You're the end of the rainbow,

A pot of gold,

You're daddy's little girl

And I'll always be there for you

I got to the bathroom to take a leak when I hear someone crying. I push open the door to find Haley on the floor, tears streaking down her face. She doesn't notice me at first then she looks up as I see the blade held in her hand and the arm that has blood running down it.

I grabbed a great bunch of paper pressing them against the cut, my eyes raking among all the other cuts on her arms. How the hell did I not notice?

"Where else Haley? You did not just cut on your arms" I cannot help the anger lacing my words.

"Anywhere" She mumbled. "That nobody will notice"

"God Haley" I pick up her hand seeing the tips are slightly burnt making me flashback to when she was messing with the candle, she was burning herself and cutting.

My baby was doing this to herself, I felt like breaking down at the mere thought things had got so bad for Haley that she had to do this.

I held her to my chest, still applying the pressure to her arm.

"Why Haley?" I asked her.

She didn't reply.

"Damm you" I held her at arm's length. "Why you doing this to yourself, answer me" My grip is too tight and I'm screaming at her, but I can't stop it, my heart is breaking that she does this to herself.

She cries harder and then there's arms pulling me away from her. I let them, too terrified I'm going to do something that I'll regret.

I let Brittany take over, storming out the room.

"Dad what's going on?" Paco asked me.

I ignored him, going into my bedroom and lying down on the bed, arm thrown across my eyes until I felt a presence. I removed my arm seeing Brittany.

"Alex-"She started.

"How is she?" I asked interrupting her before she can say another thing.

"She's okay now, she's gone to bed"

"She's okay now sure" I muttered. "I'll be back"


"Britt please" I held my hand up and grabbing my jacket I left the house and going down to the shop getting what I need.

I smoked one fag on my way back home as I walked along the dark street tears soaking my eyes that I can barely make it to the house. I just couldn't believe this was happening and the worst part was I hadn't noticed, not none of it.

I lit another one up when I got in the house, sitting down on the sofa.

"Alex" Brittany walked in, seeing me with a fag.

"Brittany don't have a go at me, I need this"

"Okay" Brittany sat next to me taking my hand.

"Did you ask her why?"

"She won't speak Alex. She's just silent. I don't know what to do Alex, we need to get her help"

"Sure, Sure. Help, yeah if there's help for something like that. SHE WAS FUCKING CUTTING HERSELF, HOW MESSED UP CAN YOU GET? IT'S SICK"

"Thanks dad. I can always count on you right? Your right, you know, it is sick but I don't know any other way"

I close my eyes. Fuck. "Haley-" I started.

"Save it" She snapped and ran out the room.

"Go talk to her Alex"

I nodded slowly and got up, going into her room. She was crying, curled up under the quilt. I sat down on the edge of the bed.

"Baby talk to me" I stroked her hair as tears fell from my eyes. "I just don't understand, that's why I said what I did. It's just I thought you were happy but your obviously not and I feel like the fucking worst parent in the world for not noticing. I just want you to be happy sweetheart not feeling so bad that your cutting yourself"

"I kept it well hidden don't blame yourself" Haley slowly sits up.

"Honey tell me, I can help you"

"Daddy" Haley throws herself into my arms. I pull her into my lap wrapping my arms around her like I did when she was a baby. There always babies your children, they'll grow apart from you but they will always come back.

It all comes out, everything. Her generally lonest not feeling like she fit into the world, then Levi the one who brightened up her world only to cast it down in his darkest moments, and eventually her only coping technique to survive in this world: to cut.

I hold her and when she's finished were both crying. I've never cried like this, not ever.

"Were get you help" I say to her after what feels like hours.

"How dad there's nothing-"

"Don't" I put a finger to her lips shushing her. "You and Levi were get you counselling, take it slowly but gradually and baby" I turn her to look at me. "I'll be with you every step of the way"

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