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"Look at all this coolness!" I yelled running through the huge apartment me and Sesshomaru would be sharing. This reality hadn't really sunk in yet. It was huge compared to the room we shared back in the Retreat. We did have to share a bathroom but that was the price to be paid for living within walking distance of the campus.

I had already painted over the old owners ugly yellow walls and was getting ready to splatter paint my room. Sesshomaru sat in my window seat reading and shooting disapproving looks at me every now and then. He thought I should paint it one solid color but I informed him I was creative and that one color would be holding down my artistic potential. He told me to stop using big words to sound smart. Then I hit him.

"I still don't like this idea."

"Well you can suck it Mr. No Imagination or how about Sir Dream Killer." I smiled and leveled my paint brush at him like a knife.

"You splatter paint on me and I will make sure all your pants have holes in the butts." He turned back to his book and I dipped my brush in the can of red.

"Well that's cruel." I flicked a glob of paint on him and it landed right on his face and dripped down to his lips.

"Please tell me that you did not just do that." He tucked his book into the pillows and stood up to walk over to me.

"I could but then I would be a liar." I ran to the other side of the room but he caught me and lifted me into his arms. I swiped at his eyes so he could open them. I was so preoccupied I didn't notice his bend down and rub his hand through the blue.

"You're missing something…" He said before smearing it all over my face and I smacked the back of his head playfully.

By the time we finished we both were covered in purple paint and lip prints decorated the walls.


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