A/N: Another plot bunny that didn't leave me alone. This will be AU.

Burt Hummel and Paul Karofsky have been friends since college but hadn't managed to see each other for years. Finally they manage to agree on a date to meet up and Burt invites Paul and his family to come down and spend Easter with them. The Karofsky's arrive one fateful Thursday afternoon with their 17 year old son David in tow.

Dave and Kurt's characters are pretty much as on the show. They have obviously never met until now. Dave is still in the closet (think of him as pre NBK Dave). Other characters will make an appearance. Blaine and Kurt are good friends in this story and Blaine is a guy who basically just wants to have fun.

This is rated M, mainly for language and uncensored thoughts from Dave but also for possible smut in later chapters.

Chapter 1

"And don't forget David, Burt is one of my oldest friends so I really expect you to be on your best behaviour," Paul reminded his son as they pulled up the main road into Lima. They had been on the road for hours on end and Dave was bored and tired.

Dave huffed in acknowledgement. He really didn't want to be here. He had begged his parents to allow him to stay at home. After all he was almost 18 and he could take care of himself. But his parents would have none of it.

"It will be fun." They insisted. "And Burt and Carol have two sons your age. It's always good to meet new people and make new friends." They had tried to convince him.

Dave didn't want to meet new people. He didn't want to make new friends, thank you very much. There was nothing wrong with his group of friends he had now. Yes, they all were assholes but, then so was he. He had a reputation to uphold and certain things were to be expected being part of the popular jock population at his high school.

So what if he got into trouble on occasion. It only helped with his image and the other guys did never need to know that deep down he sometimes felt sorry for the geeks and other people they targeted, just because they were stupid enough to let them. Dave had stopped caring a while ago. He only wanted to make it through the remainder of high school and then finally be off to college where he could start living his life and play football without constantly being told what to do, be that by his family or his friends.

"I think this is it" Paul said as he pulled up outside a decent sized detached property, including porch and steps and a front and backyard. Dave eyed the house suspiciously. It looked nice enough. He noticed the amount of cars parked outside. One was a virtually brand new Navigator and Dave raised his eyebrows in admiration. He had always wanted to drive one of those.

Paul parked the car and they all got out walking up to the front door. Dave's mom was fidgeting with Dave's shirt which she had made him wear and Dave was desperately trying to swat her hands away. "Mom," he wailed.

"I only want you to look your best, sweetie," she said.

Paul knocked on the door in anticipation. It had been at least 10 years since he had seen Burt Hummel face to face and they never had met their respective families; although they managed to stay in contact with phone calls and emails. Funny how time flies when you've got a job and a family. He really couldn't believe that they hadn't managed to get together sooner.

The door opened not a second after he had knocked and Paul was met with a smiling Burt Hummel. He looked the same apart from the obvious loss of hair and Paul couldn't help but smile in return.

"It's so good to see you," Burt said pulling Paul in for a hug. "You haven't really changed at all."

"Well I could almost say the same about you if it wasn't for…" Paul replied smirking. It was refreshing that there was no awkwardness between them and they could pull each others leg just like in the good old days.

"Yeah, I gave up on my hair a long time ago. Carol tells me it's kinda sexy though." Burt laughed and Paul joined in.

"Well, my stomach is not quite as small as it used to be." Paul said and gave it a little pat to emphasize his point. "Yes, seems like old age is finally catching up with us."

"Oh, this is my wife Miriam and my son David." Paul stepped aside to introduce the rest of his family.

"It's so nice to finally meet you," Burt said as he shook both their hands. "And this is my wife Carol and my son Kurt." Carol and Miriam hugged each other and Miriam went over to shake Kurt's hand. "Nice to finally meet you Kurt. Dave, say hello to Kurt."

Dave was stood on the spot and unable to move. His eyes had narrowed and somehow his pulse had sped up as he took in the appearance of this guy in front of him. He groaned out inwardly. That guy had the word 'fairy' written all over him. It would be just his luck that his dad's best friend had a fag for a son and now he was stuck with him for the next week.

Dave could feel his mom giving him a nudge in his rips. "Oh, yes, Hi" he said holding his hand out in disdain. Kurt's eyes were studying him intensely but he didn't let go of his manners and shook it politely. "Nice to meet you too," he said.

"Now come on in. We already have coffee brewing. You must have had a long journey. We can get your things later. Paul and Miriam, you two will sleep in the guest room and we thought that Dave would share the boys' room." Carol informed them.

Dave's eyes shot up in a panic. What? Now he not only had to hang around gay face for a week but also had to sleep in the same room. "No way, I can sleep on the sofa," he said without thinking which earned him a stern look from both his parents.

"David," his father said under his breath. "You will sleep wherever there is room for you."

"Oh don't worry David, you can have Finn's bed for now. The room is quite spacious. It's the basement in fact. You won't be in the way. Finn is away with his girlfriend and her family for four days. It's more comfortable than the fold out bed anyway." Burt said trying to diffuse the situation although he couldn't shift the uncomfortable feeling that there was more to Dave's little outburst than met the eye. He hoped that he was wrong and let it rest for now.

"You know what it's like with kids that age." Carol added lightly. "We were hoping to have both boys here over Easter, especially as Dave and Finn seem to have a lot in common but he basically begged us to let him go with her. Puppy love and all that," Carol laughed

Paul and Miriam laughed a tight laugh in return. Truth was they really didn't know what it was like. Apart from that one time where Dave out of the blue took this girl they had never heard of before or since to junior Prom, he had been noticeably void of any girlfriends. And that was despite being a popular jock at his school and having won prom king. They tried convincing themselves that he was just a late bloomer and one day the right girl would come along. Well, it was at least better than to have to worry about him getting some girl pregnant while in high school, Miriam always used to joke.

"But I am sure that Kurt and Dave will get along just fine." Carol added. "You said Dave liked music and cars. See boys, that's something you could talk about. Kurt is crazy about music and he knows a thing or two about cars."

'Yeah,' Dave thought to himself. Just most likely not the kind of music he was into. And someone like Kurt being into cars? Who was she trying to kid. There was no way the guy even knew how to change oil. And fat chance that they would actually have anything else in common. Dave was nothing like Kurt nor would he ever be. He was a tough hard jock and not a girly little gay guy.

And why did Kurt have to wear such tight pants anyway. Was that part of the requirement of being gay these days? They were too damn distracting and Dave didn't want to be distracted. In fact he wanted to be a million miles away somewhere else, drinking beer with his friends and not having to look at this guy, who made his heart rate increase and made him want to punch something just looking at him.

"Well, Kurt why don't you show Dave your room and let us old folks catch up with each other," Burt gestured to Kurt.

"Sure dad," Kurt replied almost too airily. The truth was that he could think of about a hundred things off the top of his head he would rather do than having to spend time with this meathead. Hell, he would even take listening to Rachel ramble on about her favourite musicals for hours rather than do this. But he had really no choice in the matter.

"Coming?" he said looking at Dave who looked like he had swallowed a lemon. "Yeah, fine" he said following Kurt down the stairs to his impending doom.

"So, this is going to be your bed for the duration of your stay." Kurt said sounding bored pointing to Finns' bed. "When Finn is back he has agreed to sleep on the pullout bed, not much point in moving you halfway through your stay." Dave hummed in agreement. He looked around the room and it was clear straight away which half was Kurt's and which one was that of his brother even without Kurt pointing out Finns' bed.

Couldn't his brother have been here instead of Kurt? Dave lamented. At least he seemed kind of cool judging by the trophies on his bookshelf and the posters of football players on the wall. He surely would have been able to get along with that guy but Kurt, no way. Just looking at him rubbed him up the wrong way.

Dave had no idea if he could fake being nice to this guy for a whole week but also knew the lecture his dad would give him if he misbehaved would be far worse, so he had to try. He was still in his parents' bad book thanks to some of the stunts he had pulled over the last couple of months and he was walking a tight rope. He didn't much fancy his parents taking away his allowance as they had threatened on a few occasions. Also a part of him really wanted to show his parents that he could behave himself. He knew he had put them trough a lot lately.

"Arhem" Kurt cleared his throat to get Dave's attention. "And… this is the bathroom. Having your own ensuite can come in very handy in the middle of the night rather than having to trip up the stairs." He looked at Dave who was looking him up and down.

Kurt didn't like that look at all and pulled himself up straight, poking his nose in the air. "What?" he said indignantly.

"Just to get this out in the open. I do not want to be here. I do not like people like you and I don't know how we will get through this week but the best thing would be if we just stayed away as far from each other as possible." Dave spat out.

Kurt was fuming. "What do you mean people like me?" Then a light bulb got off in Kurt's head. "Oh, I get it! You're worried that I will infect you with the gay. No need to worry. Despite the obvious foolish notion in parts of the jock community that this would be in fact something you could catch, let me assure you that you are born being gay just like you are born being straight."

Dave just shook his head and huffed out. Yeah, of course, Kurt would say that wouldn't he. As far as Dave was concerned you always had a choice. Maybe some people just didn't try hard enough.

"And as for not wanting to be around me, you don't need to worry Mr. Neanderthal. The feeling is more than mutual. I was just trying to keep it civilised. Something that you're obviously incapable of! But you have my word; I won't bother you with my presence more than necessary." Kurt hissed at Dave.

Dave was momentarily lost for words. No one normally talked back at him like that. Definitely not losers like that guy obviously was. Kurt had some balls; he had to give him that. And he would have loved to put him in his place but he was in no position to do so with their parents above them being all pally with one another.

"Ok, we have an understanding then, you stay away from me and I will stay away from you." Dave said staring Kurt down.

Kurt nodded in agreement, staring back just as fiercely. No way will he let this guy intimidate him in his own room. "Suits me fine. If that's all, let's go back upstairs." He suggested.

Dave nodded and followed Kurt back up the stairs and into the living room.

"There you are guys." Carol said smiling. I hope you find things to your satisfaction David." David nodded and tried to smile. "Yes, Mrs Hummel, it's very nice."

"Oh, call me Carol, please." She offered. "Yes, Carol, thank you very much." Dave said.

"Oh and Kurt, could you do me a favour and go to the groceries store for me. I forgot to get milk and we're all out now."

"No problem Carol" Kurt said. He was happy at the chance of getting out of here for a bit.

"Why don't you take David with you and show him around the area while you go. I am sure he would just be bored hanging here with us." Both Dave and Kurt let out a huff.

"Mhh, no I think I'm fine. I could get my things and unpack." Dave said quickly.

"Don't be shy now Dave," Paul said smiling at his son. It was one of those smiles with an underlying 'do not cause trouble for us now' mixed it for good measure. "You will have time for that later."

Kurt tried protesting too. "But I will only be like 10 minutes. And I am sure visiting our local groceries is not really that exciting."

"Come on boys. It gives you time to get to know one another." Burt added and Paul nodded in agreement. They had really hoped their respective sons would be able to get along.

Kurt sighed but knew he had to give in. "Ok, dad, sure… Come on Dave. I'm going to introduce you to one of Lima's finest groceries establishments."

Dave couldn't help a little laugh escaping him at Kurt's remark. The guy could be funny if he wanted to. But soon enough his mask was back into place and he gave a growl of acknowledgement and followed Kurt outside.

Kurt opened the door to the navigator and Dave couldn't help but ask. "Wow, that's yours?"

"Yes, my dad gave it to me for my 16th birthday. He's a mechanic and pulled some strings and got it at quite a discount for me."

"Wow, I always wanted to drive one of those" Dave said, momentarily forgetting who he was talking to and actually letting his guard down.

"Yeah, it's a great drive. Maybe you want to give it a spin later?" Kurt suggested.

"Sure that would be great."

They both suddenly stared at one another. Did they just manage to have a halfway decent conversation?

"Still doesn't mean I want to spend time with you" Dave added quickly filling the silence and putting his angry jock face back in place.

"I didn't assume you would." Kurt said looking at Dave, putting on his ice queen face in return. "…and the feeling is still mutual. The less I have to see of you the better."

And there Kurt was for a second thinking that this gorilla might actually be a halfway decent human being. Never go back on first impressions he scolded himself mentally.

Dave grumbled something to himself and got in the car. Well, getting a chance of driving this later might be worth having to hang out with the guy for a bit.

Kurt pulled out of the driveway and headed towards their local grocery store. Dave glanced sideways at him and thanked god that no one knew him in this place. If his friends would see him with Kurt he knew he would be dead.

Kurt chuckled out suddenly.

"What?" Dave said annoyed.

"Well, as far as for our plan to stay clear of each other goes, our parents obviously have different ideas. We might not have much choice in the matter." Kurt said with an eye roll and a 'woe is me' expression on his face.

"Oh god, kill me now" Dave groaned out in reply, burying his hands in his face.

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