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"It's just a fur ball, Eddie. Most natural thing in the world."

Of course she wasn't even attempting to hide the grin on her face.

"In. My. Bed."

"Cats are independent creatures. The only thing that guides them is their free will. They'd never do anything out of mere politeness or convention."

Could she have said that more innocently?

"Yesterday it was a mouse. A mouse. On my pillow." Eddie was not in a good mood. Not only that he had been doing overtime for the past week or so, no, while having lunch today he had left a tiny, tiny speck of ketchup on Pippin's jacket sleeve.

Granted, it was the tailor-made jacket of a Cashmere suit, but still – an 80 pounds cleaner's bill?

"Actually that's a sign of affection, you know", Fiona lectured.

"You are going to remove it." Eddie's cell phone rang. An emergency call, what else at this time of day? It was almost midnight. He hurried out the door, not even finishing the sandwich he had just grabbed.

Triumphant mood and all, Fiona couldn't help but notice how tired he looked. She decided he deserved tiny corpse and vomit free sheets when he got back and walked up to his room.

Where in the world had he bought those bed clothes? She wrinkled her nose. Bad quality aside, they were at least ten years old, faded, the fabric scruffy. A look into his closet revealed that his other ensembles weren't in any better state.


"Don't you dare go in there tonight", Fiona told Duchess a couple of minutes later.

About an hour before sunset Eddie finally made it home again. He didn't bother undressing, he just fell backwards into bed, completely exhausted. Actually so exhausted that he would probably, despite his weariness, be unable to fall asleep. He had had that problem before. The tons of overtime lately had destroyed his sleeping pattern. Then he noticed an unfamiliar smell….

Not that cat again, please…

No. It was a fresh, flowery scent.

And when had his sheets ever felt so smooth, so soft to his touch?

He rolled over, pressed his face into his pillow and took a deep breath.


The deep, relaxed breathing and light snoring that was coming from the other side of Eddie's bedroom door told Fiona that sacrificing her favorite sheets had been totally worth it.