He was just a little boy. A little boy of eight years old that detests his own family.

At first he only resented his parents for forgetting that they had other children, but since he has had those strange dreams resentment changed to anger and from anger too hate.

Until he could only find a couple of strangers in front of him. Strangers that he detests with his whole body.

How those people could act so almighty was beyond him. He used to hope that they would look at him and see him, not his twin brother or the son that they obviously didn't want.

Maybe he was to naïve in his way of thinking, but what kind of child would not wish for the acceptance and love of their parents.

And the sad thing is that he still would have been like that for the coming years.

If it hadn't been for his futuristic dreams, they would have screwed over him and his younger siblings all because of their prejudice.

In the beginning he thought they were normal dreams.

It was only until he found out that he really could predict the future, that he accepted that they would always choose his twin over him and his siblings.

That day he broke down completely, but afterwards he made a promise to himself.

He would always be there for his younger sisters and unborn brother. And one day he would make their family regret of ever throwing them away.