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I was vaguely aware of Paul shaking my shoulders and calling for help. I wanted to tell him what was wrong but I couldn't seem to move or speak. Victoria was back for me. What do I do? She's back because of him. I didn't even do anything yet I'm going to be killed for being with him at that moment in time. How the hell was that fair? She should go find Edward and beat the crap out of HIM. The one who actually deserved it. An awful smell interrupted me mid-rant, and I jerked awake.

"Vi-victoria. The new vampire. She's after me," I whispered. I looked over at Paul and he was shaking violently. He looked at me and ran out of the room. The fear must have registered then, because I put my head down in my hands and started to sob uncontrollably. The boys tried to comfort me, but the tears just kept on coming. I cried for probably around an hour before a pair of warm arms wrapped around me. I immediately relaxed, and my sobs turned to small hiccups, and eventually stopped. He kept talking to me, telling me that it would be okay and that they would catch her and things like that. I calmed and snuggled into his embrace. We stayed in this position until we heard Charlie pull up.

"I had better go," Paul whispered as he reluctantly got up. I stood up with him and nodded. "Later Swan," he told me and smirked. He ran out the back door and into the woods. I shook my head. What is with him? I swear he has multiple personalities or something. One moment there is asshole Paul and then there is sweet, gentle Paul. I honestly prefer sweet, gentle Paul. Asshole Paul was getting on my nerves.

I went back into the living room as Charlie entered. I prayed he didn't notice my puffy eyes or tearstained face.

"When did Paul leave?" he asked me. I shrugged.

"About the same time you did," I replied.

"Looks like he forgot his school stuff," Charlie said. I looked at the table and Paul's books and papers were sitting there. I would take them to him tomorrow.

The next day, Paul picked me up in his car. I guess he knew that Charlie would not approve of his motorcycle. I climbed in and threw Paul's school stuff at him. I then crossed my arms and looked out the window with a frown.

"What's your problem Swan?" I heard him say after a while.

"You," I answered, still not looking at him.

"Ouch, my feelings!" He laughed and I couldn't help but smile at that one.

"Ha, a smile," he cried and threw his hands up in the air victoriously.

"HANDS ON THE WHEEL YOU DUMBASS!" I yelled. He laughed again and slowly put both hands on the steering wheel.

"Seriously, I think you almost gave me a heart attack," I put my hand on my chest for extra effect. His expression grew serious.

"That's payback for yesterday. I didn't think you were breathing Bella," he said. And here returns the sweet Paul. Which reminded me why I was pissed.

"Do have a multiple personality disorder or something," I asked him. He looked at me in surprise.

"No why would you think that?" he answered.

"Because at one moment your being your asshole-ish self and the enxt you will be all kind and gentle. And two seconds later you're an asshole again," I replied. HE laughed a bit.

"That doesn't mean I have a personality disorder Bella. It just means I'm an ass who has his moments," he said. For some reason that made me laugh.

"So you're a sensitive ass?" I giggled. I saw him grin and look at me.

"I guess I am," he turned his head back to the road.

When we got to school there were a bunch of girls in the parking lot. Most likely waiting for Paul. As soon as they saw us get out of the car together, I heard the whispers starting. I turned to Paul.

"Ugh I can literally feel the rumors starting," I told him. He grinned and threaded his fingers through mine. I looked at him, confused.

"Why not give them something to talk about?" he replied.

By lunch everyone was talking about me and Paul. As I sat down at my usual table (with Paul) I could feel Lauren and Jessica's glares and Angela's curious stare. Mike was glaring at Paul.

"Bella is it true?" Angela asked after a super awkward silence.

"Is what true?" I asked, knowing what she meant.

"That you and Paul are dating!" she said. I shrugged and looked at Paul.

"Yes actually we are," Paul answered for me. I was a bit surprised. Why did he tell Angela that? We are definitely NOT dating. Angela gave me a grin and the bitch twins glares intensified. I finished my food and walked out of the cafeteria with Paul right behind me. I turned to him once we were alone.

"Why did you tell Angela that we are dating?" I asked him, amused.

"Because I do enjoy a good rumor! And come on. The shy Swan girl dating the hot and sexy rez boy? That's some juicy gossip right there," he answered. I burst out laughing.

"Did you really just say 'juicy gossip'" I managed to get out between giggles.

"Yes as a matter of fact I did," he said acting hurt.

"Sorry, I just never expected a guy to say that! Especially one as sexy as you!" I clamped my hands over my mouth as I realized what I just said.

"Ah so you think I'm sexy huh?" he wiggled his eyebrows.

"Well duhh," I answered. He looked a little shocked by my reply. I laughed again and skipped away towards my locker.

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