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xx, manhattan-dreams

It had been a vivid dream- that was it. Just a really, really, realistic dream.

This was what Dean had to tell himself in the days after Castiel kissed him... well, dream kissed him. Even though he was still stuck wondering why he was dreaming of kissing Cas in the first place, and why it felt so real... why he felt the butterflies down his spine. It hadn't been like when he spent a night with some girl from a bar, but more like he was in love with someone... which he hadn't felt in a while.

Seeing Cas for the first time after the dream was awkward, made more so by his behavior. He was different, even more nervous and confused than before, it seemed. Dean just shrugged it off. There was no possible way that had happened. It just wasn't the kind of thing that wouldn't happen, not ever, not even in the life of demons and ghosts and angels.

But then came the night when Dean was resting in the back of the car, the sky still dark but the clock reading 4:34 in the morning. Sam had been resting up front with headphones on. The brothers were inbetween jobs in the middle of nowhere, both too tired to drive long enough to find a hotel. Dean had called Cas- why he didn't know. He just needed to talk to someone. A wave of depression had flown over him yet again and Sam didn't have the capacity to understand everything that ran through is mind.

"Hello?" Dean heard Cas's voice through the window. He sat up and opened the door, walking into the woods, far enough away from where the Impala was parked. Castiel followed.

Once Dean felt safe behind a rather large tree, he stopped and looked at Cas, waiting for him to say something. He didn't know where to start.

"I know why you called. You said you had something to talk about, and I'm sorry. I don't know what got into me that night, I just was curious and..."

"Wait, what?"

"That night, when I came into your hotel room and kissed you and you woke up."

"Wait, are you saying that wasn't-"

"A dream. Yeah."

Cas's eyes had a hurt and embarrassed look in them, and no matter how much Dean wanted to push the feeling away, those eyes were what made him want to hold him. If it wasn't a dream, then what he had felt was real. Dean had known since high school he wasn't straight, though he wasn't going to admit that to anyone. But this was big. Sam knew Cas, Bobby knew Cas. Everyone knew Cas.

It wasn't even that. Castiel was an angel! He had no idea how things like that worked, he wasn't even supposed to be able to feel. If Dean admitted to how he had felt that night, the rest of what hadn't would all come spiraling down.

"I'm sorry."

But Dean couldn't loose someone else. His head was screaming at him so loud, but he led his heart lead him instead. "Don't be."

"But, it's wrong, and I didn't even know you knew and..."

"Cas, just listen to me. Sometimes going with how you feel is the best thing to do. And you went with how you felt. I don't blame you." Dean let himself move closer to the angel, his left arm brushing against Castiel's right.

"So you're not mad."

"Not one bit."

Dean didn't notice for a minute, but he soon realized that they had moved closer. He felt Cas's breath on his lips and parted them. A massive weight had been holding his shoulders down all day, but at that moment he felt weightless as the butterflies in his stomach began to pick him up and let his soul (or whatever was in there) fly away.

Their lips met, Dean grabbing onto Cas's hand and top lip at the same time. He kissed him hard, his body taking over and propelling him to show this man every last bit of love he felt for him. Cas shoved him against the tree and began to kiss him even harder than Dean was.

Dean pulled Cas's lips open with his and let his tongue slide in, tilting his head. He felt Cas's eyes open with surprise and pulled away for a second. He still made sure he kept his lips centimeters away from
Cas's. "It's alright."

"I don't know how..."

"Don't worry about that."

They continued long enough for the sky to turn from the early morning dark it was to an invisible gray. Dean pulled away, but not after a few trailing kisses on Cas's jawline. They both opened their eyes at the same time and smiled.

"So, if it wasn't about the kiss the other night, then what did you call me about."

"It doesn't matter now, I feel a lot better than I did when I picked up the phone."

There were no questions of "what now" or "what should we make of what happened", they just gave eachother the most innocent of smiles and Cas disappeared to somewhere while Dean walked back to the car, curled up, and really dreamed of his lips meeting the angel's.