Ten years later

I remember the day the Games was called off like it was yesterday.

I was making dinner when Peeta got home unexpectedly early from the Capitol. When he toldme, I was so overwhelmed I couldn't even form words, just stood in the kitchen crying. Peeta and I spent the night cuddling with Lilly in our bed, overjoyed. I'm sure she would have been too if she understood what was going on.

James was conceived the next day. Peeta wanted another one so badly, and he said we didn't have a reason not to. I figured he was right, and so eight and a half months later our son was born.

Life in the District was peaceful from that point on. We visited Annie and her son occasionally in Four, they were fairly happy. Annie never remarried, she never really moved past Finnick's death.

Gale moved back to Twelve and had a couple kids with a nice girl named Mary. We started hunting together again, and Peeta was okay with that.

My mother never moved back, but she visited once or twice a year. I think it was difficult for her to be home, though shed never admit it.

The fields grew back in, the trees grew taller and the population slowly grew. Life was good for the Mellarks, and we made sure our children knew about the history of our nation, thankful knowing they would never have to live it.

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