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"Where the hell did she just go," Sam asked as everyone watched her drive away so fast that they were afraid she would get pulled over and ticketed if her father wasn't the chief of police.

"I have no idea," Jacob looked perplexed.

Bella felt her mind whirling with all the new information that she'd just gained she pulled into La push hospital shutting off her car and locking it she ran into the hospital. She stopped at the reception desk where a young lady was sitting. "Excuse me I'm DR. Swan I need you to pull Sarah Blacks old medical records along with those of Sue Clearwater." The young women looked up at her.

"Well I can give you Mrs. Blacks but I need Mrs. Clearwater's permission to hand over her records."

"One second." Bella held up her hand and pulled her phone out of her pocket going around the corner. She quickly punched in Leah's number and hoped no one had left the bonfire yet. She held the phone to her ear and listened to the ringing.

Leah was sitting around the low burning fire wrapped in Sam's arms when she heard her phone ringing she pulled it out of her pocket and glanced down at the screen at the name Bella. "Bells what is it, where are you?" everyone turned to look at her when they heard was on the phone.

"I'm fine Leah I need to talk to your mom is she there?"

"yeah," Leah turned towards her mother and held out the phone, "Bella wants to talk to you." Confusion covered her face.

Sue took the phone from her daughter. "Bella darling what can I do for you?"

"Sue, I need your permission to gain access to your medical records I need to look through them and then I'd like to have a privet word with you."

Sue knew what she was trying to figure out so she gave her the permission she was seeking. Bella breathed a sigh of relief before handing the phone over to the receptionist so Sue could give her permission it should have been more difficult but in the long run everyone had already known Sue would give Bella the permission she needed to obtain the records she was seeking. Bella gathered the records in her arms and went to the office she'd been assigned unlocking the door she sat down and opened the first file she knew there would be other files she would need to obtain but for now she would look through these two and try and figure out if she was right in what she was now thinking. She spent hours skimming over old paper work her eyes growing heavy with the fatigue of the day. She didn't know when but sometime in the night she fell asleep, her head resting on the hard surface of her desk.

Jacob had been frantic all night no one heard from Bella after she'd called Leah's phone and she had never returned home. He paced restlessly for hours before giving up and grabbing his keys heading towards the hospital. "Dad I'll be back later." He called over his shoulder not waiting for an answer he got into his car and drove away. The first place he looked was the hospital in La Push he was sure that was where she was at least he hoped against everything that that was where she was, he breathed a sigh of relief when he saw her car in the parking lot. He shut off his car and headed across the pavement towards the entrance. He found the smiling receptionist at her desk.

"May I help you?"

"Yes, I was wondering if Dr. Swan was around," the receptionist gave Jacob a blank stare."

"I'm sorry sir I've never heard of a Dr. Swan." Finally he caught sight of a Dr. He did know.

"Dr. Emerson," he called out to the older man.

Lewis Emerson stopped and smiled at the younger man, "What can I do for you Jake."

"I was just wondering if Dr. Swan was around her cars in the parking lot and everyone is worried because she didn't come home last night."

"Well why don't we all go and check out her office if she's anywhere that's properly it." Jacob nodded and followed Lewis down the hallway. Lewis knocked at the closed door but when he didn't get any answer he pushed it open. They both stood in the doorway watching the sleeping Bella files spread out around her.

"Thank you Dr. Emerson I can take it from here." Jacob said quietly, Lewis nodded and headed off to do his rounds. Jacob walked into the room and knelt down beside Bella, he laid his hand on her shoulder gently. "Bella, Bella dear." He called out softly.

Bella felt something, and she thought she heard something to, she slowly opened her eyes and looked around. "Oh Jacob, what are you doing here?" she tried to get the fog to clear from her mind.

"Well you didn't come home last night and everyone was getting worried so I came to look for you." She glanced over at the clock and started at the time." She sat straight up and started to collect her files. She looked around frantically for her cell phone.

"I have to call Leah its urgent," all the information she'd gathered the night before crammed her head, she knew why Sarah had miss carried she knew how to stop it and she had to make sure Leah wouldn't be effected.

"Whoa your phone is right here." Jacob handed the phone over and watched as Bella frantically punched in the numbers bouncing with nerves as it rang through.

"Hello," Leah yawned as she answered the phone well glancing at the clock on her bedside table.

"Leah, I need you to get to the hospital as soon as possible."

"Why, Bella what's wrong."

"I've looked through Sarah's files I've looked through Sue's, I'm sure if I looked through the mothers of the rest of the Pack I would see the same thing, I need you in here now I know what to do."

"Ok Bella I'll be there," Leah knew it was urgent and she was willing to put her life in her baby's life in her best friends competent hands.

"Bella what's going on?" Jacob stood back and watched her.

"Jake it wasn't an ectopic pregnancy at all, I've read these files something about the boys in the wolf line something about their genes causes miscarriage and heavy bleeding during pregnancy. Somehow all the mothers seem to be able to carry one boy sometimes two in the case of Brady and Collin but in their case they where twins but something about the second male pregnancy affects the mothers body worse causing her to fight it to miscarry for sure at a certain point and I know how to figure it out, I know how to stop it from happening but it will only effect Leah if she's carrying a boy and well she's only 6 weeks along I know how to find out."

"Why? Why does it effect them like that?"

"I'm not sure right now, It may have something to do with not making the pack to big, it may have also affected your mother worse than it did everyone else because fate didn't want two brothers fighting for the Alpha position. Male pregnancy's are harder on the body your mother had went through your twins sisters then your's she couldn't handle another one."

Jacob walked towards her and held her close, "Bella relax, you can't help anyone if you send yourself into a panic attack." He rubbed her arms as they waited for Leah to show up at the office, Bella got everything around hoping against hope that she would get this right that her friend would be ok that they all would be ok.

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