Sequel: Satan's Butler.

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Cough after cough. Gasp after gasp. My vision was fading into black slowly as I stared at the white ceiling. I heard voices to the side murmuring something about smoke inhalation. I remembered running through the halls of my burning mansion as I lay still in that bed, unable to move because it felt as if something was weighing my chest down. I closed my eyes for a brief moment and opened them again. The doctor was staring at me intensely, and then he gave me a soft nod, as if to say, 'You're free'. I managed a weak smile and closed my eyes again, my breathing stopping, my pain dissipating, my vision going black.

It felt as if I was falling into an abyss of darkness. For all my sins I had to be going down to the cores of Hell. That was the only explanation. It got hotter as I kept moving, and eventually everything stilled. I looked around, my bright blue eyes like glowing orbs in the darkness. It was then that I noticed I was upside-down, so I turned; finally free to move on my own. A human? I heard a voice call, but it echoed eerily, as if it was bouncing in the confines of my head. What an unneeded surprise.

"Excuse me?" I asked, baffled by the person's comment. "Are you telling the head of a household that she is unneeded? How terribly rude."

Head of a household? There was a low chuckle that churned my stomach. Don't you mean you were a head?


You don't know where you are just yet, do you, child?

As if I knew where I was, or who I was talking to. The darkness was suffocating and I felt like clawing at my throat. "Who are you?" I called out, my voice still hoarse from before I came here.

No one of importance, they said back, making me scowl. But I know who you are. You are Rin Kagamine, head of the Kagamine house, fourteen years of age, and you have died today, March thirty-first due to smoke inhalation because a certain Dell Honne burning your entire manor down.

I raised an eyebrow, wincing because of the burn over my eye. "Amazing. You've said well."

A demon knows best.

For some reason, when the demon said that, I didn't feel that frightened, instead, my heart began to pump faster, my adrenaline running through my veins. "If you are a demon, then I am on my way to Hell, am I not?"

Another chuckle. Very good.

I remembered some old tale my parents used to always tell me. "Is it true that a demon has the power to turn an ordinary human into a demon?"

Why do you ask?

"Because…with the powers of a demon, I could finally avenge my parent's death and mine as well," I explained.

It was as if the demon had raised their eyebrow at me. Is it what you want? Such power for a young head such as yourself. Are you prepared to take this as your own?

"Enough feeble questions! I want this to be done! I could finally take Dell's life with my own hands if I take this power in," I growled out.

You do understand that once your wish of revenge is granted, you must come down to where we live.

"I understand. Turn me, now."

I felt spider like appendages crawl all over my neck, but nothing was actually there when I reached out and touched my skin. I did a double take and stared at my nails, which had become a beautiful shiny black. Without my knowing, my pupils had turned to slits and my irises went a bright, shimmering red instead of their usual blue hue. I watched in curiosity as a black butterfly flew in front of my face and just fluttered there. I held out my palm and it landed there. Have fun, my little devil, the voice bid me. I tried to reach it, but found myself standing in the empty hospital room. My dress was now a deep black and a collar ran around my neck. I walked over to the mirror and pulled my collar slightly, and my now darker blue eyes widened as a complex design painted in black contrasted with my pale skin.

I heard footsteps walking toward the door, so I quickly opened the window and jumped into the nearby tree sitting outside. I was amazed at my newfound speed as I watched the door open. The same doctor as before walked in, and I saw his eyes widen because of the fact that the bed was empty. He dropped the clipboard in his hands and ran back out, and I found that to be my chance to jump back into the room. I picked up the board and looked at it. A death certificate was already written for me. Another piece of paper was attached to it, and I looked at that. "In loving memory of Rin Kagamine," I read aloud, and then swiped my hand over the span of the page. The footsteps were coming back, so I set the clipboard down and walked through the doorway, startling the doctor and the nurse next to him. My eyes flashed red as they collapsed suddenly, and stilled. Small spheres came from their mouths and floated up to my hand, where I sucked them in. Souls really did taste good. The old folklore I had heard about demons eating souls always disgusted me as a child, but now I have pride to eat them myself. I bid farewell to the departed souls that now lay in my stomach and stepped over the bodies.

Now to find a place to let my wounds heal quickly.

I was back in my new mansion about a week after the destruction of the previous one, but it was only a small visit. The servants were all in their beds, including Len. I found that as a demon—more specifically, as the devil—I needn't sleep, instead I could wander freely every night without a care to the world. As I stood on the balcony that was outside of Len's room, for some reason, I couldn't smile even the slightest at Len sleeping so soundly after everything that happened. I didn't feel a pitter of emotion inside; in fact, my heart didn't even beat sometimes. Did I even have a heart as a devil? I would have to ask that question later as I opened the door and stepped inside Len's room. From what I remembered, he was quite the heavy sleeper, so I didn't worry about anything regarding him waking up and noticing that I could have run away from the hospital. I ran a hand through his blond hair, and sighed, before stepping away. I knew my eyes were glowing; this was a soul that I desperately wanted to devour.

I took my gaze away from him and walked through the door. I opened it as quietly as I could and walked out, closing it softly behind me. My dress helped me camouflage as I walked through the halls of the new mansion. In retrospect to the other, it was very much bigger. Without knowing I probably had walked in a circle at least five times, each time I ended up in front of a bathroom. I sighed; it would take me weeks once I returned to get used to this huge place. My sight didn't even blur as I saw a large shelf against the wall. Evading it would be a problem for a regular human, but a demon's eyesight was much better during the hours of night. I caught a glimpse of purple hair and ran over to it, hiding myself in the shadows, as he walked by. Gackupo hadn't really changed; even his demeanor was about the same. My bump against the wall had caused the shelf to shake a bit, and my eyes widened as it began teetering toward Gackupo. I ran in front of him and stopped it with one hand, not even wincing. It was then that I noticed that the servant had a candle with him, illuminating the dark hallways. My strength really had improved. "Lady…Rin?" Gackupo questioned, uncertain if I was actually standing before him or if he was just dreaming about me. Why would a servant dream about his master?

"Yes?" I asked, no emotion laced in my voice. Demons had that kind of personality—cold and mean. I set the shelf back up against the wall.

I saw him flinch, although he probably wasn't even aware of it because it was the smallest of all flinches. "Why are you here? Shouldn't you be at the hospital?"

I let out a long, annoyed sigh. "I came here to see what the mansion was like, and would you expect the head of the Kagamines to stay in a antiseptic smelling hellhole forever?" I was more than sure that Hell smelled much better, and I did get a whiff of it when I turned into the devil. "Do not worry," I told him, "I will return to where I am staying soon enough." With that in mind, I turned around and made my way down the main staircase, which I had missed three times in my wandering around.

"But…my Lady…" Gackupo called, and I refused to stop. "How did you stop that shelf from crushing me?"

I shrugged as I walked. Did I dare say that oh, I'm a demon who is actually the devil because I died of smoke inhalation, want to get revenge and so was turned into this by an unknown demon? I would be taken back to the hospital! I made my way to the final step and turned around. My eyes flashed red as I stared right up at Gackupo, who was still standing atop the stairs, candle in hand. "It is a secret that only I can know," I said, and I made my way to the front door, opened it, and went out, leaving it open for the entire world. I smirked to myself as I heard it close. "Now, that concludes my visit to the Kagamine mansion," I told myself.

Rin stared at Dell intensely, her eyes burning in hate and want, this soul had to be destroyed and devoured before the days end, she promised herself that. "So," she began, her voice laced with hatred. "Are you prepared to feel the wrath of the devil, Master Dell?"

He didn't respond, but his look gave her the faint idea that he wasn't even fazed at the idea that Rin had turned into a demon—let alone the devil—and wanted to kill him for murdering her parents and attempting to kill her. Dell began to chuckle, and it soon turned to a maniacal laughter that echoed through the entire lobby of the mansion. "Wrath of a devil?" he asked. "How do you know that I haven't faced worse?"

Rin was over at his side in less than a second, her sword pointed at his neck. "Because I just know." Her response was sickening and different, and it caused shivers to go down everyone's spine. And for the first time in his life, Dell actually felt threatened at the young demon's actions. She was incredibly fast, he noted, and her threats were actually working and getting down into his skull. She pulled her sword and examined the black blade. "A demon can stay in the human world until their wish of revenge is granted," she explained, not taking her gaze from her sword. She dragged a finger along the length of the shape edge of the blade, cutting it. "All I have to do is kill you, Dell, and I can return to a peaceful world. Maybe Len would like to join me."

The other blond didn't answer, just stared in amazement as Rin licked her wound, healing it clean. Dell had enough of her little antics, he was furious, enraged, and wanted nothing more than to kill—or try to kill—Rin. The girl to him was just an obstacle, but she was so hard to get around and get past. She survived the first house fire (while her parents sadly died), then survived the many times she was kidnapped. To top everything off with a delicious red cherry, she had even survived the second house fire. She was like a bug; incredibly hard to kill. But this time, he was sure that her death would happen today, no matter if it cost his life. With a loud screech and barely any thought, he ran up to her, holding a sharp pocket knife in his hand. His breath ran out on him as she held her sword out in front of her, piercing his chest. Her movements were quick and sudden, and Dell had barely any time to understand what had happened as he fell to the ground, blood seeping from the wound like a crimson waterfall. Rin clenched her fists as a small orb floated from his mouth and to her cupped hands. His eyes went blank as he muttered, "I…hate…"

Rin understood that Dell would hate her for what she did. There was no denying the rivalry between the Kagamine family and the Honne one. The blond stared at the shimmering ball and with sad eyes turned to Len. She smiled, a real, happy, love filled smile, "I'm afraid this is goodbye." She could already feel her body turning.

"What?" his eyes widened. "Why?"

Rin's eyes went red. "When a demon gets its revenge, it must return to Hell until it is summoned again," she explained, bringing the soul closer to her pursed lips. "That is the rule of all demons."

As she tilted her head back, Len stopped her. "Wait," he said, "isn't there another way for us never to be seperated?"

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