Crimson Tears

Chapter 1

By aznJEDI13

Disclaimer: George Lucas owns Anakin and Amidala and everyone else. Heck, he owns just about everything in the story. This is purely for fan enjoyment.

Notes: This takes place during the Clone Wars. I must warn you right now that I'm not a big fan of Anakin turning into Darth Vader so it probably won't end with anything like that. I hope you like this; I've been reading too many ami/obi ones I was sooooooooooooo mad. That was completely random and I'm going to write a bunch of stories to rebel against them!

I hate love triangles but I write them because it's a plot twister. Right now I have no clue if I'm going to add it or not, actually I have no clue if I'll even finish this one. I don't really know where its going so this is a really questionable story. ENJOY! Feedback is REALLY appreciated.


Crimson Tears: Chapter 1

"You are in my very soul, tormenting me." - Anakin Skywalker, Attack of the Clones.

'…Your soul is like a secret that never could keep…'

"I wish you'd let me go with you."

Her voice quivers. It is afraid, it is scared. She doesn't want to face the future, though she know she'll have to. She doesn't want to leave the world she stands in right now, though she knows its inevitable.

She doesn't want to leave him, though she knows he has to go.

Two figures walk along holding hands. Their fingers entwined with the other; afraid that if held to loosely one might slip away. Yet if held too tight, one might disappear.

The man, a foot taller than the women, is unnoticeably distant; his cerulean blue eyes cast with a timid shadow, a shadow of anticipation, of longing, and of adventure. His features make it clear that he is no longer a boy, but barely a man. Though fear is not a trait of the Jedi, in which he belongs to, it is highly impossible for him to hide the fear of what is to come and what is to be.

The young woman, in the prime of her youth, is almost as distracted as the man is. The way she avoids her lover tells volumes of all the doubts and all the emotions she has bottle up inside. It is as if they are in their own worlds and are afraid that if they wake the reality that they had ceased to cling to will be more real than ever.

Her eyes betray her soul, just as his eyes betray his heart.

Her soul is hurting, aching for him, aching for the feeling of his body pressed against hers, aching for his tender kisses as his lips gently caress hers. His heart is on fire, burning with an unyeild passion for her. He wants to hold her, to suffocate her in dire kisses, to drown her in sensations.

It won't happen though, they are two people on different paths. They thought they could control their paths, but those paths are being drawn away.

And fate is laughing while they cry.

"Why? Why would I risk the one thing I hold dear?" He asks and grips her hand tighter, squeezing it more powerfully, now truly afraid she might slip away.

"Then why must I risk the one thing I hold dear?" She questions. His arms encircle her waist and to avoid the question he kisses her. As the kiss grows deeper she breaks apart, "Love, you haven't told me yet." He tries to kiss her again, but she pulls away, "Anakin…"

She pushes his chest away but he grabs her hands, "It is not of importance." He speaks softly, his voice is low and dangerous, and afraid.

Only she knows of the fear, fear that he confided in her the night before. He's afraid though she knows he won't show it. He can't show it.

"Yes it is and you know it." She sighs, releases him, and begins to walk farther down the shore, her tiny feet imprinting the sand.

The setting sun cast down on them makes her skin a darkish brown. Her brown hair is let down and like the ocean before them waves in the direction of the wind. Her opal eyes are fighting tears and he knows it. He takes his time and allows her to venture far down the shore, farther away from him.

He would have to get use to being away from her any ways.

He watches her for a second. Almost dazed, he is dreaming, he must be. He is not on Naboo. He has not fallen in love with a Senator.

This is all a dream.

How could beautiful Senator Amidala ever love a slave like him?

Yes, he was once a slave to Watto, now he will forever be a slave to the Order. No doubt about it, they would never hear of him falling in love with a Senator. Even worse they would never hear of him falling in love with a Queen, even if it was a former Queen.

He had to be dreaming.

He just wished Obi-Wan would wake him up before he saw the end.

The woman turns back and looks at him. As their eyes meet she smiles, but he can still see the faint lines of tears.

He pinches himself, but does not wake.

This isn't a dream. This is real. This is life – his life.

He treks down the beach in a quicker pace now. His hands shake nervously, sweat beads his forehead, and he can feel his eyes begin to water.

It is almost time – war has begun.

She knows it too. When he reaches her, he sees she is now crying hard, unable to stop, unable to hold all the emotion she had hid behind her mask.

Words don't need to be spoken.

Too much has already been said.

He takes his hand and lifts it to her cheek. Brushing away a line of tears.

He memorizes every feature, every exquisite feature. Dark brown tresses of an ocean of wood brown hair, opal eyes and luscious lips.

He's afraid to close his eyes, he's afraid that when he does he will forget it all.

She places her hand on his hand. She closes her eyes, breathes in and kisses his palm. A tingle runs from the base of his neck to his feet. They stand there as if time has frozen around them. And all that exists is they.

But they know it will not last.

They know they have their duties…despite their love.

She opens her eyes once more. Running over his face, his icy blue eyes, his short spiked brownish-blond hair, his short Padawan braid, and his intense gaze.

Are you an angel?

Almost as quickly as she opens them, she closes them.

All the memories she needs, she holds in her heart.

And they stand there; hoping time will pass them by. Finally, as if almost unwillingly he breaks the moment, "I must go now, love."

Closes her eyes somberly, "Yes."

"I love you."

Opens briefly, "I know."

He begins to trek back and half way there he turns to her, "No, no, I need to hear you say it. Say you love me!" A man is now approaching him, he turns and nods to the man and then turns back to her, a lopsided grin on his face, "Say it!"

But he is pulled away before she can react, the tears of her pain now evident on her usually placid face.

Almost in a whisper, she speaks, "I love you."

But no one is there to comfort her, to brush her tears away. To her hold her in her darkness moments; to whisper sweet nothings in her ear.

He is gone.

A woman appears from behind a glass door; she speaks in almost a whisper, "Senator?"

She turns and smiles sadly, "Give me a minute."

As soon as she turns away the smile is gone, she knows right now her only comfort is the sweet whispering of the ocean tinted orange from the setting sun. She believes if she looks hard enough she can see the crimson tears of the angel whose lost her knight in shining armor. If she closes her eyes long enough she can still feel his arms.

But when she opens her eyes all she sees is a void expanse of a crimson sky, solemn waves, and a dark passionate sea. She looks to the sky, hoping her Knight is looking at the stars – hoping they are looking at the same direction.

Though they are really looking into each other's hearts.

He is searching for her crimson tears to envelop himself in and to loose all his senses, she is looking for a shield, a blanket of warmth that only he could give her. In each other they find comfort, despite the miles, the fear, and the antagonizing realization of what is to come.

In reality they found the dream world they had been lost in for days.

But their duties call and they would have to move on as if the dream was really something that plagued their vision and their senses every day.

"Lady?" The Mistress appears once more. Still distraught, Amidala blows a kiss to the sky. She leaves the dream world and returns to reality.

Hoping to find serenity without retreating to their safe haven.


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