Forty Winks

Warning: This is a severely dark drabble. Violence, dark themes, alcoholism, and rated M for sexual content. You have been warned.

The Catch: Have you ever read a story and wished you could choose what happens next? Well….NOW YOU CAN! I write 3 chapters, give you a choice, and YOU pick the decision of the character. Cool, huh? Its just like those "Pick Your Own Adventure" stories you might have read as a kid.

Summary: She's in an unidentified location. She prays. She weeps. Just forty winks, and she'll be home.

Chapter 1

These lines.

They are not beautiful.

No, they are polluted with the soil of my transgressions.

They are shameful.

They are on the image of the person I don't recognize.

Imprinted on my soul, I scratch them with my fingernails, until the blood drips.

I lied. Before. I don't even see an image.

Because if I did, I would pour the blackest tar over the deepest crevices of my being.

But I try to hold on to the good memories.

I can remember bits and pieces.

The laughter.

The tug of my pigtails.

The color of emerald eyes.

But it doesn't stop my feet from hovering over the edge.

So I jump.