Bella is 23 years old, and still a virgin. Frustrated she decides to get rid of her virginity and ends up sleeping with Edward Cullen; New York's second, richest and hottest bachelor who also happens to be the most dangerous Mafia boss. What happens when Edward wants Bella?

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~One Night Stand~

{The 23 year old virgin}

Chapter 1


I plopped down onto my couch and let out a frustrated groan. This was ridiculous. I was 23-years-old and yet still a virgin. I hadn't even had my first kiss yet.

I was very skeptical when choosing a man to date, or so Rosalie says, which is why I was still a virgin and hadn't had my first kiss. I wasn't skeptical; I was just not interested in many guys. I just didn't find the click when I meet a guy. Click meaning chemistry and the term love at first sight.

My best friends, Rosalie and Alice, said that those are just bogus. Easy for them to say, they had already found their perfect boyfriends. Rosalie found Emmett when she was sixteen and Alice found Jasper when they were seventeen. Alice and Jasper had different personalities. She was hyper and loud for a tiny girl and Jasper was quiet and shy, but that was what made them perfect for each other. They were halves of a whole.

And six years later they were still together and I was still single.

Some people just have all the luck. All I want to do it find my other half, my soul mate, kindred spirit, the Yin to my yang or the other way around.

Ever since I finished high school, I thought by the time I was 25, I would be successful, married with kids and I would have my opened up my restaurant. I only have two years left before I turn 25, I'm still a virgin, still in school and broke as fuck.

Did I mention I was a virgin?

It was really irritating sometimes, because Rosalie and Alice always remind me of that sad, but true fact every freaking second. They lost their virginities when they were seventeen, a few months after they met their boyfriends, and whenever they talk about their amazing, intimate moments at our slumber parties and girls nights, I just sat there like a bumbling idiot. Heck, they pushed me out of the room when they talk about sex, saying 'you won't understand, this talk is not for you, naïve innocent Bella' God, I was so sick of that.

I was so sick of them treating me like a child. I was an adult, a woman.

So I decided that today was the day that I would finally lose my virginity once and for all. Hopefully that would shut Rosalie's mouth.

All of us had planned to go to the opening of a new club called 'Twilight'. We were going to celebrate Jasper's birthday.

Suddenly, the door opened and a head poked into the room and screamed, "Bella! Look at you, we are going to go to the club at 9 PM and you're wearing sweats! What is this?"

I rolled my eyes at her and crossed my arms over my chest. "Chill out Alice, it's only seven o'clock." I looked down at my silver wrist watch. "We have two hours left, that plenty of time to get ready."

"Two hours! Are you out of your mind? We only have two freaking hours, and from past experience, you should know that two hours is not long enough. Luckily, you have me, I can make about anyone from hobo to chic and gorgeous in two hours. It's a gift. Now let's go get ready, we have to pick out a really nice dress for you. Time is ticking away." Alice grabbed my arm, and pulled me off the bed.

"But—" I started to say.

Alice shushed me arrogantly.

I let out a sigh but kept my mouth shut and let her pull me. I knew I couldn't win this argument.

Suddenly something occurred to me.

"Alice, how the hell did you get in my apartment?" I asked the tiny pixie.

Alice stopped for a moment and turned to look at me. She dropped my arm and smiled sheepishly.

"Well…I uh." She looked away from me. "I made a duplicate key of your apartment key," she mumbled, playing with her hands.

My jaw dropped to the ground. "You did what? And without asking me?" I asked in rage.

"Well, you know, you always get mad when I have to wake you up and make sure your ready and stuff so I made a duplicate version of your key, I thought it would be easier and less stressful for you. I mean, you can't expect me to climb through the window, do you?" Alice implored, her eyes wide.

I stared at her in disbelief. "But you could have asked!" I shouted in anger.

I felt like stomping my feet like a child to get her attention.

"Well, what's done is done, now let's get you ready" Alice said changing the subject and she ushered me into my room.

This was going to be torture as always...

"Ow Alice! Stop pulling my hair like that, it hurts!" I screeched. Damn that girl.

I brought my hand up to message my scalp but my hand was slapped away by Alice.

For someone so small, she made up in strength and power, and she sure had a lot of power.

Alice's height was 5'3. She had short dyed black hair that reached her chin and sometimes was spiked. The best word that would describe her was…pixie. She really does look like a tiny pixie and she was always extremely hyper even in her sleep, she would moved around and kick sometimes, Jasper must really love her to live with that. I often wonder how kilograms of sugar she has ingested during her entire life time. Alice said the reason she was always hyper was that her mother fed her lots of candies and sweets when was younger to keep her quiet.

"Stop screaming! Just relax, I'm almost done…and there. Viola! Take a look at yourself now." Alice said and spun the chair around. She had her chin up proudly.

I gave her a glare as I stood up. I got out of my bedroom and walked into my bathroom and stared at myself in the mirror. My eyes widened and my mouth dropped.

I smiled at myself, I looked gorgeous.

I really hate to admit it but my hair looked actually good. Alice did a great job. Alice had straightened my side bangs and made them into full front bangs. She curled the rest of my hair, the top was wavy and downwards it got curlier. There were bits of glitter in my hair and I suddenly felt like Ke$ha except classy.

I was wearing a BB Dakota ivory lace dress that didn't show too much cleavage and wasn't too short. I pair it off with a simple gold twisted cuff bracelet. It was the perfect outfit for the club we were going. I was going to wear earrings but felt like it was too much.

From the corner of my eye I spotted Alice leaning against the door, smirking at me. She changed into her outfit for the club. She was wearing a red strapless dress that reached a little above her knees and she had her regular spikey 'do.

I let out a sigh. "Alice, you know I hate to say this but you did a fantastic job." I said still looking back at myself in the mirror.

I turned around and saw Alice smiling proudly.

"See! I told you so! I'm always right and you look absolutely fabulous! And stop shouting at me, you always shout at me," Alice said with a pout.

I rolled my eyes and was about to reply when there was a honking of a horn from outside.

"Whatever! Let's go now!" I said, grabbing her arm and pulling her.

Alice locked the door behind us. Alice and I were both bouncing from excitement in the elevator.

Hopefully I find someone at least decent looking. I knew looks aren't everything but this was my first time. I don't want an ugly one, has to be a little good looking.

Boy was I surprised...