In the End

John threw a plastic bag on Sherlock's desk. "Here you go."

Sherlock twisted his head a bit and looked at John enquiringly, "Why do you give me a bag of rubbish?"

"Molly's drawing." John went to his room and kept saying, "Moran destroyed it. The police collected the pieces as evidence. There isn't much point in recovering it so Lestrade gave them to me." John then went to the fridge and opened the door, "Aren't you a little bit curious what she drew?"

"No, not really." Sherlock returned to his laptop.

"Is that so?" John was rather dubious about Sherlock's attitude, "So I guess you wouldn't mind me throwing them out?"

"No, not at all." Sherlock didn't even look up.

John scrutinized Sherlock before standing up, "Fine." He picked up the bag and walked towards the door. "I will get rid of them on my way out."

John turned around, as he was one foot outside the door, "Seriously, what's the deal between you and Molly? I mean I understand what Molly meant for Martin. But what about you? You were worried to death about her when she was threatened and when she's okay, you act like she is nobody."

"She's the one that created me and that was it." Sherlock was typing quickly on the laptop.

John sighed.

"Sherlock Holmes, who was previously questioned as the world's biggest con man has come back and clear his name, bringing down the crime kingdom built by Jim Moriarty and Sebastian Moran…"

Molly turned off TV with a futile gesture.

Ever since the last text, Sherlock had never contacted her.

No calls, no cards, no flowers and no visits.

She had so many questions to ask him. What happened to Moran? How did Sherlock find her? How long had Sherlock been watching her? And she swore to God, if that prick used her as a bait to draw out Moran, she was definitely going to kick him right in the balls.

But she hadn't heard a single word from Sherlock. Even Mycroft had the courtesy to send flowers to the hospital although she asked the nurse to remove them for her allergy. Just because she was allergic to flowers, it didn't mean that she would mind receiving them.


She snorted and ate her pudding furiously.

"A-ha!" Sherlock straightened up and held the bag excitedly. He climbed out of the garbage surrounded him, carrying that bag carefully in his arms.

Really, John? You have to go to three blocks away to throw up rubbish?

Knowing John too well, Sherlock was pretty sure that John did it on purpose. He was just glad that John didn't stick around and jumped out with a camera.

Nobody had to know.

Sherlock returned to his old life and Molly went back to the morgue. It was as if nothing happened. To other people, she seemed to take a really long holiday and that was all. Sherlock's close-ups were again full of newspaper and the hat was back in the trend while Molly was considered to be the quiet and sweet morgue attendant as before. Nobody knew her involvement and nobody cared that she almost died twice. Every day, she woke up, went to work by tube, cut some poor people's stomach and brain open, went home, and the cycle repeated in the next day.

Today was not a typical day. Molly was busy working on her paperwork when the door opened.

"Back from your lunch break so soon, Mike?" She said without looking up from her desk and much to her surprise, a cup of coffee was put under her nose from her guest.

"Huh?" Molly raised her head and there it was, Sherlock Holmes standing in front of her in his usual fancy dressing.

"Your new haircut suits you."

She had been through this too many times. So she took a deep breath, "What do you want, Sherlock?"

"Nothing." He shrugged.

"Right." She replied sarcastically before taking off the lid, "What's this?"


She looked at the liquid carefully and took a sniff. It did smell like coffee but it didn't mean that there was nothing extra.

Seeing how suspicious she was of him, Sherlock rolled his eyes, "It really is just coffee."

"Huh." She nodded, and pushed the cup back to him, leaning back and crossing her arms in front of her chest, "Why are you here, Sherlock?" She felt slightly at disadvantage, with him standing up and looking down on her like a Greek god.

"Ever since I'm back, I have been thinking…" Sherlock said hesitantly, "And I think I owe you an apology."

"You think?" Molly leaned forward and stood up, "Sherlock, you gave me false hope and then you avoided me as if I was a disease. Sherlock, what do I mean to you, exactly? Am I just a distraction from boredom, a disposable toy, or just a fuck buddy?"

"I don't know." Sherlock looked at Molly right into her eyes, "I care about you, Molly. But I don't want to be your boyfriend. I don't want to be constrained by commitment and I don't believe in such thing as love and devotion. That's why I ran away. I was confused but now my mind is clear. You need someone like Martin Crieff and I'm not him." Sherlock stopped when he saw Molly's tear came out.

"I do have…" Sherlock thought about what to say, "…Sentiment for you. I am human, after all. But I can't promise that such sentiment will last forever. You deserve someone better."

"You are all I want." Molly's voice was trembling.

"Time will prove me to be right." Sherlock held her shoulders to be steady, "I'm not the one for you."

Molly was still crying, not because she was upset, but because she was angry.

That idiot was so close to be happy, to make her happy, yet he was too cowardly to see. He would rather lie to himself and her. He preferred pushing her into other men's to admitting how he really felt.

"I value your friendship a lot and I don't want to see you sad." Sherlock mistook her silence as depression.

Screw the friendship!

Instead, a plan formed in Molly' mind. She dried her tears away, "So…Just friends then?" He lied and so did she.

"Just friends." Nodding slightly, Sherlock was relieved.

He handed the coffee to her and slowly, she took it this time. When their fingers touched, there was electricity flowing between the two.

Both the two pretended didn't feel the chemistry.

Sherlock excused himself from the morgue and after he was out of the office, Molly took out the last drawer. A red lipstick lay there quietly.

As someone with an IQ way above the average, Sherlock was too naïve. There was no way that things would go back to how they had been before and Molly was now committed to make Sherlock and herself definitely not friends.

They had years ahead of them and she was not in a hurry.

I'm not quite done with you yet, Sherlock Holmes.

Friendship? We will see about that.

Four years later

On the soft sand, under the blue sky, Molly stood there in the white dress. The sound of the surf breaking on the beach, Canon in D Major, blessings from her family and friends, everything about her wedding was perfect.

"Because of you, Sherlock Holmes, I cried, I got heartbroken, and I nearly died several times. It was also you who brought out the best of me – I became stronger, happier and confident. You gave me a life. There's no other man I would rather spend the rest of my life with. I will always care for you, nurture you, be there for you and I vow to be true and faithful as long as we both shall live."

A cry from Arthur immediately followed Molly's vow. "I'm sorry. I always cry at the weddings." Douglas gave the young man a pat on the shoulders.

Mike gave the young man a warm look, and then turned to Sherlock.

Sherlock shrugged, "Ditto."

"Ditto?" putting her hands on her hips, Molly ignored all the audience, "Sherlock Holmes! When I asked you last night, you said you already prepared your vow and rehearsed it with John."

"He did. And it was beautiful." John whispered to his wife, Mary, "Honestly, I don't know what gets to him now."

"You are the one who suggested to get married! I swear if you are again, 'confused', I'm gonna…"

Molly's sentence was cut in the middle when Sherlock covered her lips with his mouth. "Hmmmmm…" Molly mumbled something like "get even with you later".

"Guys." Mike coughed, "I haven't said 'you may kiss the bride', yet."

"Oh. Get a room." Lestrade was booing with the rest of the Yard.

The End









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