Seigaku's Scandal

Anime: Prince of Tennis

Pairing: Perfect Pair/TezuFuji

Genre: Romance, Angst, Gender Bender

Disclaimer: I do not own PoT (I wish I do).

Warning: Slightly rated

Summary: Fuji has a secret only Ryoma knows but what happens when their ever-so-stoic buchou falls deeply in love with this secretive tensai? Would Fuji be willing to unveil the secret? And would Tezuka be able to accept?

a/n: Hi people! I'm now writing in this new account of mine and I'm reposting this fanfic 'cause I've actually been dissatisfied with my first try with the same plot so I'm going to try my best with this. I hope this turns out good though. You are free to review. I'm very much open to constructive criticisms and suggestions. I'll try to reply to your reviews as much and as soon as possible. Enjoy!

BTW, the long sentences or paragraphs that are italicized are flashbacks or thoughts of the characters.


Seishun Gakuen Middle School

Tezuka, Fuji, Kawamura, Oishi, Inui, and Kikumaru are still first years.


The retreating back of the smiling tensai turned around and faced the ever-so-stoic freshman regular.

"Oh. It's just you, Tezuka-kun," Fuji Syusuke, the pretentious person that he was, smiled.

Tezuka Kunimitsu fidgeted. He never once believed his batchmate's smile. "You're the one who told Ryuzaki-sensei and Yamato-buchou, right?"

"Hmm…about what?" Fuji cocked his head to the side, still feigning innocence.

"About my shoulder being hit by a senpai."

"Are you mad?"

"No," Tezuka looked down at his feet, his fingers fumbling with the hem of his shirt. For the first time in his life, he felt his heart thrum uncontrollably. "It's just…you shouldn't have bothered yourself with it."

"Why? You're my friend."

The bespectacled man widened his eyes. Friend, he thought with a smile.

The tensai beamed upon seeing the smile on his friend's face. It's a near-to-impossible occurrence that someone is able to see the serious boy smile.

He was about to turn around and take his leave when Tezuka called out his name.



"Thank you, for what you did."

"No big, Tezuka-kun."

"Anou…Fuji-kun, as a way of showing my thanks to you, I'm giving you one wish."


Tezuka nodded. Then, almost gasped when Fuji revealed his sharp cerulean blue eyes. Fuji stared at him and answered in the softest voice he heard.

"I'll use it when the time comes then."

"Just a dream," two figures sighed. They both looked at their respective alarm clocks. One rested on the table above his headboard while the other's propped on top of his nightstand.

In two different houses, they got up with a start.

a/n: I know the prologue is crappy. I'm sorry! Really, I am. I have a lot of things going on inside my head. Anyway, please review! ;)