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Sherlock's mom makes him go to a dance and he needs someone to go with asked by th3-book-thief.

When Amelia was ten-years-old, her first psychiatrist suggested that Aunt Sharon take her out of Leadworth during the summers. Apparently she thought Amelia had made up the whole Doctor thing, because she wanted to have an adventure outside of their boring little town. The first summer they had gone, Aunt Sharon had met Miss Holmes, and the next thing Amelia knew, they were best friends and she was spending every summer at the Holmes's.

She hated Sherlock when she first met him. He was rude and snobbish and would never play Raggedy Doctor with her and was too bloody stubborn for his own good. Still, Aunt Sharon and Miss Holmes were determined to make them friends and would do everything in their power to make them like one another. They even made them take dance lessons together once. (Sherlock resented it, but he was pretty good. Amelia, not so much. That made him even snobbier and her hate him even more.)

It wasn't until she was nearly fourteen that they realised it was probably easier for them to just pretend to be friends to shut the two up. And, well, it's kinda hard to hate someone when you're pretending to be best friends with them. So, somewhere around the time Amelia turned into Amy, she and Sherlock just sort of became actual friends. (Not that he doesn't still drive her mad. He's too much of an arse to ever not do that.)

The summer after she turns seventeen, Miss Holmes decides to have a large party to celebrate her birthday. Amy doesn't quite understand why, but she isn't surprised. Miss Holmes has always been a bit sporadic - probably has to be with sons like Sherlock and Mycroft.

One evening that summer, she finds Sherlock on the roof of the building smoking a cigarette. She rolls her eyes, but sits on the ledge of the building and holds her hand out. Sherlock doesn't miss a beat - he digs the carton out of his pocket and hands it to her. She smiles, takes one out, and makes him light hers.

They stay like that for a bit, smoking in silence, with her eyes glued on the sky and his on the city lights. They do that a lot, just stay in silence. It's a bit odd, because neither of them are particularly quiet people, but it's different when they're together. They can find some kinda peace from everything else, ya know? (Plus, more often than not, if one of them tries to start a conversation, it ends with them screaming about something or other.)

"Sooo…" Amy says, as she flicks a bit of ash off. "Aunt Sharon's making me go to your mum's party."

Sherlock snorts. "I have to bring a date."

She laughs. Sherlock with a date? She can't imagine him spending the night with someone without killing them. He isn't exactly mister popularity, ya know? Hell, she doesn't even know how many girls other than her he can even tolerate…

The idea comes to her immediately and she grins wickedly. "Well, you know what the logical decision is then, yeah?"

Sherlock looks at her out of the corner of his eyes and studies her. After a moment, a smirk tugs at the corner of his month. "Of course."

Amy smirks back, but doesn't say anything else. She takes another drag and looks back up at the stars.

Maybe those dance lessons they look as kids will finally come in handy.