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The plot : Klaus is ready to break Tyler free from his sire bond if Caroline agrees on spending some time with him... Caroline accepts the deal.

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Wondering about what she was going to wear at the decade dance, Caroline opened her front door. She had spent a nice afternoon shopping with Bonnie and Elena, but she couldn't find anything for the dance. Caroline sighed while she was going upstairs, heading for her bedroom. She wished Tyler could be there for the dance. She was missing him so much, it was painful. She couldn't remember the last time she had danced with him. Actually, the last time she had danced was actually…. with Klaus. Caroline pulled a face. She really didn't want to think about it.

Caroline had never had any regrets for setting Klaus up at the Mystic Grill. She was just doing what she had to do, in order to protect her friends. Things were very clear in her mind, and she didn't feel any guilt. But she was wondering why Klaus hadn't confronted her about it. She knew too well that he had killed for far less than this, and she had expected a confrontation. To be honest, she had feared a confrontation. But she hadn't heard of him since then. She was a little surprised, but most of all, relieved. Gradually, Caroline had stopped thinking about it. Obviously, Klaus had other things in his mind, and he was not going to bother confronting her. It was a good thing because she wanted him dead more than ever. Tyler was still struggling with his sire bond, and Caroline was sick of thinking about the pain he was suffering to get through it. Despite his charming behavior with her, Klaus deserved to be rid off this planet. And Caroline was determined to be part of any plan able to lead to that.

With this thought on her mind, Caroline finally reached her bedroom and opened the door. She suddenly froze after two steps inside the room. The Original Hybrid, the one she was currently wondering how to kill, was lying on her bed. He had made himself comfortable, his head resting on the pillow, his arms crossed behind his neck and his legs outstretched over the duvet.

"Caroline" he greeted her with his signature smirk. "Here you are sweetheart, I was afraid it would take you long to come home."

Caroline was speechless. She thought about reach the door and run as fast as she could, but she knew she didn't stand a chance. So she did what she did the best. She lifted her chin, she looked at him straight in the eyes, and she confronted him.

"What the hell are you doing here? Have you ever heard about how rude it is to break in someone's house? And get your boots the hell away from my duvet!"she hissed.

Klaus chuckled. "My sweet Caroline, I have missed you" he said, highly amused.

Truth to be told, he had hesitated for a long time before coming in Caroline's house. He first had been so mad at her for setting him up at the grill, that he knew he would rip her heart off if he was near her. He had tried to burn his feelings by burning all the drawings he had made of her. But he had quickly found out that it was hopeless. Caroline was on the back of his mind all the time, and it was driving him crazy. He was genuinely fascinated by this strong and amazing woman. It was actually the first time in centuries that a woman caught his eyes, and he wasn't willing to give up on her.

Obeying Caroline's request, he removed his boots from the covers and sat on the edge of the bed.

"Is it better?" he asked still chuckling.

But Caroline was definitely not amused.

"What are you doing here?" she asked again.

"I'm here to ask you to be my date at the decade dance" answered calmly Klaus.

Saying that Caroline was stunned was an understatement. What the hell was that? The last time she had saw him, she had distracted him so Damon could dagger his brother. And he was asking her out? Was he out of his mind? Or was it a trap?

Caroline looked at Klaus, her eyes wide opened in astonishment, unable to utter a word.

Klaus waited patiently for Caroline to be able to speak again.

"What the hell is wrong with you?" she finally managed to get out of her mouth.

Klaus raised his eyebrows, looking genuinely surprised.

"Nothing is wrong with me sweetheart, I just want you to be my date at the dance."

"You. Just. Want. Me. To. Be. Your. Date. At. The. Dance."

Caroline repeated Klaus' sentence, dividing each words as if it could help her processing what it was going on.

She then spoke very softly, like she was talking to a child.

"Klaus, you do realize that the last time I saw you, I tried to kill you, don't you?"

Klaus turned down her argument with a gesture of his hands.

"Just another little spat, love. I'm over it already. So what do you say?"

"Just another spat?' repeated incredulously Caroline, as her voice was rising in frustration. "You are kidding me, aren't you? Me wanting you dead is not just another spat Klaus!"

"Well, that's where you're wrong, love. If you take a chance to get to know me, I'm sure you'll change your mind about killing me" answered Klaus, clearly not impressed by the rising anger of Caroline.

The fixed calm of Klaus took off the last snatch of Caroline' self control and she blew up.

"Seriously, what is wrong with you? How dare you? After all you have done to me? All you have done to each of us? After killing Jenna? After killing Elena? After killing my boyfriend? How dare you be here, in my room and ask me out? Do you really think that with a diamonds bracelet and a romantic drawing, I'm going to just forget everything you have done and fall right into your arms? How could you imagine that for just a second? It does just prove how wrong you know me!"

Caroline stopped, out of breath. She couldn't believe the nerve of him!

Klaus had listened Caroline, his face unreadable. Truth to be told, he had expected such an outburst. He knew Caroline well enough to know that she wasn't going to fall under his charm with a bracelet. Even if it was diamonds. Actually, it was one of the reasons why he liked her so much. Caroline was not to buy. She had principles, she had moral and if he wanted her, his usual tricks was not going to work. But Klaus had had a lot of time to think about it, and he had in his sleeve something which should interest her.

He smiled at Caroline, who was still obviously fuming.

"I know you're not going to fall for me that easily Caroline, and as I already told you, that's why I like you."

Caroline scoffed and he wondered if she could have put more scorn in it. Nonetheless, he kept going.

"Actually, I'm here because I want to make you a deal".

Caroline raised an eyebrow but didn't even bother to ask him what he was talking about.

Klaus sighed in front of her absence of reaction but spoke again.

"I'm ready to break Tyler free for his sire bond" he dropped, obviously expecting for a reaction.

But Caroline didn't even flinch. "Yeah, sure. And what is it going to cost me?" she asked sarcastically. "You want me to kill all my friends?" "You want me to kill my mother?" "You want me to marry you?"

Klaus couldn't help but chuckle. Caroline wasn't easy to disconcert and she kept her sarcasm in every circumstances. And God he loved it!

"None of the above, sweetheart" he replied with equal sarcasm. "What I want is actually way easier than that."

He paused, not sure how she will react.

Caroline waited but the curiosity finally got the best of her.

"So, what do you want?" she asked impatiently.

Klaus exhaled deeply.

"I want a chance to win you over fair and square. I want you to spend time with me. I'm asking for 3 months. During three months I could see you whenever I want to. You can't say no for any reasons. I give you my word that I won't make you do anything you don't want to. The deal does not include that you have to get in my bed. All I want is that you get to know me. I just want a chance to show you another side of me."

Klaus paused, actually a little nervous and cursing her for that. He didn't do nervous. What the hell was in that girl who was making him nervous?

"If you agree with that, I give you my word that I'll call Tyler back and break him free as soon as I'll have your word that you'll keep your part of the deal. You'll be able to see him as much as you want, I don't care about it. But I have to warn you, I'm not going to let you much free time."

This time, Caroline was speechless. Was he serious? Three months of "dating" him and Tyler would be free? Where was the loophole? There was always a loophole with Klaus!

"And what if at the end of the three months I choose to stay with Tyler? How can I be sure that you won't sire him again?"

Klaus shrugged.

"All I can offer you is my word, sweetheart."

There was the loophole thought Caroline.

Klaus seemed to read her mind.

"Caroline, I promise you that if you keep your part of the deal I won't sire Tyler again, ok? All I want is a chance to win you fair and square and I can't do that if you refuse to see me. So accept the deal and everyone will be happy."

"Talk for yourself" mumbled Caroline. "You're not the one who has to spend three whole months with yourself!"

Klaus chuckled. "Is that mean you accept the deal?" he asked hopefully.

Caroline hesitated.

"You will call Tyler as soon as I said yes?"

Klaus nodded.

"You'll free him as soon as he is back here?"

Klaus nodded again.

"I could see him whenever I want to?"

"Whenever I won't request your presence" corrected Klaus.

"You won't make me do anything that I don't want to? I won't have to hurt my friend? Or kill people? Or sleep with you? added Caroline hesitantly.

Klaus sighed.

"Caroline, sweetheart, in case you didn't notice, I'm trying to court you here. And I don't think that make you hurt your friends or force myself on you will help with me with it, what do you think?"

Caroline shrugged. "With you, I never know what to think" she admitted.

Klaus smiled.

"I'll let you think about it. Just let me know when your decision is taken."

Klaus headed for the door but Caroline called him back.


He turned to face her.

"Yes love?"

"It's ok. I'll do it".

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