is done to show both sides of them, which are completely different.

Authors Note: This fiction will be updated every Monday.


Standing at the window of my office, looking out over the rear gardens. It was the day before St. Marcus' Day, so Aro had everyone running around like blue ass flies to make sure the castle was ready for the tourists and the parade for tomorrow. Everything was being decorated in red to mark the occasion, like it was every year.

It was an ironic celebration, our very own Marcus had been marked as a saint for centuries now. The people of Volterra believing that he had ran out all the immortals of their time and banished them from the city. If only the idiotic humans knew the truth of what was really under their noses. But there were strict instructions. No immortal, whether part of the guard, this castle or otherwise were allowed to hunt or kill in this town.

It was counted as treason, so anyone caught hunting were sentenced to instant death before council of the Rulers. We didn't have many rules, but that was one of them. Aro forbid it. So our guards had to eat the meals that Heidi bought back to the castle, or they were to hunt outside of Volterra, there were not exceptions.

Letting out a snort now as I turned from the window and unfolded my arms, I sat back down on chair before my desk and picking up my pen, the stack of folders on my desk, had been stacking up for days now and I hadn't got a round to completing them. But then who was going to chase up a master on these reports? Or I suppose the question really was, who would had been brave enough. I just needed an excuse to end anyone on the guard. Unlike Aro, I didn't care for anyone else's existence but my own. So I just needed a reason and I hoped each day one of them would give me that reason. A knock at the door, snapped me from my thoughts.

'Enter' I snapped angrily at the intruder at my door. The large oak door opened slowly and in stepped a 5'10 tall girl, her figure was of a thin hour glass, her long black dress clung against her figure tightly. 'What is it Corin?' I snapped once more as her head lowered to me and closed the door behind her.

'Pardon the intrusion master, but I wonder if I may speak with you?' she stood before me, linking her hands behind her back, but she kept her head lowered. I held the expression void that everyone had become accustom to over the centuries, as I continued to look at her. My hand balled into a fist, as I bought it down to slam hard into the desk. My tone raised louder.

'Look at me when you address me' my eyes hardened as they glared at the inadequate guard, as she raised her head. Fear coursed through her and I enjoyed every second of seeing that fear in her eyes, that it bought me a little satisfaction, as she all but cowered before me.

'S... so... sorry... master' glaring at her, as a snarl passed my lips.

'Get on with it Corin before I rid of you myself' her back straightened instantly, as she quickly composed herself. Her gift of contentment didn't work hard on me and if it did, it didn't change my effect towards her.

'My apologises Master' she nodded her head, as I sat motionless waiting for her to continue 'Lady Athenodora has sent me' a low growl built in my chest, but I didn't allow it to go any further, my hands balling into fists under my desk once more.

'Continue...' I all but barked at her.

'She wonders when you will be visiting, as you didn't keep to your meeting with her this past evening' watching her squirm like a worm on a hook, as the words hesitantly passed her lips. She knew that even though they were the exact words in which Athenodora wished to use, Corin knew that they would anger me and they did.

So resting both my hands on the desk, my palms flat against the mahogany wood, as my body raised slowly from my seat, leaning over my desk, keeping my glare on Corin, snarling loudly.

'If I wanted to visit my wife, I would do so' Corin shifted uneasily 'So get the hell out of my office, before I snap your head from your neck'

'Yes Master' she nearly fell over the chair as she backed away from my desk.

'Now!' raising my voice, as it echoed off the stone walls, Corin shifted quickly from my office, closing the door silently behind her, as I slowly lowered back into my seat. My hands remained flat on the table, as I tried to calm myself from the intrusion of Corin.

I was more infuriated with Athenodora than I was with Corin. Athenodora had deliberately sent Corin here knowing I would take all my anger out on the guard. That woman was playing me and it took all my will not to end her existence. Athenodora and myself have not been in love with each other for centuries, in fact neither of us could stand each other. But she would not grant me a divorce, so I was stuck with her.

Aro would not let me end her, because she was company for his wife Sulpicia up in the towers, so that wasn't an option. But Athenodora knew how to press my buttons, she would do all she could to get a reaction out of me and every time it worked. I didn't care for her, and I am unsure if I ever did. At the time she was convenient, but since the death of Didyme, and the wives than being placed in the tower for their own protection. I found I had no use for her and never would again.

But what is Corin to do, she was stuck between a rock and a hard place and if I had my way, I would rid of both of them. They were both useless and not needed around here. But Aro insisted that they both remain here until he sees fit otherwise to rid of them. Which I hoped was soon. I needed Athenodora to give me a reason to end her. Any reason would do right now. But she never did. She played Aro's game of the dutiful wife and until such other times. I was stuck with it.

I now let the built up growl escape my chest, as I picked up a heavy crystal paperweight and threw it at the wall. The force behind the paperweight as it hit the stone wall, made it shatter into tiny fragments, as I took un-needed breathes to calm myself. That was when another knock came at my door.

'Corin if that is you, I am going to tear you apart' I yelled as the door creaked open and a lower guard entered. I didn't recognise him, so didn't have a clue of his name. Nor did I need to, as I continued to watch him.

'Master' he looked at me blankly. He had obviously been warned about the way he should act around me 'Master Aro requires your assistance in throne room immediately' I raised my hand and waved it at him in a dismissive way. He bowed his head and left just as quickly as he had come in.

Tracing a finger over my bottom lip, I wondered what Aro would want me so urgently for. No was due before council today, as far as I was aware and I was not in the mood for this in the slightest. Huffing out my cheeks, as I stood from my chair. Adjusting my maroon coloured waist coat, with gold stitching, before grabbing my thick black cloak and shrugging it on.

I shifted around my desk and headed to the door. This better not be another one of Aro's petulant games. I was in a foul mood as it was, I could do without dealing with Aro and whatever mind quest he had going on right now. Slipping out of my office, I headed through the corridors, towards the throne room. The vacant expression never leaving my face as I did so.