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How could my mother do this to me? Ship me off to some spa thingie to 'Relax' and 'Recuperate'. I bet she she has tons of other R-words she's just dying to tell me I'll do at this 'Rehabilitation Retreat'.

Before you ask, no, I didn't get sent here for drugs. Im here because of my Sarcasm. My stepdad thinks its 'Stunning my mental growth.' I'll show him mental growth.

The building was two stories and all white. It was like a hospital in the middle of freakin' nowhere. On all sides were trees. They probably have live anacondas that fall from the branches to scare unsuspecting fugitives that try to run away.

"Hey!" I drop my duffle and watch a blonde man run up to me. "I'm Ken! I'll be your next best friend while your here!"

Oh hell no, there had better be cooler people to befriend here.

"So...Ken, can you show me to my room?" I ask when I really wanted to question him on his stereotypical blonde girlfriend. Maybe her names Barbie.

"Sure right this way!" How can he be so happy? Im normally a very bubbly person.

Except when my family sends me to Rehab. In Nebraska.