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Spoilers: Begins 3.12 with hints of spoilers through the rest of the show, though AU after Mars, Bars.

"This is something I'm never getting past."

She would never be able to forgive Logan for what he did in Aspen. It wasn't so much the sex as it was his partner. Madison Sinclair.

I need a drink Veronica thought as she entered the elevator at the Neptune Grande descending to the main floor for what she thought to be the last time. She planned to go home, chug the bottle of vodka that she kept hidden in her bedroom, and go to bed; she wanted to put this awful night behind her. While walking toward the exit of the hotel, Veronica decided her need for a drink could not wait. She made a sharp turn into the Grande's bar and placed a drink order.

After knocking back her first shot, Veronica instructed the bartender to keep them coming, and to charge them to Logan's room. The bartender had seen the young couple together in the hotel and followed her instructions.

It had been a long day in the Balboa County Sheriff's Department. Not only was there pressure from both the media and influential voters to investigate the murder of Dean O'Dell, but two deputies had called in sick and Inga left the station early to take her dogs to the vet. Needless to say, Sheriff Don Lamb was more than relieved when it came time for him to leave for the night.

He was planning to go home, grab a beer and leftover pizza, put his feet up and watch a movie, but abandoned this idea when he passed the Neptune Grande. I've worked hard today, I deserve a nice drink Lamb thought as he pulled into the parking deck. He added to himself, I also wouldn't mind some company…

Don's "company" for the night was in the form of a petite blonde, who happened to be his adversary, though that did not matter tonight.

"Deputy!" Veronica greeted the sheriff as he approached the bar, her enthusiasm for his presence indicated that she already had a few drinks under her belt that evening.

"Veronica Mars," Lamb returned, looking her over "Am I to assume that you aged two years since the last time I looked at your license?" Don didn't plan to do anything about Veronica's underage drinking tonight, he just wanted to assert that he wasn't completely oblivious to her illegal activities.

Ignoring his comment about her age, Veronica asked Don "What are you drinking?" and without waiting for his response, she further instructed the bartender "Charge his drinks to the penthouse suite as well." If Logan were going to cause her this much grief tonight, he was going to compensate for it.

What the Hell Don thought, he was never one to turn down a free drink, and ordered himself a scotch. If I am going to spend an evening talking to (or listening to) Veronica Mars, I might as well do it with a drink in my hand.

A few rounds of shots and drunken apologies later, the bartender informed Don and Veronica that it was closing time and offered to call them a cab.

"We don't need a cab, silly," Veronica responded, "Look around, we are in a hotel!" Had Don been thinking clearly, he would have noted that Veronica had consumed one too many drinks that night and she should sleep it off before making any decisions about their sleeping arrangements for the evening. However, Don's ability to think was clouded by alcohol and influenced by the beautiful blonde at his side. Without saying anything, he stumbled, with Veronica, to the main desk and purchased a room for the night. When asked if they wanted a king sized bed or two queens, Don and Veronica responded simultaneously "a king." Though Don wouldn't vocalize this, he would have settled for a roll-away bed if it meant sleeping with Veronica.

Veronica woke first the next morning, paying no attention to her pounding headache, she quickly gathered her clothes and dressed, making as little noise as possible. While the details of the previous night were blurry, she could recall the gist of it…and he was beginning to wake up too.

"This never happened." she said without so much as a "good morning."

"Understood," he replied. With that, she was out the door.

Author's Note: This is my first attempt at writing Don and Veronica, the first three chapters of this story will serve as a prologue (kind of). Hopefully I can update this at least once weekly.