After the crowning everybody went back to the party, the girls did have a few occasional people fuss over them a little bit but it was good for them and they enjoyed it, everyone had gotten crowns when Tammi started throwing them out into the crowd, at the moment Tara was with Audrey, Larry, Barry and Cleo was also with them,

only she was sat on the drinks counter looking down at the crown she was playing with "Hey Cleo" she looked up to see Gabe in front of her with his hands in his pockets "How's it going?" he asked, she shrugged "Can't complain" she replied, Tara glanced between the two

"Hey guys come with me a sec" she said to the others, they followed her and she gave Cleo a secret wink before walking away "So your Rebel 2 huh?" he asked, she nodded

"Yeah, who knew?" she asked, he smiled a little "Never saw that comin'. Look I just wanted you to know that I never flirted with you just because your Dad owned Slam FM, I never cared about that well not really. The truth is, I never thought you would go for me if I wasn't big, I mean a lot of girls are like that now, so I figured if I was cool and everything you would go for me"

he said a little embarassed, Cleo started laughing "What?" he asked, she shook her head "It's just that, you've been secretly crushing on me and I've been secretly crushing on you, it's just humorous to me" she said shrugging, he chuckled "So how long have you been crushing on me exactly?"

she asked curiously, he smirked "Long enough to do this" he said, she was about to ask what he meant when he leaned forward and pressed his lips gently agains't hers, he stayed like that for a few seconds before pulling away "Okay that was...good" she said slightly surprised and a bit giddy, he chuckled

"Thanks, how about I take you out tomorrow?" he asked, she nodded and bit her lip "Sounds good Rockstar" she said, he glanced down at the crown she was playing with "May I my queen?" he asked motioning to it, she nodded and let him take it from her "Why of course you may"

she said in a posh tone, he chuckled and placed the crown on top of her head "Looking good Rebel" he said, she rolled her eyes "Everyone please give it up for Lincoln Bay's very own Gavin Morgan" Tammi said on the stage, everybody clapped as Gavin walked onto the stage with a guitar

"There's a girl I've like for a while now, she's the girl who's not afraid to ask a dancing sandwich for help" Gavin said looking directly at Tara, Cleo's eyes widened "He's the sandwich" she said to herself, Gabe gave her a confused look "Long story" she said, he nodded and sat on the chair next to her legs before taking her hand in his own,

she glanced at their hands before smiling a little and turning back to Gavin "She inspired this song, this songs for her" he said before playing the guitar, as he sung a lot of people waved their arms through the air or bobbed to the music, Tara stood their watching him in surprise while he watched her while singing

"Wait here a sec" Gabe said handing Cleo his crown, she put it in her lap and watched as he and the other two band mates got on stage with Gavin and played back up, the music got more rocky and Cleo clapped to the music and looked at her sister who looked absolutely over the moon.

Few Minutes Later...

Tara was in the middle of talking to Gavin and Cleo made her way up to the roof, she found it cold but also the breeze was relaxing and the view was amazing "Hey stranger" she looked to see Gabe walking over to her "How'd you know I was up here?"

she asked, he motioned to the door where Tammi was stood, she winked before dissapearing from view "Man, no privacy around here" Cleo said playfully, he shook his head and stood next to her, both of them leaning agains't the fence on the edge of the building

"Why you up here anyway?" he asked, she shrugged "I don't know, I like quiet places when I wanna think" she replied staring out at Seattle "About what?" he asked confused "I don't know I mean usually I'm the girl no one talks to yah know? And now I know when Tara and I walk into school Monday everything's gonna be different somehow, I don't know maybe I'm freaking out over nothing"

she said "I don't know either, but whatever it is, I'll help you face it, if you'll let me that is" he said taking her hand in his, she smiled and looked at him "I would love it. Rockstar" she replied, he smiled and let go of her hand so he could put his arm around her and pull her closer, she snuggled into his side and held his left hand with hers "Good choice Rebel" he whispered, she chuckled.

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