A/N: Hey guys. Omni here. This is my first ever T7S story ever so i hope you guys like it. it just an idea that came to me while reading other fics most from Marlalost. I'm not at good as marla but i hope its you guys still like it. this originally was gonna be a one shot but i decided to expand on it.

It will have Jackie/Eric and Brooke/Kelso and a thrid pairing for a bit which i let you find out.

Well on to the fic...

Chapter 1

The young man opened the door and took a few steps down the stairs that led into the basement.

"Hello" he called out but got back no reply.

When he saw that it was empty he looked back up and waved someone over. At the top of the stairs a young woman opened the door and quickly went down the steps and met up with the man who grabbed her hand and excitedly led her to the room in the back. As soon as he closed the door, the girl threw herself at the boy, pushing him up against the door, and kissed him furiously as she ran her hand through his short brown hair. The boy responded by kissing her just as passionately and grabbing her waist. The girl raised her leg and wrapped it around the boy letting her black high heel slip off her foot.

The boy grabbed her by the leg and in one swift movement lifted her up and carried her too the bed dropping both of them onto it and causing the girl to scream in laughter.

"Hang on a second," she said pushing him back, "This is my work clothes and I don't want them to get too messed up."

The boy just gave her a look and smiled.

"Then I guess will just have to get them off don't we," he said with a deep voice that sent a chill through the girls' spine.

The girl started to unbutton her blouse and noticed the boy looking at him.

"I better not be the only one getting naked here," she said.

The boy slipped off his shirt as the girl finished unbuttoning her blouse. She tossed it to a nearby chair and was about to start on her skirt when the boy suddenly jumped on her and pinned her down.

"You're too hot for me to wait," he said as he ran a hand through her chest-nut colored hair.

"Just kiss me Eric," she chuckled.

She wrapped her legs around the boy's waist pulling him closer and allowed the other black high heel to slip off her foot.


The couple laid in each other's arms, lost in their own minds. The brunette woman was lying on her lover's chest, tracing figures on stomach and enjoying the warmness that radiated from his body while he curled her chestnut hair in his fingers.

"You know…" the boy said letting out a sigh, "we really shouldn't be doing this."

The girl looked up at him and smirked.

"Well I was going to suggest we go to my place but apparently you couldn't keep your hands off me," she said.

"Well you're so damn attractive you're lucky I didn't just rip your close off and make love to you right there in the kitchen."

The two laughed as they got comfortable on the bed again.

"But that's not what I meant Brooke," the boy said.

"I know what you mean Eric," the girl said as she started tracing figures on his stomach with her finger again.

"Then why do we do it?"

"Because…were both lonely and need a way to release all this stress and… loneliness. Plus it's fun."

Eric chuckled softly at her words.

"True," he said, "But I'm the only lonely one here. You got Kelso."

"Yeah but until Michael matures I can't be with him."

"He really loves you you know."

"I know," Brooke sighed, "I love him too but..."

"He needs to grow up."

"Yeah. He needs to prove that he wants to be with me and be a proper father to our daughter. Betsy needs her father."

"Kelso loves Betsy to death."

"I know but with the way he's always partying with Fez and Casey, it just not environment Betsy suppose be around."

"Whenever I hang out with Kelso I try to subtly make him see what he has to do. I use my Jedi mind tricks."

Brooke couldn't help but laugh. She turned her head and landed a kiss on Eric's lips.

"Thanks Eric," she said, "I just hope he does change soon."

"Me too."

"And hey you're not alone either. What about Jackie?"

"Wh-what about her?"

"Eric, I've seen the way you look at her. You are in love."

"Ok fine I'm in love with Jackie but that doesn't mean a thing."

"Not true. She's gonna hate me for saying this but she has a bit of a crush on you."

"What no way. She hates me. She hated me all throughout high school."

"Ok first high school was so long ago. You both grown up since then. You can't hold anyone accountable for how they were back then."


"And second can you honestly say she hates you? You two have been becoming great friends lately. You both practically see each other every day. I think if you took a chance and just go for it then you too would make a great couple."

"I would love to date her but how can I be sure she be ready to date anyone again? How do I know her feelings for Hyde won't get in the way?"

Brooke reached up and put a hand on Eric's face turning it towards her.

"Eric let me ask you something. Do you still love Donna?"

"Well yeah but only because we have so much history."

"If she were to suddenly show up tomarrow asking to have you back, would you go back to her?"

"No of course not. I don't love her like that anymore."

"Well it's the same with Jackie and Hyde. She may still have some love for him but she would never get back with him. And if you just be yourself and show her how much you love her, she won't want anyone else."


"Really Eric. Trust me."

Eric couldn't help but smile and feel comforted.

"Thanks Brooke," he said, "you are like the greatest friend ever."

"Of course Eric."

Eric leaned up and gave Brooke a kiss which Brooke responded with passion.

"Don't you have to go pick up Betsy," Eric asked when they separated.

"Not for another hour and a half," she answered, "want to go again?"

Eric grinned devilishly then suddenly flipped over and pinned Brooke causing to laugh. He pulled the blanket up around them then furiously attacked Brooke's lips with his own as she wrapped her legs around him.

TBC in the next chapter…