One lights, Many Hearts

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(Start scene)

Team seven walked to training ground 44 the next day ready for the next exam. They saw that they were early and only a few teams were there. Naruto gave a loud yawn causing Sakura to glare at him. "Will you stop that? Ever since we met today you have been yawning up a storm. What is wrong?"

Naruto answered after another yawn. "I just have not gotten much sleep lately; I have been having these really weird dreams."

Sasuke just snorted, "Only you would trouble sleeping because of some stupid dreams dope."

Naruto just glared at Sasuke, "These aren't nightmare or anything, they just seem too real."

Sakura raised an eyebrow, "What do you mean, why don't you tell use about them?"

Naruto sighed, it not like he had anything better to do before the exams. "They are all the same, I find myself on his platform. It really high up and there is this light shine down on the platform. I can see nothing but darkness all around the thing. It's real colorful and seemed to be made out of glass. There was this real pretty women their dressed all weird with strange looking guys all around her. She looked like a princess to me."

Sakura just stared, "A princess really?"

"Yeah, she was all dressed in a weird looking dress, looked all beautiful and had a crown on her head."

"That does sound like a princess, so what happen on the platform?" asked Sakura getting interested.

"When I first starting to have these dreams I called out to see if anyone was there, then a woman's voice tells me 'The door is locked, only the key came open it. Choose a path,' First I had no idea what she was saying then three pedestals popped up. One had a sword floating there, another had a shield with a heart on it, and the last one had some kind of staff. The woman's voice said again, 'Choose your path'."

"What did you choose?" asked Sasuke, unable to help himself.

"When I kept having these dreams I chose something different to see if I could change the dream. If I chose the sword the woman would say 'the path of the warrior, the sword of power and destruction, is this that path you seek?' If I chose the shield she would say, 'the path of the guardian, the shield courage and protection, is this the path you seek?' And when I pick the staff she says, 'the path of the mystic, the staff of wonders and ruin, is this the path you seek?' After I made my choice she tells me to choose one of the other things I didn't pick to give up."

"Give up?" asked Sasuke, that make no sense to him, giving up something that gives you power.

"Yeah, I chose one of the other weapons and it vanished. Everything else was gone as well and the weapon as in my hands. The women then said, 'You will face many dangers. Now you are able to fight. Behind you!' and I looked behind me to see a strange shadow thing."

"A what?" asked Sakura confused, and she was getting into the story.

"It started out as a flat moving shadow then it rose from the ground. It looked like a bug with a big head crunched up antennas and three clawed hands. It was hunched over dark black as if it was pure shadow and had glowing yellow eyes. It was twitching and moving right at me."

Sakura shivered thinking about something like that, it seemed too creepy to her. "Then I use my weapon to fight that thing, and after a few hits it just dissolved into shadow.

"The woman then said 'That was good but there will always be those that fight in the darkness.' Before I could do anything else more shadow bug came up and attack. But as soon as I killed one, they sank back down and a pool of darkness formed under me. I starting sinking and I couldn't be free. It went dark for a few minutes and when it cleared I was laying on another platform with a different princess on it."

His teammates were on the edge of their seats wanting to know what happens next. "I stood up and more of the shadows bugs came up and I was surrounded. I was able to jump away and started to attack them. At that was hard cause when I got close to some of them they sink back into the ground and moved to a different spot. It took a while but I manage to defeat them all. When I thought I was done the woman said 'The door is still locked, the light shall show you the key. But beware; the closer you are to the light, the bigger your shadow becomes.' I didn't like the sound of that so I looked behind me at my shadow. And it was huge. Then it started to rise from the ground and began to change. When it was done it really freaked me out, it was the shape of the nine tail fox, a large shadow like version of it with glowing yellow eyes."

Sakura gulped thinking of it. Even if it wasn't the real nine tail fox it still wasn't something she would want to face. Sasuke just stared unable to help but get interested. "So what happens then dope?"

Naruto close his eyes remembering. "The shadow fox lashed out with its tails. I dodge them and I tried to do some damage to them with my weapon. I got a few hit before he drew them back and lashed out again. After it drew them back he opens his mouth and a ball of darkness formed. I was lucky to be able to dodge that. It then raised it paws and slammed it down. But it didn't seem to aim at me.

"Where the paw landed was a pool of darkness appeared and more of those shadow bugs popped out. After I got rid of those I had to jump away 'cause the shadow fox nearly bite me in half. The thing was I was now at the very ledge of the platform. The fox was getting closer when the woman said again, 'Your path is chosen. Do not fear the darkness. Do not back down,' It was here when I fell off the edge. And before I wake up she said one last time, 'for you are the key that will open the door.'"

Team seven was quite unable to say anything. Finally Sakura asked, "Do you think these dreams mean anything?"

Naruto shrugged, "I can't make head or tail of them, I have so many question that I don't seem to have any answer too."

"Maybe you should ask Kakashi sensei or maybe someone from Ino-pig's family, they work with the mind maybe they could make sense of it." Sakura said remember her old friend telling her something about that.

Sasuke glared at them, "We won't do anything until we pass these exam, got it?"

Naruto nodded, seeing as this could wait.

(Scene change)

Naruto groaned as he got up from the ground. He was blown away from his team by a strong gust of wind. He didn't know how far he was from his team but he had a bad felling that he needed to make it back. Naruto looked around, that area around him was dark and he had the feeling he was being watch.

Then right in front of him not even ten feet away, a shadow rose from the forest floor. Naruto stared wide eyed as this was the same shadow he faced in his dreams. He quickly grabbed a kunai and chucked it at the shadow. It hit the shadow right in between the eyes. The shadow dissolved into shadow and darkness.

Naruto had no time to relax as more started to rise up and attack. Naruto use his shadow clone jutsu and took done several of them. But they seemed endless. Soon his clones were now gone and he was surrounded. With a kunai in each hand he started swiping them away from him. But there were too many and they covered his body. Naruto could not move as he tried to get himself free. All he saw was darkness now, then a small speck of light shine in the darkness. It got brighter and soon that was all Naruto could see.

A power rushed through him. The shadows were blasted off and now Naruto was standing. In his hand Naruto was holding a giant…key? Naruto looked at it and asked out loud, "Huh, where did this come from?"

The key looked almost like a sword; the 'blade' was silver, with the teeth of the key made the outline of a crown. The guard was gold and wrapped around the blue hilt like a frame. A keychain was attack to the end with a sliver heart attached to the end.

Naruto could hears whispered softly and scared all around him,




Naruto look at the key in his hands, "A key-blade?"

Whatever it was he now had a weapon and for some reason the shadows seems to fear it. More shadow popped up but Naruto was ready. The nearest one was sliced by Naruto with a single swing of the keyblade. Naruto smirked seeing how easy they seem to fall to this blade now.

Three shadows jumped at once to try and gang up on him. Naruto rolled slicing one before he made a full arch and killed the other two. More shadow came at him but Naruto jumped over them. He formed several shadow clones but notice that none of them had a keyblade like he did. Naruto wonder if that meant that this could not be copied. Part of him was bummed out as having his shadow clones with keyblades but the other part was glad that no one else could have a weapon like his.

A few more shadow to deal with and he then can go and find his team. Naruto hope that these shadows didn't attack his teammates. As the last one was defeated Naruto panted. "Finally, I thought they would never end." He looked at his new weapon. "The other will never believe this. But if those shadows from my dream are real, does that mean that the others things were real too?"

Naruto didn't have time to think of it as he jumped off to find his team.

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