OMG, Glee is back tomorrow! :D

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Anyways, in celebration, I've decided to participate in Niff Week. (April 9th - 15th).

For those of you who are unaware of what's going on, you can get more information at .com.

I've never written Niff before, but I'm really starting to love them so we'll see how it goes! (:

Day 1: Kid!Niff (Anything pre-Dalton)

Summary: While visiting the zoo, Jeff makes a new friend.



"Jeff, you can't just run ahead like that!" Julie Sterling quickly caught up to her son, grabbing his hand.

The eight-year-old Jeff rolled his eyes. "Mom, I wanna see the lions!"

She crouched down to his level, making sure Jeff was looking at her eyes. "Sweetie, I understand you're excited but the zoo is very busy and I don't want you to get lost, okay?"

Jeff nodded, slightly sticking out his lower lip. "Okay, okay. But can we please walk faster mommy?"

Mrs. Sterling smiled before standing up. Making sure she had a good grip on her son's hand, she grinned at him and proceeded to quickly make her way through the crowds, heading for the lion exhibit.

Once Jeff got in viewing distance of them he started jumping up and down. "Mom, mom! There they are! Mom!"

Julie laughed. "Yes Jeffy, go ahead." She released his hand and he immediately sprinted towards the animals. As she was catching up to him, another little boy ran past her and took the spot next to Jeff. Standing behind the two boys, she could hear their conversation.

"Lions are so cool!" Jeff yelled.

The other little boy nodded his head vigorously. "Yeah, they're my favorite animal!"

"Me too!" Jeff turned towards him, grinning.

"I'm Jeff. What's your name?"

"Nick!" He grinned back at Jeff.

"You're pretty cool, Nick. Let's be friends!"

"Okay! You're pretty cool, too!"

Julie covered her mouth, hiding the grin that was taking over her face. The two boys continued to talk, until Julie became curious as to where Nick's guardian was.

"Nick! Nicholas, where are you?" Julie spun around and spotted the woman who was calling Nick's name. She had brown hair just like his, and you could tell by looking at both of them that they were related.

"Excuse me, mam?" Julie got the woman's attention. "Is this your son?" She pointed to Nick.

"Nicholas!" He spun around after hearing his name.


"Nick, you know you're not supposed to run off like that!"

"I'm sorry mom, I just really wanted to see the lions! And look, I made a new friend! This is Jeff!"

The woman sighed, but smiled at her son. "Promise me you won't run off again?"

Nick nodded. "I promise."

She ruffled his hair. "Now who's your new friend?"

"This is Jeff!" Nick pointed to him.

Nick's mom smiled at him. "Hi Jeff!"

Jeff waved and smiled back. "Hi!"

The two boys turned back towards the lions and began talking to each other again. Nick's mother turned to Julie.

"Thank you so much. I'd thought for sure I'd lost him for a minute." She held out her hand. "I'm Melissa Duval."

Julie shook her hand, smiling. "Oh, you're welcome. I'm Julie Sterling."

"Our boys seem to have hit it off, huh?" Melissa said. She turned towards the two, who were now in the middle of a thumb war.

Julie nodded. "It looks like it. I don't mind letting them hang out for the rest of the day if you don't."

"I don't mind at all."

Julie looked at her son. "Jeff?"

He didn't stop the thumb war but answered, "Yeah mom?"

"How about we stay with Nick and his mom for the rest of the day? Would you like that?"

He looked at her, eyes wide and teeth showing with his smile. "Yeah, yeah, yeah!"

"How about that, Nick?" Melissa asked him.

Nick's smile was just as big as Jeff's. "Yeah! Can we get ice cream too?"

Melissa laughed and turned to Julie. "I think we can get ice cream. What do you think, Julie?"

"Oh, I don't know. Jeff doesn't really like ice cream..."

"Hey! I love ice cream!" Jeff pouted.

The two women laughed, and Julie put a hand on Jeff's shoulder. "I was kidding, Jeffy."

Nick was suddenly tugging on Melissa's sleeve. "Mom, look! Look at the monkeys! Can we go see them now?"

"Go ahead you two, we'll be right behind you."

The two boys ran to the next exhibit, laughing the whole way. The adults could hear Jeff telling Nick about how great his monkey impression is.

Chuckling, Julie looked at Melissa. "I think they're gonna be great friends."

Melissa nodded, smiling. "I think they are."



Okayyy, lame ending. And it was short.

But I hope you all enjoyed it! I'll have another chapter posted tomorrow for the second day of Niff Week!

Thanks for reading! (: