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Chapter I:

"Mommy! Mommy! Uita-te la mine! Eu o fac!" The young boy yelled, swinging in the air, flipping. A lady watched her little boy 'fly' through the air, flipping and twisting in a perfect form. One glance and you could tell he was a natural.

"English my little bird. We have to work on your english," she laughed, smiling. The boys father grinned as he saw the boy pout, frowning at the thought of the language and speaking it. The boy landed on the platform fifty feet above the air, setting the roped bar on a hook.

"Do I have to?" He asked, his mouth forming over the few english words he knew. Actually, he knew a few as he mother taught him but he still preferred Romani, 'ice cream' was one of his favorites to say in english. He looked down at his mother and father, who was grinning as he looked between the two, knowing this argument, as it was constantly replayed. His mother frowned and watched as her little boy climbed down the ladder.

"Yes, Richard, you do. Can you understand me? You have to learn english," she said and smiled, ruffling his hair as he walked over, pouting and looking up at her with big navy-azure blue eyes. She smiled.

"Did you understand me?"


"English," Richard's father said, staring down at him with one eyebrow raised, ending Richard's fun with his stern but kind voice.

"Yes tată, I mean, dad. Sorry mommy," Richard whispered. His mother shot his father and look and bent down to his eye level, smiling. "It's fine my little robin, just english outside of The House and Romani in." She said and kissed his forehead. The six year old giggled and smiled up at his mother, nodding.

The trailer they lived in was called 'The House' and it was decorated with crayon drawings, pictures of the countries and cities they've visited, and an old quilt hanging on the left wall, next to a small window. Their kitchen was cluttered with second grade level books for the little boy, who was bored with 'fuzzy wuzzy was a bear-' and other books that were rhymed because thought entertaining by adults. The boy, whose name was Richard, had a blue elephant named Peanut, which was graciously put on another patched quilt on a small bed. A vase of carnations were on a small desk by a bigger bed and The House was cramped. And there were only three windows.

It was homey.

It was as simple as that.

The Grayson's lived there as comfortably as they could have lived in a regular family home. The boy was hardly there though, always training or feeding the animals or learning something from the other circus members. The whole circus was his house and The House was his resting room. And where Peanut the elephant stayed.

"Mary?" A voice said, coming from the outside of the tent. A man popped his head in, he had black hair that was turning white and kind brown eyes. "John?" The voice continued.

Both adults looked up from their kid to the man. John Grayson stepped forward. "Mr. Haley, what do you need?" he asked, smiling at the older man.

Mr. Haley stepped in and another followed after him.

The man behind Mr. Haley wore a suit and a briefcase was firmly grasped in his hand. He had black hair which was cropped back. He had brown eyes that wandered around curiously. His suit was obviously expensive and a nice silver watched was on his hand. They red tie was straight and a nice smile was on his face.

"Mary! John! This is Mr. Bruce Wayne! He'll be here tonight to watch the show! He wanted to meet you and ask some questions. Is that alright?" Mr. Haley asked, smiling warmly as he looked between the two. Mary and John both smiled at Mr. Haley and nodded.

"Mr. and Mrs. Grayson! How nice to meet you! And, who is this?" Mr. Wayne smiled at them and turned toward Richard, who stared up at him with his curious blue eyes.

Mary Grayson smiled at Mr. Wayne, but eyed the playboy warily. Wherever the circus went she heard of him. Party's, girls and maybe a few drinks. But, right now, he seemed to be here just for what Pop Haley said, just to ask a few questions. He seemed nice enough, but she couldn't imagine what living with him would be like. Richard, neither her nor John, would like that style of living. It didn't comfom to their ways. Rich really wasn't in the circus vocabulary.

"This is my son, Richard John Grayson." She said warmly, pushing Richard up forward a bit. Richard stared up at him and smiled but it was obvious he was shy. Bruce smiled down at him. "Hi," he said and looked down at him and then turned toward his parents. "Is he going to be doing the show with you tonight?"

Mary and John looked at each other and then at Richard. "Yep, he'll be joining us, in the last act," she smiled down warmly at him. He looked up at her and grinned.

"Pot să mă duc vizita Mark?" Richard asked, staring up at her and tugging on her shirt sleeve. The smiled at him but shot a warning look. "English, Dick. Dacă nu vorbesc engleză, nu se pot alătura în pe actul!" Her tone took one of warning and Mr. Wayne could only guess she was treatening him with something. Richard's eyes widened with fear.

"No! Sorry! Nu! Te rog! Imi pare rau!" His english was broken but he grinned up at his mother weakly. She laughed and ruffled his hair, nodding. The boy grinned and smiled at Mary Grayson and John. He turned toward Bruce and smiled. "Bye!" and then he ran off.

Bruce watched in silence, thinking about the life with his parents. The boy ran out of the room screaming for someone named Mark and the boy's father shook his head, smiling. Mary looked up at him and then at Bruce, her face hardening. Bruce knew that look. She didn't want him near her son. He chuckled internally at that thought. He looked where Richard has disappeared and then at his mother.

Her smile was nice but her eyes were blaring red alert. Stay away, they said. "So, how do you do what you do?" Bruce asked, taking the conversation away with a smile and a simple sentence.

As always.


Richard threw the knife. Mark, the knife thrower, was showing him how. He had been doing it for a couple of weeks now and was getting good. Mark said he was a natural.

"Dick! Very Good!" Mark said. Richard, whose nickname was Dick, scrunched up his nose. His mother had announced to everyone that they talk to him in english, in order to learn. He didn't like it, but it certainly helped and Dick was getting good. Though, he didn't tell anyone as he was convinced it wouldn't work. When he told his mother this she laughed and said it would. So, of course, he was now going out of his way to prove her wrong, even if she was right and he was learning fine. He looked at Mark, trying to figure out what he said, or trying to look like he was trying to figure out what he said. Mark grinned at his expression and put a thumbs up. Dick giggled and nodded, laughing. It worked!

"Come on, once more." Mark said and threw another knife, getting a bulls-eye. Dick marveled at how he could throw so well, and always tried to imitate it. He did well and Mark would show him how to position himself correctly and how to hold the knife. It was pretty easy but that was just the way Mark did it. Dick was pretty sure elephant would have a tough time, but then, who knows? Maybe he wouldn't!

"Your turn, Dick," Mark said, floding his arms over his chest and grinning.

Dick nodded and gripped the knife. Sure, he was six. But he was smart.

And he threw the knife again.


Mary sighed and she leaned against the counter.

"I swear, that Mr. Wayne is crazy!" She looked at her husband who was sitting on they're bed. "He just wanted to ask some questions Mary," the man pointed out. She frowned. "I know, but, he asked about Richard. Should I be worried?"SHe looked over at her husband desperatly, awaiting an answer.

John frowned and looked up. "Maybe he just wanted to know a bit about him. He's the youngest person to do a quadruple flip ever. I'd be interested if it were me," John said and smiled, thinking about his smiling son. Mary sighed and nodded, now smiling.

"I suppose."


Richard rounded the corner and froze when he heard the voices.

"Mr. Zucco, if you will please leave!" Mr. Haley's voice shouted. Dick froze and he quickly hid behind a few crates and peeked out to the other side. Obviously, this was important as Mr. Haley rarely ever yelled. This was, of course, what had caught Dick's attention. The only time he had yelled like that was when some boys from Star City had attempted to let some of the animals go. That had been a funny night. Dick moved out a little further, just so he could see what he was hearing.

A man with a black suit and red tie stood in front of Mr. Haley, sneering like that one lady on the TV. What was her name? Oh yeah, Miss Muriel Finster, the weird one on one of his favorite shows, Recess. The mans' hair was a thinning black, greasy mass on his head and he had a cigar between his lips. He grabbed it between his fingers and pulled it out, a ring of smoke coming from his mouth.

Haley swatted it away and scowled. "Mr. Zucco, leave now or I will call the cops!"

Zucco sneered. "I would pay up or else some of your members might suffer an accident!" He threatened and grinned nastily at Pop Haley. Mr. Haley frowned.

As did Dick. He didn't understand exactly what the man called Zucco was saying, but from the tone of his voice and the way he looked it might not have been nice. It certainly, Dick thought, wasn't about unicorns or rainbows. Or maybe Veggie Tales.

"If you dare touch any of my performers-" Mr. Haley started put was cut off by Zucco pushing him to the side and laughing. "What will you do Haley?" He laughed and walked away. Dick realized to late that Zucco was comin toward him and before he knew it the scary man was in front of him, sneering.

"What do we have here?" He asked. Haley looked up, worried, to see Zucco leaning over some crates. He frowned and walked over, grabbing the mans' shoulder. Zucco growled but stepped aside. Dick looked up.

"Zucco, leave the child alone. Richard, go." Haley said, sending him a look. Dick looked between the two and understood that word.


He turned and ran to the trailer.


"Ladies and Gentlemen, I welcome you to Haley's Circus! We hope you enjoy the show and welcoming a special guest: Bruce Wayne!" Mr. Haley announced from the center ring, smiling and bowing as the people clapped. The spotlight shifted to Bruce Wayne and the man stood up and waved, smiling his usual playboy smile.

The spotlight shifted back to Mr. Haley and he grinned.

"Well! Let's begin the show!"

First were the clowns, and then the knife thrower and then the animals and the stilt walkers and then more and more and then the final act of the night.

The trapeze artists.

The Flying Graysons.

The lights snapped off with a loud boom. "Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you, the Flying Grayson's!" The crowd went wild with the cheering and clapping.

Mary squeezed Richard's hand. "Eşti gata pasare mica mea? Are you ready my little bird?" She asked, repeating wat she had just said in Romanian in English. He smiled up at her and nodded, thinking about how he was her little robin. The little bird who could fly, just like the big birds. He looked up at his tată and grinned. His father looked down at him and smiled back warmly, ruffling his hair.

The boy flattened his black, onyx hair against his head again and looked down at the red leotard, which had the black R in a yellow circle. His shoes were simple and were tight against his feet, but he was used to it. He smiled up at his parents and then waited for the spotlight to shine were they were waiting in the dark. Luckily his eyes had gotten used to it and he could see just fine.

"-present to you, the Flying Grayson's!" Mr. Haley yelled. The curtain opened up and showed a hue crowd full of people, and a special booth reserved for Mr. Wayne himself. Dick and his parents waved to the crowd. "Joining them tonight is their son, Richard, who will also be performing with them, but, without a net!"

The crowed gasped and clapped wildly. Dick smiled and continued waving, thinking of how they were over doing it just a bit.

His mother smiled and kissed him on the head (the crowd awed) and she walked onto the platform and grabbed the trapeze. His father smiled and nodded at Dick, his eyes telling him he loved him. Dick smiled and watched as his mother and father defied gravity, ohhing and awing with the crowd. The flipped and twisted and flipped and did tuck jumps, strattle jumps and even a few pikes were thrown in as well. Dick could do all of them as well. And then… the quadruple flip.

"Mary and John Grayson and their son Richard are the only people on earth who can do that flip!" Mr. Haley said. The crowd awed again and went wild as the did it.

And then… the final act. Dick's father grasped his mothers legs and their momentum pushed them toward the platform Dick was stationed. His mother was coming toward him with opened arms, smiling, encouraging him to grab her hand. And then…



…they were falling. Dick watched as his mother, just a finger tip away, began falling. His father too. Falling. Mary Grayson's hand barely touched her sons before they were hurtling toward the ground. The crowd grew silent. They continued to fall, almost in slow motion, which tortured the boy as they fell, down. Down toward the unforgiving earth where they would be greeted with nothing. Not a warm welcome like it always was, but one of cold heartedness. One that would never be forgotten for the ones that watched helplessly on the sides.

"Mamă! Tată!" He yelled, reaching out toward their falling forms. "Richard!" his mother yelled, giving him a pained, distressted look. The image was burned into his head and the boys' father watched as his son moved further and further away. Further away forever. There was nothing he could do but watch, just watch them fall. It hurt him, it hurt his eyes. But he couldn't peel them away, Richard was frozen in place as he simply watched; just watching them fall.

And then… crack, as their bodies slammed against the floor, their bones cracking and snapping on the ground. Blood began to seep from them, making a puddle of the red, sickily liquid. No one moved, made a sound. Not a child cried, not a parent made any movement to move. They just stared in horror. And then, finally, a cry to break the silence.

"Mamă! Tată!" Dick began climbing down the ladder so fast, one could hardly tell he was even climbing down it. He ran to their crushed, deformed bodies and fell to their side. He touched his mother's cheek. "Mamă! Wake up!" He cried. "Tată!"

Tears began to fall as he realized what happened. As he realized they weren't waking up. No one said an thing as they watched the now orphaned child cry over his parents bodies, their blood on his fingertips. The knife thrower, Mark, came out and tried to get him to come but the boy screamed and kicked when he tried to grab him. He was crying, the pain and loos in his crys were there and were evident. He shook, trembling as he closed his eyes from the bloody images, but they were burned in his mind too. The tan boy finally opened his eyes, red and puffy eyes that stared down at them for a few seconds. Tears streaked down his cheeks and he placed his hands on theirs. Dick kept a hand on their cheeks but his hands slipped away when he himself was pulled away.

And it was final.

The Flying Grayson's, were dead.


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