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I don't when it started and I'm not sure how. I hate life and I don't wish to live, but every time I try I am unsuccessful. I have tried a total of 7 times. The most recent attempt leaving me with my voice unusable.

They won't let me.

Die that is. I wake the morning after with eyes full of worry, confusion, and expectation plowing into me. I hate waking up to that let alone at all. Worry is for my well being. I have distanced myself from everyone letting them know I no longer wish to be around them. Confusion is for the lack of reason I give. My buissness is just that, mine, not theirs. Last but not least, expectation is for wanted me to get up and continue to fight against evil. What exactly defines evil? It is all based on point of view and how you perceive things. My way of seeing things has changed and I wonder if I'm ever able to leave, to switch sides, will I still have this raging need to off myself?

Until I'm free to go I will never know, and that won't be happening any time soon. At this very moment in time I am confined. Confined to the light when I so desperately wish to lie in the dark, to shield myself from the blinding pain they inflict upon me. I'm told I have so much to live for but, honestly what is there? I'm being trained to kill at the age of 16. Who is taught that? Who?

I need to leave and soon or I might go mental. Anything would be better than this though. I'm seriously on my last thread and it is about to snap from the sheer pressure being placed on it. So I sit here and write this to you, the strongest wizard of time and beg. I beg to you on my hands and knees to take me. Steal me away and do what you shall whether you kill me, beat me, or break me. Ill welcome you with open arms and obey you to my fullest ability. I, Harry James Potter, ask you, Dark Lord Voldemort, to steal me away from this hell I live.


Voldemort smiled as he read the letter and let out a bark of laughter. It was time to claim his prize.