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The new manor was built. The new manor was amazing. The new manor was larger than the previous. But…the new manor was lonesome. That was all that went through Len's head as he walked through its' halls, observing the many pictures that hung on the walls. It had been many long, gruesome months while this manor was being built, and it was annoying that Len had to watch the progress instead of spending time with his twin. Word had spread around town that the Kagamine house burned down again, and townsfolk were glad that no one was hurt. No one except Rin. Gackupo had insisted that Rin and Len be separated for a while, only because that might speed up the healing process of Rin's burns on her face. If only Rin hadn't been there, Len thought, I would have slapped the crap out of that guy.

The brighter side was that Rin was due to the new mansion that week, which meant that Len didn't need to be all alone for much longer. It was unclear as to what day she would return to being head, since he hadn't had so much as a single phone conversation with her. It was pretty nerve-wracking to him, and at times, he could have sworn that he would hold a damned knife to his neck if absolutely necessary. He had begged Gackupo so many times to allow him to speak with his sister, but the older male said that she needed her time alone. In response, Len would only pout and step back, putting his defensive wall back up.

The servants questioned him asking why he honestly thought that the manor was empty even though they were there. He had to admit that it was much better than when he had stayed with Meiko and Kaito. To think that he had to stay up night after night listening to the moans coming from the walls…he still shuddered weeks after he left.

"Master Len," Teto appeared behind him, making him jump in surprise.

"What is it?" he asked once his heart slowed down.

"I've got really good news," she said, handing him a rubber band for his hair. Now, he knew something was up, for he only needed to tie his hair back when there was a guest. "Lady Rin has returned."

He froze and walked quickly down the hallway, his tailcoat flowing behind him as he put his hair back into its signature ponytail. The main staircase greeted him and he saw his sister below, already greeting the other servants of the house. From afar, he noticed that her burn had turned an ugly brown, just like the one on her arm, and that her eye was almost closed shut because of it. As he descended the stairs, she turned to him, and his breath hitched. Rin's eyes seemed like they had gained more life, but they were a darker shade of blue at the same time. It surprised him that with just eye color, they probably wouldn't look like exact twins. If only it wasn't for that damned burn that scarred the one half of her face.

She didn't acknowledge him, instead turned back to the little white haired boy in front of him, without a single smile breaking out on her face. He made it to the bottom of the staircase and came face to face with the purple haired servant he least wanted to see. Gackupo pulled him to the side. "Listen," he said, "Rin hasn't been herself for some reason. One night she was fine, the next morning she was like this. And she can do a lot more now. A freaking shelf almost fell on her and she stopped it with one hand."

Len's eyes almost bugged out of his head. "You're not kidding?" he put a hand to his chin. "That's something serious."

"What is?" a small voice asked, and Gackupo stood to the side. Rin stood there, her face expressionless. She suddenly smiled, only it was a creepy, dead to the world smile that didn't seem like she meant it. "I missed you Len," she said with false happiness.

Len only stared at her. He suddenly turned and headed for the kitchen. "Where are you going?" he heard Rin ask? He knew she hadn't taken a step from where she was standing.

"I believe that I should make you lunch…Master," he explained, using the name she had told him to use after they first met. She made no attempt to correct him, and it didn't even look like it fazed her. She then shrugged and turned around. "I'll be in my office," she said and turned to Teto. "Would you please show me where that is?"

The red head bowed, "Yes, my lady." Giving Len a sympathetic look, she took Rin upstairs and down a hallway, out of sight from the blond. Once he knew that they were gone, he let his fist hit the wall in anger. She really was different. Maybe it was just the stress from the fire that caused her to act like this, but Len couldn't be sure. Gackupo looked at the young man sadly, before putting a hand on his shoulder. Len shook his hand off and made his way to the kitchen, letting out curse after curse. Luka looked at him. "Master Len, is something wrong?"

Len took a seat by a counter. "Rin is back. She's different from before though. She's…emotionless…" tears made their way to Len's eyes. "It makes me feel so upset and useless…that stupid fire must have caused her to turn to this."

Luka shoved a plate with a cake on it toward Len. "Being upset over it won't do anything to help her," she said, "why not try to talk to her and figure something out?"

"Luka," he interjected, standing up suddenly. "I'm not going to try to solve this until she will decide to stop with this act of hers."

The cook only shrugged and turned back to her food. As Len walked through the door, she hit her spoon against the pot in front of her, "Master Len, the Lady's lunch is waiting on the other side of the kitchen."

"Thank you, Luka," Len said, walking back and taking the plate. She didn't say anything back. He walked back out the way he came in, and saw Kaito and Meiko running inside, pushing servant after servant away. "Masters," Len announced as soon as they were within ear shot. "May I ask what is the matter?"

"It's terrible, Len! There's been murders happening at night!" Meiko cried.

"And what else is there to add," Kaito sadly said, taking a piece of paper from his jacket pocket. He asked his wife to take the tray from Len's hands. She did, and the slip of paper landed in Len's palm. "I went to the doctor this morning. The one that looked at Rin."

Len tore open the envelope and gasped. Certificate…of…death…? He thought, and another sheet fell from his hands and fluttered to the ground. He bent down to pick it up, his eyes scanning it.

~In loving memory of…~

Words began to form on the page, startling all three nobles.

~Rin Kagamine~

Who died March 31st, 1914,


It was short because I really don't like long chapters because then I get writer's block easily.