Hello everyone I'm sorry for taking this down but, I had to re write it and improve the grammar and spelling all over again. Warnings of possible Yaoi, Yuri and incest.

Pairing: Naruto x oc x oc

Chapter one: Yami?

A young girl sped through the forest of fire country her face set in determination; she had a sling bag over her shoulder carrying multiple scrolls. She was a blonde haired violet eyed girl and wore a black cloak and underneath it she wore a white shirt, with purple shinobi pants. Racing through the forest, the girl came to stop at the gates of Konohagakure no sato or the hidden leaf village. She stepped through the gates and was about to proceed when. "Passport please." she heard a voice say. "Oh, well you seeā€¦" she said sheepishly "I don't really have a passport I'm just here to get somebody." the girl said. "Seeing as you are a foreigner; you will need a passport so I can not allow you to enter the village." The chunnin guard said. "Please this is really important it concerns the Kage of my village." she said. "Hm, I still can not allow you to pass I'm sorry." the guard said. "No I'm sorry" the child whispered quickly pressing a series of pressure points; the guard fell with a thud. Then she ran into the village ignoring the stares. "Now to find Naruto-sama."


Naruto sat at the empty training grounds exhausted. He didn't train this hard around others because he didn't want to show skill, the ninja of Konoha might not know it; but he was more than they made him out to be. Pushing all those thoughts out, he closed his eyes and fell in to a light slumber.

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