Finally Forevermore- I

Author's Note: This is my first attempt at nothing more than pure romance. There are no evil warlords to be slain, no pixies randomly trying to trick people into falling in love with each other. I'm terrified this is going to be an epic flop, so… please, please let me know if this story needs work, if you like it or if you hate it. Cheers!

Disclaimer: If I owned Inuyasha, I would spend all my time reading fanfiction and being Rumiko Takahashi.

Sesshoumaru groaned as he saw his girlfriend of the past six months get out of the expensive red Ferrari she'd bought for herself with her father's money. His every pore screamed irritation as he eyed those long legs of hers waltzing up the pathway to the front steps of his home.

Like she owned it. Somehow, he needed to let her know that she didn't. And never would.

Sensing his master's mood as he came to report Rin's arrival, instead of opening his mouth, Jaken turned on his heel and left his Lord to his thoughts. The diminutive and ever-faithful water youkai would make up some excuse so that his Lord did not need to see the young Lady he had been introduced to by their fathers. Sesshoumaru's knowledgeable retainer, so often found traipsing around in the form of a toad, had known that the gorgeous young Lady had badgered her father to introduce the pair of them. Unlike many of her compatriots, she had succeeded in the persuasion of her sire and had been legitimately allowed to court the Western Taiyoukai's Heir, the eldest Prince of the Western Lands and one of the most eligible bachelors on the market. (So to speak.)

She had been quite delightful at first, her beauty second only to the shine of her merry laughter. She had made his master laugh with her jokes, had gotten him to go with her to the sea on a vacation- two things which only the closest of family could charm from the Western Prince. Her soft brown eyes and dimpled cheeks had endeared her to the Western Lady- Lady Ai, Sesshoumaru's mother, though not quite so much so that Lady Ai had taken the girl under her wing.

The lack of complete warmth from Lady Ai should have been an indicator of the girl's nature; however, Jaken had been sucked into the revelations the girl had bequeathed both himself and the rest of the staff in regards to his master's nature.

He had never known that the male he had helped raised from near boyhood had the ability to grin in such an unrestrained manner.

All had watched the pair closely, had marked the progression of the relationship to that of true intimacy and had taken joy in the fact that Lord Sesshoumaru was so happy. Then, of course, the girl had shown her true colors. Her materialism demanded that she be acquainted with all of the more valuable things in the house. She wanted to be on his arm at all of the parties he was invited to- whether he wanted to go or not. Her requests for dinner or lunch turned into demands of time until his master was being run ragged by his administrative, business-related, politics-related and female-related lives.

His mother had withdrawn her approval of the relationship and his father had mentioned that the girl had never had his approval to begin with, despite having introduced her to his son. It had only been for politeness' sake and for the sake of an old friend with a gold-digging daughter. His little brother had toddled over to him and had given him a big, sloppy wet kiss on his cheek, had ruffled his hair, giggling and had then fallen asleep on his lap. Sesshoumaru had smiled, pleased at having Inuyasha's apparent approval to do away with the girl as well.

The little tyke's mother had died during childbirth and instead of getting irritated with her mate for his drunken one-night stand, his mother had shaken her head and taken the boy in. Within hours all three had been captivated by the little boy sleeping peacefully in their home after having been delivered by a confused nurse.

Chuckling, Sesshoumaru remembered the amount of groveling his father had done a few weeks after what must have been Inuyasha's conception. His mother hadn't had to raise her voice or finger to let her hurt be known. No, her mate had beaten himself up over the escapade more thoroughly than she ever could have. It had been she who had put a stop to his self-inflicted punishment.

Sesshoumaru had been upset with his father at first; however, he had soon forgiven the eldest male of his family as he watched the pain and sorrow turn into an entertaining show of milk-it-for-all-its-worth by his mother.

Now, he could only thank the kamis for the silver-haired toddler running around the mansion in his stocking feet. The only place he had ever felt at peace after Rin's recent visits had been with the family's puppy. Something about the big amber eyes, puppy ears and wide smile always relaxed him.

"Sesshou," the seductive voice of the woman who had once enchanted him brought him out of his thoughts. With a sigh, he turned, not allowing her to drape herself all over him and give him a kiss on the nose as had been her wont. "What's wrong, baby? You didn't pick up my calls this morning."

"I had work to do." He pinched the bridge of his nose, remaining calm despite the whine grating on his last nerve. "We are through. I've already sent your things back to your home. I do not expect to see you at the Taisho home again without a familial escort."

She gasped, tears making her eyes beautiful for a short time. Wide brown eyes that he could remember laughing with. "What do you mean?"

Sesshoumaru paused and pushed her to arms length in the silence, taking his time to observe what had once so ensnared him. "I mean, Rin, that I do not believe we are suited for each other and as such we should attempt to find a life partner in other people."

Her eyes widened. "You're breaking up with me?"

"Yes." He barely refrained from sighing at the melodrama, desperately wishing his best friend was here to chuckle at his predicament and take away his tension. He hadn't seen or talked to her since he started dating Rin- for honor's sake. It hadn't mattered that much for a little while.

He heard Rin's breath hitch, watched her back away like she was in a movie set.

"Are you serious? What happened to me being 'a very special person'?" She threw his words out, anger beginning to override her shock. His nose did not detect the scent of hurt.

She had never cared for him the way he had cared for her. He sighed at his own unwitting foolishness. She was gorgeous, yes; but, he, of all people, knew that beauty was often only skin deep.

Hindsight was twenty-twenty after all.

"I regret that I have come to understand that- while you are special, we are not meant for one another as mates or lovers, Rin-san. Please, leave with dignity." He kept his voice as soft as possible, wanting her gone.

She reacted as if slapped. "My father will hear of this, Taisho. This ungentlemanly behavior looks poorly on your family."

He resisted the urge to chuck his phone at her head as she turned on one red, designer heel and walked out of his study door. After all, he needed the phone to call his best friend.

Jaken came inside, ready to receive the edited reports his Master had been working on. They both waited until they heard the squeal of tires on pavement before moving. "See to it that I am not disturbed for some time, Jaken. I have a call to make." Sesshoumaru was already twisting away to face the windows when Jaken spoke.

"I can have her driven here, Sesshoumaru-sama." Ignoring the arched eyebrow, the Kappa awaited a response. He was more than happy she was coming back. She had been as close as family to all of them.

"I believe I will just call her today, but thank you for the thought, Jaken."

"As you wish, my Lord." The small demon shuffled out, shut the doors and promptly went to find his Lord and Lady to inform them of the new developments in their eldest son's life. He picked up a babbling Inuyasha on the way and gave him a shoulder ride, telling the nannies to take an hour-long break.

In his study, Sesshoumaru adjusted the large, faux-fur pillows in the bay window seat and settled into them with a pleased smile, the burden of a gold-digging girlfriend off his shoulders. He was ready to talk to his best-friend of five years- since freshman year of University, for a good, long while.

He pressed the speed-dial button, waiting for her to pick-up. When she did, even he could hear the smile in his voice. "Hello, Kagome."

There was a moment of silence on the other end and he imagined he could see the slow smile spreading across her face at hearing his voice again after so long. "I have nothing to say to you, Taisho-sama. Good afternoon."

He looked at the 'call ended' message on his screen in shock. She had just hung up on him. His Kagome, Miko Extraordinaire, Top Architect of Taisho Incorporated, his Best Friend had just hung up on him.

"What the hell?"