Kouki the noble (A.K.A. Brianna):

Sex: Female
Age: Looks to be 12
Height: 5'0"
Weight: 115 lbs.
Alignment: Moderate
Relation: Related to Shinzou (big brother)
Species: Human/Karakuridouji

History: Brianna Larson was in the basement with her brother listening to music and reading Karakuridouji Ultimo on her dad's computer. Their parents had gone out shopping and they were left alone at home. When she got to the part where Vice and Ultimo were having a street fight, all of the lights in the house exploded and they were exposed to toxic gases. Right as they passed out, something crashed into the woods near their home and made a big explosion.

When Brianna woke up, her brother was nowhere in sight and she was falling from the sky. She was soon found by the old man who owned the Kokubundo Shoppe. When she woke up again, she found herself completely transformed into a karakuridouji. She freaked out and ran outside, into the street fight itself.

Appearance: Kouki has long dark brown hair with blonde tips, gray eyes with light purple pupils, two big circular purple visors on her cheeks and two small circular visors on the edge of her eyes, a white belly shirt that covers her breasts with chains hanging on the sides of it and exposes her shoulders, a light brown leather collar that has her Japanese name on a gold oval tag attached to it, brown gauntlets that have purple cloud and wave designs on it, black hakamas with a light purple sash, and a white cloth with four orange circles going from smallest to largest.

Theme Color: Her theme color is brown.

Karakuri Henges: Kouki's Karakuri Henges are based on squirrels and raccoons.

Shinzou (A.K.A. Matthew):

Sex: Male
Age: Looks to be 13
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 130 lbs.
Alignment: Moderate
Relation: Related to Kouki (little sister)
Species: Human/Karakuridouji

History: Matthew Larson was in the basement with his sister playing Black Ops on the Ps3, skyping with his friends on his laptop. He kept yelling at his friends and at the people online to stop taking his kills. And that's when the lights exploded and the object crashed behind their home in the woods.

He woke up to the feeling of something pick him up. Kaizo Oume thought of him as junk and told Avaro that he and his copies could have him. And that's when Kouki witnessed her brother being ripped apart and eaten alive by Avaro. But his spirit was never touched and it just fell to the ground. Later, Pardonner found his spirit and all of his body parts and let Service's master, Yoichi Oizumi, fix him up.

Appearance: Shinzou has thick dark orange hair with black streaks that spikes up like Ultimo's, dark gray eyes with white pupils, orange pointed visors on the bottom of his eyes, nothing on his torso, a black leather collar that has his Japanese name on a gold oval tag attached to it, orange gauntlets that have gray feather designs, slightly dark gray hakamas with a white sash, and a orange cloth that has silver metal on the bottom and top tips with a big red feather in the middle.

Theme Color: His theme color is orange.

Karakuri Henges: Shinzou's Karakuri Henges are based on birds and volcanoes.