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Chapter 6

"Kelso is gonna kill me," Eric thought to himself.

It's been a few minutes since Jackie left the room and but it felt like forever waiting for Kelso to arrive. He sits down in a chair and looks at Betsy's sleeping form. The only sound is that of the machines hooked to her and the rest of the hospital on the other side of the room door.

"Hey man."

Eric looked up to see Kelso entering the room.

"Hey," Eric replied, "How's Brooke doing? Is she still feeling pain?"

"Yeah, she says it's getting worse but she's doing fine."

"That almost sounds contradictory."


"….It's good she's doing fine."

"Yeah. How about Betsy? How she been?"

"She's been sleeping this whole time without anything happening so I say good."

Eric reached over and placed a hand on Betsy's forehead.

"Her temperature has gone done it feels like," Eric tells him.

"That's good," Kelso says sighing.

Kelso grabbed a chair and sat next to Eric and Betsy's bed.

"How about you man? How you doing?"

"I'm ok. Just a lot happened today man."

"I know. But hey, me and Jackie are here for you man."

"Thanks man. I just hope nothing else bad happens today."

Eric felt a pang of guilt hit him.

"Listen Kelso, there's something I gotta tell you," Eric said wringing his hands nervously.

"Oh yeah Jackie told me you wanted to tell me something. What is it?"

"Well I got good news and bad news."

"Ok what's the good news?"

"Well, me and Jackie are engaged."

"Awesome when did you propose?"

"Like just a little before Jackie went to Brooke's room."

"That's great. Why didn't you tell me you were gonna propose to her?"

"Well I didn't really plan to do it when I did."

"Well it's great she said yes. Are you gonna get her a ring?"

"Well she kind of already got one which brings me to the bad news."

"Which is?"

"That ring you were going to give to Brooke, Jackie thinks I got the ring for her. She's wearing your ring."

Kelso looked at him with a confused look for a moment until it suddenly hit him. Eric could see him start to become angry and look like he wanted to shout.

"Betsy sleeping, Betsy sleeping," Eric pleaded.

"Dude," Kelso exclaimed quietly while jumping to his feet.

"I dropped the box when she crashed into me for a hug and she saw it on the ground," Eric quickly tried to explain.

"First you knock up my girlfriend before I can get back with her then you give my ring to Jackie before I can give it to Brooke. What more are you gonna do to me?"

"Look Kelso you have every right to be mad at me but listen to me"

"I'm not mad man. It just dude come on."

"I'll make it up to you. I'll uh I'll buy you a new ring. How much did it cost? One thousand? Two thousand?"

"Four hundred."

"Fo-You mean four thousand?"

"Nope four hundred."

"Four hundred dollars? Where in the hell did you get that ring for four hundred dollars?"

"The Hub," Kelso said almost too casual for Eric's taste.

"The Hub," he said in disbelief, "what the hell?"

"Yeah some guy was selling jewelry from his van behind the Hub."

Eric's went wide open as they looked at Kelso in shock.

"Kelso, the jewelry may have been stolen. That ring may have been stolen."

"No," Kelso said as if Eric was wrong," It couldn't be. He looked like a good guy."

"Did he ask you if you were a cop?"

"Yeah, I said I tried to be once."

"What he say?"

"He just laughed. So if we go back to him I'm sure he'll make you a deal too."

"I don't care if he offers me a box full of engagement rings for a buck, I am not going to him. The jewelry may have been stolen…by him!"

"You don't know that."

I don't want to risk. I rather I go to a legitimate shop and pay more buy from a guy who probably stole them and risk going to prison. "

"You're just being paranoid."

I am not buying form that guy and that's final. I am not getting married or raising my child from behind bars."

As soon as he finished saying, a guilty feeling swept over Eric. Even though Kelso said he wasn't mad at him, it didn't feel right to say "his" child in front of him. Though Kelso didn't seem to hear him but instead looked at him as if he was on drugs for not wanting to buy the ring from the guy behind the hub.

Neither man said a word as they sat in their chairs in Betsy's hospital room. Eric looked at Betsy's sleeping form wondering if she was getting better. He studied the various wires that were attached to her and the machine they all were connected to but he couldn't figure out how to read it. His mind started to stray to Jackie and his child in Brooke's belly when Kelso spoke up again.

"So who do you think was better, Jackie or Brooke," he asked."


"At doing it?"


Eric looked at Kelso as if he lost his mind."

"Who do you think was better at doing it," Kelso asked again.

"I'm not answering that!"

"Come on, tell me. We both did it with both girls so we can talk about it. I liked both but I think I Brooke is better. She's more wild.

"She is pretty fierce in bed but I prefer Jackie. She's really passionate and gentle."

"Can you imagine doing it with both of them at the same time?"

"Well that would be interesting I mean with Brooke-wait no!"

Eric stood up and started heading out the door.

"I am not having this conversation," he said, "I'm going to the cafeteria. I'm hungry."

"Could you get some chocolate milk," Kelso asked.

"Yeah sure, for when Betsy wakes up?"

"Oh yeah get some for her too."

"Sure thing."

With that Eric stepped out and started heading towards the hospital cafeteria. As he traverses through the halls, which to him felt like going through a maze, his mind wandered back to Jackie and his child.

"I'm having a baby," he whispered to himself, "and I'm marrying Jackie."

Before he knew it he was already in the cafeteria. He picked up two cartons of chocolate milk for Kelso and Betsy and grabbed himself a sandwich and a coke. He paid and starting walking back.

"I wonder if it's a boy or girl," he wondered barely paying attention to anything he passed by, "I hope he's likes star wars too. Maybe me and Jackie could have a Star Wars wedding? No she'll never go for that. Kelso's definitely going to be my best man. Hopefully he lets me hold the baby during the ceremony. Oh man how am I going to tell my parents about all this? My dad definitely going to stick his foot up my ass, that's for sure but I'm sure both of them will accept it. They're going to have a grandchild. My child. And Jackie will be the stepmom."

Eric couldn't help but smile as he walked through the lobby. He was so lost in his thoughts that he didn't hear his name being called or the red head walking toward him until she was right in front of him.



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