You make me stumble and fall

T'ill I'm bloody at my knees

Paco pulled up taking another's space in the car lot. I smiled as I saw Levi my boyfriend, jumping out the car and running into he's arms. "You made it" I whisper in his ear, not letting him go which is perfectly understandable being as I haven't seen him in two weeks.

"Yeah I did" Levi drew back landing a kiss on my lips. I leant into him and kissed him back, cradling his face in the palm of my hands as I kissed him back.

Levi groaned. "Your such a tease but I love you all the same"

I closed my eyes trying not to let the tears fall. One day he will be all sweet and emotional, the next he'll be all moody and so full of anger.

"Hey" Levi wiped a tear that escaped. "I'm trying Hayley, for you"

"No you're not" I stepped back from him. "How many times have you said that now? And nothings changed"

"Hayley not here, not now, please" Levi took my hand as I started to turn around. "Please Hay"

"Don't" As I saw my friends heading over I leant back into Levi as he put an arm around me. Pretend that we are all okay, act as if there is nothing wrong.

The bell went just as they reached us. As we walked into the school we walked past a few of my brother's friends. "Hey Levi, managed to get up today?" Rickie smirked.

"Fuck you" Levi glared at him.

"Excuse me?" Rickie stepped closer to him a glint in his eye. I manoeuvred my body so that I was in front of Levi, facing Richie.

"What's going on?" I heard Paco's voice before I saw him. "What you doing with my sister Richie?" Paco pushed Richie.

"I wasn't doing anything man"

"That's not what it looked like"

"Paco leave it" I tugged on his arm sleeve. Paco looked at me then shoved past.

I got Levi away from them before they said anything else that would get Levi riled up, I could feel the tremors running through his body.

In homeroom I attempted to calm him down… to no avail.

First period was PE, I am on the football team and need to be training, but all I can do is watch Levi as he runs it off, and runs, runs, runs.

In second period he doesn't show up.

In third period he does, sitting beside me, then telling me everything is okay. It's a lie. I can see it in his eyes.

At lunch he is joking and laughing with everybody else, but I see the forced smile he is putting on.

"What's up Haley?" One of my closest friends Hannah nudged me with her foot under the table.

I can feel Levi's eyes on me, his hand reaching across the table to capture mine. "Everything's fine" He tells Hannah. It's not, it's not and I feel like crying.

"Haley?" Hannah's not accepting Levi's answer she wants me to answer.

"Nothing" I tell her, picking my fingernail avoiding eye contact because if I look into her caring eyes I'll just cry.

"Something is" Hannah insisted.

"Don't you listen?" Levi's glared at her. "WE SAID WE WERE FUCKING FINE"

His words, loud and clear fill the air and stop all conversation, with just one glance from Levi chatter fills back up again.

I close my eyes but then a hand is dragging me up from the chair, me and Levi walk over into an empty corridor. "I cant cope here" Levi sinks to the floor, putting his head in his hands.

"Hey" I crouch down to his level prying his hands away. "Don't hide away from me"

"I need you Hay, don't leave me"

"I'm right here"