Please read, this is sort of important!

Unfortunately, I will not be participating in the last two days of Niff week. ):

I've been gone for the majority of the day, and I just got the chance to catch up and upload two pre-written chapters. Sadly, I haven't written chapters six or seven yet, and I honestly don't think I'll have time to.

I'm doing this quickly, because I have to pack an overnight bag to go watch my young cousins for the night. Apparently the adults think it's okay to take away my last two days of Spring break. Again, I'm not allowed to have any technology except my phone because they think I'll get distracted.

The kids are already in bed - guess I just get to sit in silence. Cool.

Anyways, I apologize. For those of you who are interested, the last two days were:

Day 6: Future

Day 7: Crossover!Niff

I'm back to school on Monday, which means back to not paying attention in class and writing whenever given the chance, so if I can, maybe I'll post these two chapters at a later date.

Anyways, thanks for sticking with me through the first five days. I hope you all enjoyed reading what I have posted.

Before I go:

At the end of the last chapter, I talked about wanting you guys to send me ideas, prompts, etc. Anything that I could turn into a story or one-shot for Niff.

That still stands, and I would still love for you all to do that. (:

Again, thank you all so much for reading.

Bye! (: