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It has been a few months since Caroline had come clean with her friends about Klaus. The reactions had been very unlike. Caroline had started with the worse, Tyler. He had a very violent reaction. He couldn't believe that Caroline had actually fallen for the man who had ruined his life by siring him. He had chosen to leave town again, unable to see Caroline and Klaus together.

Caroline's mum had been far away to be thrilled by hers daughter confession. Klaus was the ultimate threat for her, and learning that Caroline had feelings for him had been extremely hard to process. But Liz had learnt to trust Caroline's judgment. She was not little Caroline anymore. She was that strong and confident woman who knew what she wanted. So Liz had decided to trust her daughter once more with her choice.

Elena and Bonnie had been astonished. Elena couldn't believe that Caroline felt something for the man who had killed her aunt and had made a living hell of her life. But Caroline had reminded her that Damon had killed her brother and that Elena had ended up with given him another chance. Being honest, Elena had admitted that it was truth. She had finally accepted to give Caroline a chance with her choice, as long as Klaus won't hurt them. Bonnie had been way more difficult to convince, but she loved Caroline enough to be unable to turn her back on her.

Matt had reacted not so bad. The fact that he started to develop a soft spot for Rebekah had probably help his tolerant reaction and Caroline was happy about it. Especially since she was herself getting along pretty well with Rebekah.

Stefan and Damon didn't really care. Their only preoccupation was Elena's safety. As long as Klaus was leaving her alone, Caroline could do what she wanted.

Caroline was mesmerized to see how well Klaus fitted in her life. She had expected difficult moments, fights and arguments but it was nothing like this. Klaus was very supportive with her, even if he didn't really understand the importance she still attached to her human activities. He was always happy to accompany her at any events she wanted to go to, even if it was just some high school dance.

Klaus would have wanted to take her far away from Mystic Falls to make her discover the world, as he had promised her to. But Caroline wasn't ready for it and he didn't try to push her. They were immortals after all. He had the eternity to make her travel. And as long as he was with her, he didn't really care about where they were. Truth to be told, he didn't need anything more than Caroline, a bed, a fireplace and a comfortable duvet.

And Caroline totally agreed with that point of view. The first month they had spent together, they had left Klaus' bed only for showering. Caroline had declared that as an eighteen years old girl dating a one thousand years hybrid, she needed some improvement in her sexual abilities. So she had asked for an intensive training, and Klaus had been eager to oblige and to show her a few tricks on his own.

But the truth was that Caroline didn't need any improvement and they both knew it. She could drive him crazy just with the feeling of her naked skin against his. Having her in his arms was heaven, and having her moaning under him was the most pleasurable thing Klaus had ever experienced. He couldn't get enough of her. The more he was kissing her, the more he needed her. The more he was making love with her, the more he craved her. Caroline was his worst addiction. Even worse than blood. Sometimes he was scared about how much he needed her. He had never been so addicted to anyone. He had never let anybody have that kind of power over him. Caroline could make him happy or sad with just a look. And it was something Klaus had never experienced before. It was terrifying but also enthralling.

Caroline was feeling the exact same way. She was so crazy about him that it hurt. She was so madly and deeply in love with Klaus that she questioned her own sanity sometimes. Klaus had a power over her than nobody else had ever had. He could enlighten her day with a smile, as he could put her on a verge of tears with a frown. She needed him like she had never needed anybody else. Caroline was scared to see how much she had became dependant to Klaus, but she knew there was nothing she could do about it.

Every day she was more and more mesmerized to see how sweet Klaus could be with her. She had never expected that he would go with her to all the teenage events she was still so fond of with. But he was still so eager to please her, it made Caroline melt. Actually, she suspected him to come only to make sure that no guys would hit on her but still, she appreciated the gesture.

She had discovered that Klaus was extremely possessive and that it made him extremely jealous. He had warned her that he would rip of the heart of any guys who would dare put their hands on her. And Caroline knew that it wasn't an empty threat. But nobody would have dared do such a thing. The whole town was now used to see Caroline with Klaus, one of his arms always tightly wrapped around her. His whole attitude was screaming that she belonged to him, and absolutely nobody would have the guts to make a move on Caroline.

What would have been the point anyway? Caroline didn't even see the others guys anymore. Someone could have fall on his knees and proposed to her that she wouldn't have noticed. She was surprised that she didn't mind Klaus' possessiveness. As the strong woman she had became, she liked to have her independence. But the truth was she felt as possessive toward Klaus as he felt towards her. So she couldn't be mad at him for refusing to let her go out of his sight when they were at a party when she was doing the exact same thing. She loved the way he always had an arm around her or his hands holding hers. It was making her feel safe and loved. He was clearly claiming her every time they were in public, and she loved it.

She loved it because she was doing the same thing with him. The first time a girl had hit on him at a high school party she had almost showed her her fangs to make her back down. She then had spent the entire evening literally wrapped around Klaus to prevent any girl to only approach him.

Klaus loved when Caroline was so obviously jealous. He loved see her eyes flashing and her jaw clenching. It was the first time in his life than somebody actually cared enough about him to be jealous. And the feeling was exquisite. He loved when she couldn't help but glaring at him when he was talking to a woman. He loved the way she was frowning her eyebrows when a woman was smiling to him. He loved the fury in her eyes when a woman was daring to touch his arms. It was always the moment when she was flashing from whenever she was to join him and give him an extremely hot and passionate kiss. The impudent woman was always precipitately backing down at this point and Klaus was chuckling against Caroline's lips. They actually rarely made it until the end of the parties because they were too impatient to be alone with each other and to rip their clothes of.

Caroline tried to keep going to high school but it was so hard to leave Klaus' arms every morning that she was giving up most of the time. And of course, Klaus made things even harder for her, kissing her hungrily every time she tried to get out of the bed. He was pinning her under him and kissing her bare skin until she moaned and forgot that high school even existed. She was trying to be mad at him but once his hands had started to work on her body her brain was turning into jelly and the only coherent sound she was able to make was Klaus name.

What was the point to still go to high school anyway? She had forever to learn what she wanted to and Klaus could tell her everything she wanted to know. And seriously? Who would have chose the biology lessons when you can spend the day wrapped into the arms of the man you love? That's what Caroline was thinking about a Tuesday afternoon. She should have been in history class at this time of the day but as usual Klaus had done a pretty good job to keep her home. He had started with slowly kissing her neck, her most sensitive area as he had quickly found out. His hands had roamed all along her back before tangling into her hair. His lips had made a trail until her collarbone and had then lowered in her low cut. Caroline was already pretty much out when he had hungrily crushed his lips against hers. When his hands had traveled up to cup her breast she knew he had win. Again. And now she was on Klaus' bed, tangled in the sheets, her face rested on Klaus' chest as his arms were wrapped around her. Caroline sighed.

"You know that I'm never going to graduate if you don't let me go to school?" she asked.

Klaus chuckled.

"Vampires don't need to graduate, sweetheart."

"Yes, but still, I would like to have the choice" Caroline complained.

Klaus took her face in his hands and made her look at him.

"Look at me straight in the eyes and tell me that you'd rather be in school right now than in bed in my arms. I dare you."

Caroline didn't dare. He would have known she was lying anyway. The way he could read her mind and her feelings was scary sometimes. She smiled lovingly at him.

"You do know there is no place in the world that I'd rather be than in your arms."

Klaus smiled. "That's what I thought" he said cockily.

Caroline hit his arm. "Cocky much?" she asked teasingly.

Klaus suddenly rolled over and pinned Caroline to the mattress with his body. He leant to nibble her earlobe and she immediately shivered.

"By the way I make you scream my name every time I touch you, I can be cocky" he whispered in her ear.

Taking him by surprise, Caroline rolled them over and it was her turn to pin him on the mattress with her body. Doing the same thing that he did, she nibbled his earlobe and Klaus closed his eyes.

"By the way I make you do everything I want just by doing the puppy eyes, I should be the one to be cocky" she whispered.

Klaus opened his eyes and laughed.

"Touché" he admitted.

Cradling her face in his hands he kissed her passionately. In a concert of sighs and moans, they both forgot who should be cocky or not.

After Caroline had settle down again in her favorite place in the world (Klaus' arms) she thought about something that was bothering her since a few weeks. As observant as he was, Klaus immediately noticed that she was disturbed.

He tightened his grip around her and kissed the top of her head.

"What is wrong love?"

Caroline hesitated and Klaus felt suddenly worried. Caroline didn't do hesitation.

He lifted her chin with his hand and asked again.

"Love? What's wrong?"

Caroline shrugged.

"It's not that something is really wrong" she explained. "It's just something I would like to tell you but I'm a little scared of your reaction."

Klaus frowned.

"You can tell me anything Caroline, don't you know that?"

"I know. It's just this one is not easy, ok?"

"Ok, now I am worried" said Klaus. "Are you trying to break up with me?" His voice was light but Caroline didn't miss the fear and the distress in his voice.

Straightening up on the bed she hit him hard on the arm.

"How can you think such a thing" she fumed. "Don't I show you enough everyday how much I care about you?"

"You do love, I'm sorry. It's just that the idea of losing you is unbearable."

Caroline snuggled again into him. "You are not going to lose me. How many times I have to tell you this?"

"As much as you want my love, because I can't get enough of hearing it."

Caroline smiled, and suddenly what she was craving to tell him since weeks just slipped effortlessly.

"I love you" she said.

The room was suddenly so silent that it was surreal.

Then Klaus cradled extremely slowly Caroline's face in his hands to look at her.

"You what?" he asked in a whisper.

Caroline swallowed hard but it was too late.

"I love you" she repeated firmly, looking at him straight in the eyes. "Actually I love you so much that it scares me sometimes. I've never been that much in love and I didn't even know that I could be. You had become my everything Nik. There is nothing more important than you to me. I could bear anything in the world except loosing you."

Klaus closed his eyes, trying to process the most beautiful words he had ever heard. In one thousand years, he had never felt such a pure joy and happiness. He didn't even know that it was possible to be so completely happy. He opened his eyes again and he saw that Caroline was looking at him with anxiety.

"You are freaking out, aren't you? Oh my God, I knew I should have shut my mouth" Caroline's rant was suddenly stopped by Klaus' lips, who were kissing her like there was no tomorrow. She tried to catch her breath after his hungry kiss but he didn't let her the time to recover.

"Freaking out, are you kidding me? Caroline, have you any idea since when I'm waiting for you to tell me such a thing?"

Caroline smiled a little shyly. "Really?" she asked happily.

Klaus tightened his grip on her cheeks.

"Caroline, I love you. I love you like I had no idea I could love someone. I spent one thousand years to deny love and to despise it because I thought it was vampire greatest weakness. And then you came and you brushed aside all my believes and my certainties. You made a love sick fool of me and I've never been so happy in my entire life. You have no idea how much I love you Caroline, no idea how much I need you. You are my everything, my happiness, my sanity. I could bear anything in the world expect loosing you."

Caroline had started crying around the love sick fool part. She had never felt so happy and so touched. She knew how hard it was for Klaus to talk about his feelings. Unable to utter a word, she threw herself in Klaus' arms and kissed him passionately. Crushing her against him, he kissed her back with equal love and passion.

From that moment, they never spent a day without telling each other how much they loved each other.

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