Pirates in Love featuring Sofia Kuran: Prologue

It was morning and Sofia's shift. The bar was empty. What a boring day. There's nothing going on. I bet Konohamaru is having a better day training.

The door opened up and a small, but mature boy came walking in with a bandana with a leaf symbol, a blue long scarf, a jacket, and loose pants. "YO! Sofia, what's up?" the boy said making the place seem livelier.

"Hey Konohamaru. Ya done trainin'?" Sofia asked.

"You bet," Konohamaru said making himself a soda.

Sofia rested her chin on the bar table. She let out a big sigh. "It sure isn't busy around here," Konohamaru said looking around.

"Yeah, it's really boring," Sofia lifted her head, "Hey do me a favor."

"What?" Konohamaru asked wondering what it is.

"After you're done with your soda, turn into my wooden sword," Sofia said her eyes slowly narrowing.

"So it wasn't just me that sensed trouble," Konohamaru said playing with his straw. His eyes also narrowing. Konohamaru finished his drink and morphed/changed into a wooden sword. Sofia picked him up and lifted her hair. She put Konohamaru down the back of her shirt.

There was a loud knock on the door and a man was asking for booze. "Open up! I want booze!" the man was yelling.

"Sorry, we're not open yet! Come back later!" Sofia cried.

The bandit came in anyways with a friend as well. "Open or not, we want booze!"

Damn! These guys… Sofia thought.

Sofia went to grab Konohamaru, when there was a gun shot. The shot caught Sofia off guard. There was a tall man with brown hair and a gun. He wore a pirate outfit. Along with him was a blondie, tall and also wore a pirate outfit.

"What the hell?" a bandit yelled.

"Shut up and get the hell outta here," the man with the brown hair said.

"You pickin' a fight!" the other bandit said.

The man turned his attention to Sofia. "Woman, get outta here if ya value yer life," he said.

Sofia smiled, "Heh."


"Screw you this is my fight! So go back to yer little ship, I got everything under control," Sofia laughed it up.

"Shut it and get out," the blondie yelled and Sofia and pushed her out the door. There were gun shots and clashes of swords.

Sofia chuckled, "What am I supposed to tell the owner?"

Hey Sofia? Shouldn't we hide or something? Act like the damsel in distress. Konohamaru telepathically said.

Sure. It may lead to something fun… There's a pile of barrels somewhere in the area. We can hide there. Sofia telepathically said back.


Sofia hid inside a barrel with Konohamaru. Konohamaru manifested into his normal form. "Wo, Wo, Wo! What are ya doin'?" Sofia asked.

"Manifesting…" Konohamaru whispered.

"It's too cramped, manifest back," Sofia complained.

"I would, but I can't manifest in such little space," Konohamaru said.

"Gee, you are a piece of work," Sofia said.

The barrel was being moved onto a ship. "Hey Sofia, I smell the ocean," Konohamaru said.

"Didn't I tell ya it'd be fun? I just hope they hurry up and open our barrel," Sofia said.

It was nighttime, when a boy with orange hair went to the beer cellar. "Nate said to get lots of booze, so I'll start with this barrel," the boy said grabbing the one holding Sofia and Konohamaru. The boy opened the barrel and Sofia and Konohamaru fell out. "What the-! Hey Nate!" the boy called out for Nathan. Nathan wore a bandana over his green hair. "What is it Thomas? Oh…" Nathan stared at Sofia and Konohamaru.

"Just bring them on the deck and ask Captain," a man with a shaved head and earrings said.

"Okay Christopher," Thomas said. He guided Sofia and Konohamaru to the deck. There were several men on deck. The two men from before was on the deck too along with a man dressed in red and wore a Captain's hat. "I didn't know a woman was on board!" the Captain joked.

Is he all jokes or is he serious? He reminds me of my younger brother Goku. Sofia thought.

"Sorry 'bout all this. There were bandits and it became all hectic, but because of your crew Eduardo and Russell, my cousin and I made it out alive," Sofia said bowing and made Konohamaru bow as well.

Eduardo and Russell stood up when they heard they're names called. "I see. The name's Morgan and you?" Morgan asked politely.

"I am Sofia and this is Konohamaru Sarutobi," Sofia said.

"Well we already left Yamato, so you will have to share a room with someone," Morgan rubbed his head, "Who will you choose?"