Word Count: 689

Disclaimer: Not mine, never will be. Title comes from a Florence + Machine song.

Note: These are a collection of ficlet requests from Tumblr. Usually I just need something to get me flowing and so people send me some requests. Unless otherwise stated, they're all independent of each other. Sherlock and Amy's age differences will vary from ficlet to ficlet, depending on the prompt.

First kiss asked by bensferarcadia

Aunt Sharon drags her to some party stupid party in London for her friend, Miss Something-or-Other Holmes's, birthday. At first Amy just plans to sneak out when her aunt's had one too many drinks to notice, but Aunt Sharon ruins that plan before she even has her first drink. She ells her that if she even considers leaving, she'll be grounded for months. Amy tries to argue and reminds her aunt that she's nearly nineteen now and she can't exactly do that anymore, but she won't hear it and Amy's stuck making small chat with random strangers.

She finds a few other girls her age there, but they're all rather boring and thick. Not to mention rude. They all obviously know each other and stand in the corner of the party, laughing annoyingly loud. Oh yeah, and they give her annoyed looks and practically ignore her when she walks over. She's about to say sod it and ignore Aunt Sharon's stupid threat and leave when she sees him - this strange man on the other side of the room. And she doesn't mean bad strange. He's young and tall, dressed in a suit, and obviously as uninterested in the party as her. But there's something else about him that sticks out. He's different, ya know?

"Oi," she says, interrupting one of the girls, "Who's that?" she asks gesturing to her Strange Man.

The girl glances over at him. At first she seems surprised and then confused for a moment. Finally she gives Amy a look that's so smug, she wants nothing more than to smack it off her face. "That's Sherlock, but don't even think about it." Her strange man turns and leaves as if he can sense that they're talking about him and he wants nothing to do with it. (Not that she blames him. It's not like Amy wants anything to do with this girl or this drag of a party either.)

"And what's that supposed to mean?" she asks, crossing her arms.

"I doubt he'll pay any attention to you," the girl says, mimicking her accent. Her friends laugh annoyingly loud again and the girl's smug look grows. "You see, he has more class than that."

Amy glares at the girl. She'd had no intention of trying anything - she'd only been curious - but the girl's clearly trying to challenge her and she's sure as hell not backing down after that. So she narrows her eyes and shoves her drink into the girl's hands before she turns and follows her Strange Man.

"Oi!" she calls. He's already half way down the hall by the time she spots him. He ignores her and keeps walking. She frowns. "Sherlock!"

He stops immediately and turns around. Amy grins in victory and runs to catch up with him. He looks at her and his brows fur and a frown tugs at his lips. "I don't believe we've met."

"Nope, but I've got a point to prove."

Sherlock gives her a strange look, but before he can say anything, Amy steps forward and closes the space between them. She wraps her arms around his neck and catches his lips with hers. It's a quick kiss, soft but flirty enough, and it gets the job done.

When she pulls back, for a split second, he has the most baffled look on his face, and it takes everything in her power not to laugh. Still, an amused smile tugs at her lips. His expression immediately neutralizes.

"What was that?"

She rolls her eyes and unhooks her arms from his neck. "That," she tells him, "was a kiss,moron."

"I knew that."

"Didn't sound like it to me." She takes a step back, turns and begins to walk away. "Anyway, that was all. Thanks."

It's only when she's half way back that he finally asks, "Who are you?"

Amy grins mischievously and glances back at him. "Sorry Sherlock, I don't kiss and tell." She winks and laughs. She doesn't wait for his response, she just turns and goes back to the party.

If he wants to know, he can come and find out.