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It was late and Mr. Gold had decided to finish up his inventory before closed shop for the night. There had been a small town meeting in which it had been announced who the DA for Ms. Blanchard's case was going to be. It had been a formal event and everyone of importance had shown up. Sheriff Swan had been there as well, covered up in a long black jacket in heels, showing off her legs. She had been having a fierce debate with the Mayor over the DA at the time, so he hadn't had the opportunity to speak with her about the case in more depth yet. Leg cramping up in slight pain, he decided to walk it off before retiring home for the night.

He passed by Granny's Diner and looked in. Normally, the good Sheriff was inside at this hour, nursing a drink. Scowling in disappointment, he wondered where she could be. Continuing on his walk, he noticed a light on in the Sheriff's station. There was a window with the blinds only slightly parted. Curiosity sparking his interest, he crossed the street to getter a better view of who was inside. Standing less than a yard away from the window, he felt himself smile in satisfaction.

There she was in the station. Back towards the window, she was moving items off her desk. She must've just arrived since she still had her long jacket on. In a small shrug of her shoulders, she eased the long black jacket off her shoulders. His eyes widened at the little tight number of a dress she had on. Gold. His favorite color. It clung to her body tightly, showing off the curve of her hips to her well rounded backside. Even from where he was standing, she could see that no panty liners marred the curve of the fabric against her skin.

'Naughty girl. I wonder what her mother would say?" he mused to himself with a half smile. She still had her back to the window, so she hadn't seen him yet. With one sweep of her hand, she dislodged the clipping in her air, letting the golden curls fall down her back. Eyes scanning across the room, he noticed with a start that Ms. Blanchard was not in the cell. Tomorrow was her meeting with the DA.

'Must've decided to let her stay in a real bed her last night here' he thought to himself.

He studied the blonde's face for a minute. She looked worn from her meeting with Regina and the DA. He wondered why she didn't just go home and get some rest. After all, tomorrow was going to be a very trying day for everyone.

'Maybe she'll want to go over the case for tomorrow' he thought to himself.

Not like he needed an excuse to walk into the Sheriff's department. He enjoyed watching the emotions run over her usually calm, cool demeanor whenever he entered a room. Normally, she masked her emotions. Except around him. He couldn't help but smirk as he replayed the emotions on her face over their, unfortunately, limited interactions.

With the skeleton key in hand, he let himself into the department. None of the other members of the staff were there. Feeling smug, he walked down towards the end of the hallway. As he approached, he noticed that her door was slightly open. He could hear a faint rustling inside, followed by a soft moan. He was about to let himself into the office and make his presence known when another, louder moan filled the office. Nostrils flaring, he caught the scent of sweat lingering in the air.

'Now, I wonder what our Sheriff can be doing in there?' Mr. Gold smirked to himself when he carefully peered inside the room, 'This night just gets better and better'

There was the good Sheriff in her chair, golden straps of her gown dripping off her shoulder, exposing her breasts. She had gone braless as well. Her hands were roaming everywhere. Head thrown back over the seat, eyes closed in sweet bliss, one hand was rubbing her left breast in a circular motion, fingers stopping to pinch the engorged nipple. Her right hand was trailing down her body in a sleek, fluid motion.

He felt himself stiffen in his pants. Leaning against the wall, cane gripped tightly, his breaths came out in small grunts as the Sheriff leaned back even farther in her chair.

'Now this is a surprise' he thought to himself, as he tried to quiet his heavy breathing. He wanted to see how far she would go.

He wasn't disappointed. To his delight, she lifted her well shaped legs onto her desk and spread them. Slender hand first rubbing over her leg sensually, she grabbed the hem of her dress and pulled it up, exposing her pantyless slit. He could almost see the moisture dripping off it. His erection somehow managed to become even harder as he watched the pretty Sheriff.

With two fingers, she began rubbing on her swollen clit, and her breath came out in small gasps. Breathless grunts matching her own, he watched as she slid two fingers inside her core, her body shuddering at the penetration. She withdrew her fingers and he could see the wetness dripping off. Erection becoming painfully, he watched her as she plunged her fingers back into herself, her face twisting as she arched into her hand, opening herself for deeper penetration. She was chewing on her bottom lip in an attempt to swallow a scream.

"Oh God yesss" he heard her gasp.

He held onto a nearby shelf for support. Watching her toes curl on the desk, he could tell she was close to completion. Then, she suddenly stopped, limbs going lifeless as she gasped for breath, sweat gleaming on her brow. Holding his breath, he watched her tease her exposed nipple into hardening again. She then raised her hand to her mouth and licked her finger before rubbing her nipple again. Right hand now trailing down to join her left, he began to throb painfully as he watched her tease herself to the brink again. One hand splitting her swollen folds, her other hand took turns between plunging in and out of herself to rubbing her swollen clit again.

He could feel his body running hot and cold as she brought herself near the brink over and over but never quite pushing over. Her face was a mixture of agony and bliss as she tortured herself. Just watching her was arousing him to the point of cuming straight into his pants.

"Gahhh!" he heard her moan.

"Come on Emma, cum!" he voice came out in a desperate pant. He wanted, no needed, to see her cum!

Clenching her mouth tightly shut, she was nearly convulsing in her seat as arched even further. He could feel his own climax coming. She was grunting out incoherent words right now. Straining to hear her, he leaned as far as he dared into the room. Biting her lips, the good Sheriff managed to gasp out one word that he understood.

"…Gold…" she let out in a raspy voice.

His cane dropped with a loud clunk! He nearly came in his pants right then and there as he doubled over. With a start, he noticed that he had rubbing himself subconsciously. Suddenly, he realized she had stopped and was now staring at him from where he was standing. He felt the heat crash through his body as she matched his gaze, unabashed from being caught in the throes of passion. She still hadn't satisfied herself yet, and she was grinning at him through half hooded lids, her blue eyes twinkling mischievously.

" Did you come here to give me a-" she slid her gaze down coyly while biting her lower lip seductively while she whispered, "…helping hand?"

"Arrgh!" He shot straight up in bed, his alarm clock chirping furiously, startling him awake. In a frustrated rage, the little clock paid dearly for its interruption as he swatted it across the room. It smashed into pieces when it collided with the wall. Chirping a painful death cry, the clock was finally silent,

His breath was coming out in shallow, ragged pants. He was so stiff it was painful. And he still didn't get to see her cum! This simple desire was denied even in his dreams! Running his hands through his damp hair, he took deep breaths to calm himself. He was so very grateful that he wouldn't have to stand in the middle of a court room. He leaned over his aching cock. He would have no time to relieve himself before he had to be down to the Sheriff's office that morning.

"The Sheriff's office" he murmured, feeling his frustration amp another notch.

He silently prayed that someone caused so much mischief that she would have to attend on that and not be in the same room as him. Getting dressed had never been so difficult before as every brush of fabric against his skin had him breathless.

His limp was exceptionally noticeable that day as he tried to hide himself in a semi-aroused state. The minute he walked in the office, he knew there was no such luck of the Sheriff not being there. Indeed, Sheriff Swan was standing next to the cell with her mother. Regina's harsh, cold laugh, filtered into the room, making him even more impatient than usual.

'Oh damnation this was going to be a long day' he pinched the bridge of his nose in frustration.

"Gold" he heard the Sheriff's cool, tired voice next to him. Plastering a false smile on his face, he took a deep breath before approaching the two women.

After briefly reviewing with the Sheriff about the pre-trial, he entered the cold stale room as Regina and the DA were briefly discussing the rules with Mary Margaret. Standing next to the table, he looked at the microphone in place. Folding his hands in front of himself, he closed his eyes as he tried to gather his thoughts together.

"Are you sure this is a good idea?" he heard Sheriff Swan's voice next to him and his brow furrowed in frustration. This little vixen had her heart set on haunting him!

It was a moment or two before he opened his eyes to look back at the Sheriff. "Perception is everything Miss Swan, as I have already informed you. I am aware that this is an emotional situation, but you must remain in control of your feelings"

Emma took a step back, noticing he wasn't his normal calm, collected self. "Is everything ok? Are you sure you got this-"

"Emma, this is a very important case, so unless you can contribute usefully, I must ask you to leave me to my thoughts" he really wanted her to leave.

Emma narrowed her eyes at him briefly. Turning back to the others, she noticed Mary Margaret becoming more flustered by the moment, and her heart cracked. She just didn't have it in her to fight Mr. Gold right now. She turned back to Mr. Gold, her left hand producing a purple folder. He looked over at it before taking it.

"The case file, if you need to go over it quickly" Emma's expression softened briefly and he gave her a faint smile before she continued on. "I'm not sure what your real motives are, but I can't do this alone. Thank you for doing this"

"As I said, I am invested in Miss Blanchard's future, and ultimately, yours" He told her warmly. He felt himself beginning to become aroused again, and he silently praying that the Sheriff would leave.

"Before you came to the case, I hadn't realized that with this, I really needed a helping hand-"

'Come over here and give me a helping hand' he heard that soft voice whispering in his mind as the image of her pleasing herself in that little gold dress danced before his eyes.

Emma stopped talking to look at Mr. Gold, eyes widening when she found he had somehow managed to get into his seat. "…Gold?"

He was sitting stark still in his seat, eyes so wide that his lids appeared to be glued to his face. His hand was gripping the purple folder so tightly that his entire hand was white. His cock was hot and throbbing so painfully that he thought it was a miracle the thing hadn't caught fire and burned off him. Emma came closer and it was all he could do to remain seated.

"Gold? Are you sure your ok?"

"Thankyouyoucango!" his voice came out so much higher than normal. It almost sounded like a completely different person was talking now…

"Smug son of a-!" Emma stopped and regained control. She didn't like being so dismissed so quickly but Mary Margaret had entered the room with the DA, Albert Spencer.

Glaring at Mr. Gold, Emma placed a comforting hand on Mary Margarete's shoulder before exiting the room. She left the room and Mr. Gold breathed a sigh of relief. Maybe it was time to call in that favor…

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