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Bella POV

Raking my bounded hands through my matted dark brown hair, before putting my forehead onto the palms of my hands. My eyes squeezing shut. I dare not move too suddenly, as every time I did, a shooting pain ripped up my spine from Demetri's brutal manhandling earlier of my fragile body. I heard a cracking sound which would indicate he had broken something. But the dull throbbing pain never gave anything away, only when I moved, I knew that something was wrong.

I was sat on the stone floor of the cell that Demetri was ordered to take me to. It seemed like hours I had been sat here. But the cell was windowless, no light from the outside and it was fully sound proof, so there was no indications of time, of day or night. Nothing, it was just pure emptiness.

There was no light directly into the cell, along the walls beyond the hard wooden door, with a tiny barred window at the top, there were flickering of flamed lights, letting me know that they were fire torches, that lit only the long stone corridor.

Demetri stood opposite me, leaning back against the wall. His gloved hands were pressed against the hard wall, and he stared ahead, seemingly at nothing at all. He stood like a statue, there wasn't even a flicker or blink in his deep crimson eyes that would suggest there was any life in them.

But now as I looked down into my lap, pressing the heel of my palms into my forehead, I couldn't help but think of Edward. Demetri had said that he was dead, was that true? Had the Volturi lied and killed him? I did this for Edward, I gave my life knowing that if he got out of the castle safely, he wouldn't turn his back on me, not again.

He would go back to Forks, he would alert Carlisle and the rest of the Cullens and devise a plan to get me back. But if he was dead, then this was for nothing. I sacrificed and surrendered myself so quickly and easily and for nothing at all. The Volturi didn't scare me. None of them did. But if Edward was dead, then Alice would have seen, she would be able to see what had happened to me and to Edward and alerted the Cullens.

Alice would have noticed my change of path, she would know I did everything I could to save the man I loved from a fate he bought on himself and knowing Carlisle's love and compassion for his family. Surely he would not let me rot here, surely not even he would allow the Volturi to keep me as a pet, a toy, that they could dispose of as they wished.

Slowly I raised my head up to Demetri, he was still looking blankly a head. As I tugged at the hard metal cuffs that were digging into my soft flesh. They were so tight, that bruises were already forming underneath them.

'Is there any point to the cuffs Demetri?' he finally blinked from his statue like state and looked directly at me, but remained silent, 'It's not like I can out run you, or even fight you off' he merely snorted at me, as a deep grin spread across his lips. But he remained silent. If I could get up, I would, but the pain was too much to bare.

'What's wrong Demetri? Afraid Aro won't make you his favourite toy later and play with you if you speak?'

'Ah is that what passes for wit these days?'

'Oh, so you do know how to speak then?'

'Idiotic humans, always answering a question with a question'

'I get under your skin don't I Demetri?'

'Hardly human, if Aro didn't want to keep you a live so much, I would gladly have you as my next meal' I raised my bounded hands to my neck, and pointed directly to my pulsating vein

'Do it? Do you think I care?' a taunting smirk spread across my lips as I stared Demetri down. 'You don't scare me'

'Don't try and be brave, because I can smell the fear radiating from you'

'Then bite me Demetri, go on, I dare you, finish me if that is what you want' Demetri looked away from me, as I slowly slid my back up the wall, wincing through the pain as little as I could, before standing, my legs slightly shaky as I leaned back against the wall for support.

'I don't play games with silly little girls' hissing back the pain, as I shifted my body against the wall, I couldn't fully support my own weight, but taunting Demetri was my aim, what did I have left to live for? Nothing any more.

'Well Edward is dead, I have nothing left, so just bite me, taste the blood that Edward was too scared to try, it's yours Demetri' but before I could blink, Demetri was in front of me, his hand already around my neck, squeezing against my vocal cords as a scream of pain ripped through me. I bite down purposely onto the inside of cheek, to prevent the tears of agony from reaching my eyes.

Demetri forced me to look into his eyes, which were once a deep crimson, but now they were hard blackened orbs, as they bore into mine, my body flinched in his grasp, but I refused to let him know he was scaring me slightly. As he pulled my head away from the wall slightly, before slamming it against the hard stone. A loud screech passed my lips, that echoed around the room.

He was clearly torturing me. If there was one thing I had learned from Demetri, he knew enough at how to hurt a human, to cause them enough pain as possible, without actually killing them and that is what he was doing to me now. I wanted to scream for Edward's help, but my cries would fall on deaf ears.

The scent of metal and iron filled the air around me, making me go queasy and dizzy, before my warm blood began to trickle down the back of my neck, matting into my hair. Demetri's lips were now at my ear.

'You have no idea what I am capable of and pushing my buttons won't get you what you want' he pulled back quickly and released my neck, causing me to fall instantly to the floor, looking up at him slightly stunned. I was finally afraid of what was going to happen to me, as a frown passed over Demetri's forehead, causing his once hardened face to soften into creases.

'And damaging me will only make your masters angry'

'We will see' he raised an eyebrow at me, before taking a step back and fixing his cloak, 'One is on their way to see you now' he took another step back and leaned back against the wall once more, as my head turned to look at the door.

My own blood was drying on the back of my neck, as I raised my cuffed hands to touch the back of my head, wincing at the throbbing pain. My entire body felt alight with fire. But there was no way I would let any of them see any weakness. They wanted me a live and knew that my time wasn't up just yet.