As Rory and I flew over the town of whit chapel I allowed my heightened senses to guide me. No I'm not a wolf I'm a seventeen year old vampire. That's Jessie's fault that bastered bit me and pumped his stinking vampire blood into mine, then tried to steal the souls of people and bit Ethan forcing me to drink his blood and become a creature of the night. Then I heard sirens fallowing the police care to the mall a triangle of glass that used to be the sky light was shattered "look!" I said pointing at the opening I landed in the center of the mall to see a boy lying in a pool of blood. Rory came crashing down and slammed into the wall. "Ethan!"

I cried and started to run over to him. "Sarah!" Rory yelled "no it could be a trap."

I stopped dead in my tracks. He was right my ex boyfriend could be waiting for us and there was no doubt it was Ethan a lot of boys don't go walking around the mall at one in the morning armed with a holy water super soaker, stakes and daggers. I heard breathing he was just unconscious.

I saw lights flashing police lights. It would take them time to get inside here Rory and I could easly escape undetected. But that wasn't what I wanted. What I wanted was Jessie.

"Rory go to the head of the stairs, you can see Ethan and cover me."

I felt a little nervious would the dork do what I asked he only listened to Erica. But he did as I asked and ran over there are very few things more dangerous then a pissed off vampire girl Jessie could not take me when I was this mad. I broke a piece of wood off from a bench and made sure it was sharp then there was a sound! I looked at Rory we both listened closely "it's coming from the jewelry store." Rory said Jessie! Of course he was probably stuffing a sack full of diamonds. "Go!" I hissed to Rory "I'll be right there!" I turned a round just in time to dodge Jessie. I grabbed the railing and threw myself over the side.


I cried in pain as my wrist and finger's absorbed the weight of my body. I dangled helpless swinging above Ethan and the floor below. Now what? Jessie shot past and skidded to a stop. If I pulled myself up Jessie would attack I'd be helpless, if I dropped down I'd break an ankle or leg and be completely helpless. Healing factors don't kick in right away. There were two narrow crossbeams the closest one was three feet away to my left. It was maybe three inches wide an inch narrower then a balance beam. I'm no gymnast and I'd never tried to swing and then drop onto a three-inch beam fifteen feet or so above a hard granite floor. Jessie recovered and started back. I took a deep breath and began to swing wildly, Jessie came back calmly like he was king of the world.

"alarm clock," my ex said. "that's what the dweeb is chasing, I sat it off."

I kept swinging . my legs were inscribing a wider arc. I glared at Jessie through the bars.

"all I have to do is stab your hand, Sarah. Aren't you going to beg for mercy?" Jessie mocked "Nah your brave Sarah." He pulled a stake out and…

I released!

I fell, looked down, saw the cross beam too far away. I decided to use Dilated Perception as a vampire I can slow down time. In actuality I was simply processing sensory information so fast that every thing including me seems to move in slow motion.

It worked!

One foot hit the beam! I bent my knee and absorbed the impact. I swung my arms over my head, throwing my weight to change my center of gravity. For a long moment I teetered back and forth. My other foot jerked at the air. Then I felt the crossbeam. I had both feet down! I breathed a sigh of relief. Jessie tried to throw the stake it missed. I felt the breeze from it as it shot passed. I stood motionless, poised and barly able to stay in one spot. Jessie smiled at me his fangs showing .

"that's ok," he said. I'm not completely heartless, you know. I wouldn't kill another vampire. Now, a spell caster…a seer… or alien sure." I stared back at my former boyfriend, the killer and I said. "find a place to hide. Because I'll make you a promise: I will kill you, Jessie."

He turned and walked away, laughing as he retreated.

"I'll kill you!" I screamed "I'll kill you! I'LL KILL YOU!"