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Chapter 9: Drifting in the Clouds

Kagura eyed her closest friend as she came into her office, or rather, floated into her office. Dear gods, she was going to have deal with a dreamy, love-sick person for her entire lunch break. Then again- she smiled at her friend's wide smile, this was Kagome. If anyone deserved to finally get her dream man, it was Kagome whose first boyfriend had been an egotistical asshole back in high school.

That Hojo boy was still on her hit list, now that she thought about it.

"Kagura! Let's go to lunch! I got you something." The blue-eyed miko waved a small boutique bag in her face, her own heart-shaped face glowing with happiness.

"Do you think I can be bought, 'Gome?" Kagura leaned her chin in her hand, watching her friend practically dance in front of her desk.

"Yes!" Her friend even twirled for added effect.

She shook her head and pulled up her email. "One second. I have to send a message."

-Congratulations, she's drifting in the clouds. If you hurt her, I swear to everything holy that I will find a way to hurt you back. Kagura.-

She grabbed her coat and took Kagome's hand, eyes alight with curiosity. "So, what did you get me? And why was there a rather dashing spider hanyou at my showing with a bouquet of red tulips and daffodils?"

Kagome laughed and held the bag out. "Spider? What spider? You know I don't like arachnids."

Kagura raised an eyebrow. "Except for your agent- you know the spider hanyou you've been trying to set me up with forever?"

Sesshoumaru barely refrained from smirking during the middle of the meeting he was attending for his father. The wind witch was certainly a feisty one- Naraku would have his hands full for sure. The man at the front of the room was going over fiscal reports he'd already read up and summarized for the board earlier that morning.

His miko was drifting in the clouds, was she? Well, then, he supposed it would behoove him to assist her in the request she had made of him... though he would deny being a participant to of these particular plans of hers to his dying day.

-You know that I will never hurt her again if I can help it. Naraku and my father will vouch for me. Kagome mentioned that you two were friends so you might want to know that Naraku got injured in an accident recently. He's working today for some reason in case you want to stop by his office or send him a card. –S. Taisho-

He pulled out his phone and tapped the touchpad, texting the tricksy person who had asked him (of all people) to play matchmaker. /Message sent, minx. What's my reward?/

/A kiss or two./

He smirked before responding to Kagome's message. /I want 100 kisses delivered whenever, wherever I request them./

He could just imagine the lovely sparkle in her eyes at her response. /You've got yourself a deal if you promise to be creative./

The man at the front of the room finally switched to a new chart and Sesshoumaru checked quickly to make sure the VP's and Presidents of the different branches were all paying attention to the projector instead of the erstwhile company heir. Once satisfied, he pulled out his phone again. /You'll just have to wait and see. ;)/

His phone went off again immediately and he looked at it surprised. That was quick.

It was his father. /There's a problem. Come to my office immediately./

Sesshoumaru raised a hand and got the speaker's attention. "Well done, Tamo. Excuse me, gentlemen. I have to leave the meeting early. Thank you for your continued hard work. Please, continue."

He left quickly and reached his father's office in a few minutes time by taking the stairs. The old man's penchant for spectacular views from the top floor of an 88 floor building really needed to be adjusted. Even he disliked having to run up 24 flights in emergencies. "Yes, father?"

"K.I.E., one of our Greek contractors, is going to declare bankruptcy in three days. Our stocks are going to take a hit- the whole exchange is. Call Miroku and Yohiko. We need to start working on this now." Toga was typing furiously at his computer, his cellphone at his ear. "Ai, stay home today. You can come to the office tomorrow. Yes, love. Bye."

Sesshoumaru placed the fiscal reports in his father's inbox. "Those are the reports. I'll be in my office. I'll take care of T.Y. and U & U Company contracts for now. I'll also notify the board."

His father nodded absently, focused on his computer screen, before calling him back. "Wait! How was the date yesterday?"

Sesshoumaru turned around to find his father staring at him with the same excitement Inuyasha got when he spotted a candy bar. He debated and decided to needle the old man for making him climb up 24 flights of stairs only to give him bad news. "Good."

"What?! Only good?!" His father roared, seemingly genuinely affronted. "She's a gem! What is wrong with you?"

He raised an eyebrow at the Lord of the West. "I know."

"How can you say your date with her was only good?! Give me a better adjective for gods' sakes!" He slapped the top of his desk to emphasize his aggravation.

Sesshoumaru shook his head before turning to go, staying silent until he had almost reached the door. He could feel his father about to explode with wanting to know the details. "It was phenomenal, father."

And with those four softly spoken words, he amusedly watched his father deflate (rather melt would be a better verb) into a pleased puddle of romanticism. "So, when do I get grand puppies?"

To his consternation, instead of providing him with a life plan, his son turned on his heel and left without an answer. "Hey! That was a legitimate question! I want an answer!"

Three days later, Sesshoumaru looked up from his computer as his assistant poked his head in and told him he was leaving. He waved the young human away. "Be here by eight o'clock tomorrow. It's going to be busy."

/Still at work?/ Kagome's text distracted him again and he decided to take a break from the reports he was writing up for his mother. Two of the Global Magic Council members had decided to oppose a bill they had previously been supporting, creating a lot of problems with the human governments of their districts. His family, being one of the last of the royal lines, would probably have to play mediator.

/Yes. It never ends. How was your day?/ He hadn't gotten to see his beautiful paramour for the last two days even though they worked in the same building. She had been off looking at landscapes for a new building and he had been swamped with the stocks, the bill and his little brother's recent bout of sickness.

/Good. I had lunch with Kagura. Operation Itsy Bitsy Spider was a success. She took the afternoon off to go see him and ended up with a date! How was your day- besides the K.I.E. news?/

He smiled, thought about it and decided he didn't care to hold himself back anymore. /I want those kisses now./

To his consternation, he could have sworn he heard her laugh. He shook his head and glanced at the clock. It read midnight. Maybe he should follow his assistant's lead and go home for some rest as well if he was beginning to hear things.

His office door opened.

"Good thing I was already on my way over." Kagome walked into his office, smiling brightly. "Your mom sent me an after hours card key. I brought you some dinner."

Sesshoumaru leaned his chin on his hand and watched as she began pulling things out of the Italian restaurant take out bag. It was really a shame that he hadn't realized how much he was missing with Rin until he had finally asked his Kagome out. "How did you know I like the polenta con gliosa?"

She looked up and smiled, blue eyes merry if a little tired. "I know a lot of things about you. For example," she leaned over and gave him a long kiss, "you like those."

He chuckled and pulled her into his lap, breathing in her scent and appreciating her wriggling to get comfortable. "I like you too."

She laughed as he opened up his box and took a huge bite, his stomach making his hunger known at the sight of food. "Because I bring you food?"

He swallowed and let moko-moko-sama trail up her ankle, pulling her closer as she took a bit of her spaghetti. "Because you wear these shoes that drive me insane, my darling miko."

She kissed his cheek. "The better to tease you with, sweetheart."