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Chapter One

Ziva groaned as she rolled over in bed, flailing her arm about on the bedside table until the incessant beeping of the alarm finally shut off. She rolled back over and snuggled into her husband allowing them both five more minutes of sleep, because she knew they both hated Monday's. After a few minutes Tony stirred and turned over so he was facing her.

"Morning Sweetcheeks." He smiled warmly at her and planted a kiss on her forehead.

She smiled back at him and was about to reply when her stomach lurched and she ran into the bathroom, making it to the toilet just in time. As she emptied her stomach of last night's dinner she felt her dark curls being pulled away from her face and soothing circles made their way across her back. When she was done, Tony handed her a cup of water that she used to rinse the taste out of her mouth and then she laid herself down on the floor, the cool tile relaxing her immensely. She closed her eyes for a minute allowing the dizzy feeling to dissipate and when she opened them she had to laugh at the sight in front of her.

Tony had joined her on the floor, his face was pressed against the tiles and he looked confused at her laughter. "What's so funny?"

She smiled widely at him, "I just didn't expect you to be laying there when I opened my eyes."

"I didn't want to miss anything." He replied seriously, glancing down at her still flat stomach.

Ziva smiled softly, "Tony it is just morning sickness, I'm sure that most husbands would rather miss this part. I know I would like to."

"Yeah well most husbands don't miss fourteen years of their first kid's whole life." Tony muttered before sitting up so he was leaning against the door to the shower.

Ziva frowned and moved so she was sitting cross-legged in front of him and took his hands in her own. "Tony, please do not start this now that we are going to have another child. I do not want you comparing his or her life and how we raise this child to the things you missed with Tali. It is not your fault that you were not able to watch her grow, the circumstances were-"

"The circumstances were my fault." He interrupted. "I shouldn't have walked out on you like that. I should have known that-"

"No, Tony." She placed a finger on his lips and he stopped. "Neither one of us could have expected that after you left I would find out that I was pregnant. I could have made more of an effort to understand why you wanted to leave and you could have tried to understand why I wanted to stay. We hardly ever fought back then so we were not used to comprising and making up. We were both at fault for the years you lost with Tali and I."

"But Zi-" He tried to protest again but she talked over him.

"No but's, My Little Hairy Butt." He chuckled and she grinned, glad that her words had, had the desired effect. "You will be a part of the rest of her life and though we both know that she missed having a father, she will forget the early years and cherish the years that she will be able to share with you. I promise you will not miss of the important moments, but you must promise me that you will not be overprotective and flutter over me during this pregnancy."

"Hover, I won't hover over you." Tony corrected grinning crookedly at her. "If you promise that you won't let me miss any of the important stuff, I won't hover."

"Deal." She sealed the agreement with a kiss and they sat for a few moments in silence before it was decided that Gibbs wouldn't be happy if they were late.

They got to work right on time and for the first few hours the only thing that was done was old paperwork and every once and a while Ziva would text Tali, who was still at home until tomorrow when she went back to school.

Around ten Gibbs' phone rang and they were told to gear up. When they arrived at the scene Tony was put in charge of the camera, Ziva was told to bag and tag, and McGee walked off into the house behind which the young Petty Officer was found to take statements from his family.

Ziva went through her usual routine of sweeping the area by starting at the back of the fence and picking up anything they looked noteworthy, but anything deemed peculiar warranted a shout to Gibbs. She glanced over at the body a few times and was glad she was not in charge of taking pictures; the Petty Officer's leg had been broken so badly that if she squinted from her position she could see the bone poking through the skin. Ziva shuddered and went back to her task. She continued back and forth across the yard meticulously for the next few minutes before she realized she was being watched.

Ziva stood up from her crouched position at a row of rose bushes that she had been inspecting and found Tony standing by the body, camera poised in his hands, but his eyes were trained on her. She sighed, he had promised he would not be over protective but apparently watching her like a hawk when they were in the field did not fall into that category for him. Ziva gave him a small smile and mouthed the words 'I'm fine, quit worrying', just as Gibbs stood up from his spot by Ducky and gave Tony a good smack to the back of the head.

Ziva stifled her laughter with a hand while Gibbs spat a few annoyed words at Tony who quickly got back to his task. She was just about to do the same when the older man's sharp blue eyes caught her own. She quickly tried to hide the secret from her eyes, but in those few seconds of eye contact Ziva knew that Gibbs could tell she and Tony were hiding something.

For the rest of the day Ziva avoided Gibbs like he was the plague. It was not that she wanted to keep the pregnancy a secret, but she knew that when Gibbs did find out she would be put on desk duty until she went on maternity leave and if her prediction was correct and she was only three months pregnant she would not allow him to chain her to a desk for the next five months. So Ziva threw herself into her work and because Tony had somehow picked up on the fact that Gibbs was not to know about anything yet, he did the same and the case was solved by seven that evening.

"Good work, go home." Gibbs ordered after coming back from a successful interrogation with the suspect.

Ziva grabbed her backpack, made sure her cell was in her pants pocket, and met Tony between their desks. He smiled, wrapped an arm around her shoulders and called a 'goodnight' to Gibbs and McGee before they made their way over to the elevator.

"So, why aren't we telling Gibbs?" Tony asked once they were inside.

Ziva sighed, "If we tell him now he will most definitely put me on desk duty until I go on maternity leave and I have five more months before that happens."

"Maybe he should Zi." Tony mused leaning against the elevator wall.

She glared at him, "Tony you said you would not be overprotective."

"Yeah, but chasing after suspects who more often than not have weapons isn't the safest thing for a pregnant woman to be doing." He glanced at her angry expression before adding "Even if she is a crazy ninja chick."

She rolled her eyes and took his hand as they left the elevator and walked to their car. "I'll tell Gibbs after the first doctor's appointment only if you agree to let me stay in the field until I'm five months along."

"Fine, but the doctor and Gibbs both have to okay it." Tony countered as he started the car.

She contemplated this for a moment before nodding, "Alright, deal."

He chuckled, "And you said we weren't good at compromising."

Ziva smiled, "I'll text Tali and let her know we're on our way."

She pulled out her phone and was scrolling through her contacts when it unexpectedly vibrated and under the words 1 New Message was an unexpected name.

"Did you know that Gibbs could text?" She asked her husband curiously, showing him her phone.

Tony laughed, "No, but maybe he's finally decided to catch up to the rest of the world.

"Maybe." Ziva clicked view and read through the text before sighing.

"What'd he say?" Tony asked taking his eyes off the road a moment to study her face.

"It appears I will not be allowed to wait until we see the doctor." She explained. "Drop me off at Gibbs' house, I will walk home when I am done talking to him."

Tony slowed the car as they approached his house and glanced down the street at their own house, "You sure? I could come in too, Tali will be fine for a little bit longer."

"No, you go ahead, this shouldn't take long." She unbuckled, leaning over to kiss him before getting out and walking up to the front door.

Ziva watched the car to make sure he went all the way down to their house and pulled into the garage before turning back to Gibbs' front door. All the text said was; My basement, five minutes, so maybe he didn't suspect anything, just wanted Tony and Ziva to keep things out of the office since Tony had been obviously distracted that morning at the crime scene. Though as she opened the front door and walked down the hall to the open basement door, Ziva's gut tightened and it wasn't because of morning sickness; she'd been found out.

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