Chapter 1

It was a bright and sunny day in the town of New Bark, Johto. The town's people were at their regular work and chores, the local Pokemon stood watch in their natural habitat, and the winds (which the town was most famous for) were brushed against the steel surface of the windmills.

Within one of the town houses, a young girl was seen asleep in her bed. The girl had long crimson-colored hair that swept just past her shoulder blades. The ends of her hair were rather spikey-like than of straightened. As for her bangs, the girl always kept it brushed to the right side of her head, be it if she's awake or sleeping. Her pajamas consisted of a light purple long-sleeved button-up shirt with matching long pants, leaving her feet bare.

"Aly! Breakfast time!" a voice from downstairs came.

Aly slowly opened her turquoise (a blue-greenish shade) eyes. Usually this girl ignored her mother's calls to sleep in more, but decided against it.

So, she slowly rose from her bed, stretched her arms, and yawned. Aly rubbed her eyes and looked out her window. The view was the morning sun shining down on the small town that Aly came to know and love.

New Bark was a very small town. In fact; it was considered one of the least populated places in Johto. However, it was also considered one of the memorable places of Johto because the famous Professor Elm, who researches in Pokemon and specializes in Pokemon breeding, lived here with his wife and son.

It is said, when a trainer turns ten years old, they can start their Pokemon journey at Professor Elm's lab. Aly was unable to partake this event because when she was 10, her mom didn't permit her start her own journey, stating she was too young. So, Aly waited until she turned 11. However, when the time came again, she overslept and all the starter Pokemon were taken by other trainers.

'That's all gonna change today.' Aly's eyes widened and she smiled at the thought. Starting today, Aly was now a 12 year old.

She jumped out of her bed and went to her drawer. She got out of her pajamas and into her new clothes that she pretty much wears every day.

If there was a way to describe Aly Gray's fashion; people would say she dressed with a down-to-earth style. And since her favorite color was purple, that was the main color theme of her style.

That's why, every day, she wore a dark purple top with two thick stripes that wrapped around the middle of her arm. On her lower half were a pair of jean shorts that stopped at her knees, but the ends were wrapped around with two buckle straps. Instead of a belt to hold the waist, the pants were held by a green sash tied in the middle, resembling a ribbon. While her feet were covered with big gray shoes, the tongue of the shoes bent forward and stayed like that. Finally, on her wrists, were two black leather wrist bands.

The girl grabbed two black hair ties, and then proceeded to wrap two parts of her hair with the hair ties, the small pigtails hanging inches above her shoulders.

Checking that they stayed still by looking at herself in the mirror, Aly gave a nod of approval and grabbed her green (which match the shade of her sash) cotton beanie cap.

Aly rushed down the stairs and stopped at the bottom. Like all the town houses in New Bark Town, her kitchen and living room were connected. On the side of the living room wall, a door appeared adjacent to the front door. That was her mother's room.

Speaking of her mother, Aly found the woman in the kitchen, cleaning a glass plate with an old wash rag. Her name was Harper Gray; a single mother who was in her middle 20's. She wasn't always a stay at home mother. In her teenage years, she was one of the many students of Johto's Fighting-Type Gym leader; Chuck. She held a high title as a student along with a few others. That all ended when she met Aly's father and raised Aly in NewBark Town.

Harper's hair color was the color of scarlet, and hair style was short, chopped up and ending at the nape of her neck, and her bangs were spikier than Aly's and was parted to the right. Her sky blue eyes were large like Aly's, but they held more years and wisdom. That and small brown freckles laid on her cheeks.

Today, she was wearing a salmon-colored long sleeved shirt, under a white kitchen apron, a pair of blue jeans, and a pair of black flats. On her head was Harper's blue hair band.

The woman turned to see Aly and smiled at her. "Good morning, Aly. I see you're finally awake."

"Good morning, Mom. Sorry, I guess I stayed up too late watching TV again." Aly said shyly as she rubbed the back of her head.

Aly walked to the white table and sat in the red chair. Aly's mom walked to the table and placed a plate with food in front of Aly.

"Happy Birthday, baby girl." She said.

"Wow! Eggs and pancakes. My favorite. Thanks, Mom!" Aly said as she picked up her fork and gobbled the food down her throat. 15 seconds later, all the food was gone.

"Aly Gray! You are 12 years old, now. I think you've always known your 'table manners' before." Her mother scolded her, with a hint of humor in her tone.

Aly wiped her mouth with a napkin. "Sorry, Mom. I'm just so excited, since it is my birthday and all."

"Indeed it is." Harper paused, but then spoke again. "Oh. By the way; Ethan was just here. He was asking if you knew where Marill was. They're playing hide-and-seek again." Her mother said.

"Really. I'll go help!" Aly got up and dusted herself off. "I'm off!" She ran to the door and was about to open it, but was stopped by her mother's voice.

"Oh no you don't, young lady."

Aly turned to her mother and put on her 'Puppy dog eyes'.

"Oh please, mother dearest. I'll do every one of your chores for a whole week if you let me go." She begged.

Her mother crossed her arms and smiled. "As tempting as that is, no. I forgot to tell you. Our acquaintance, Professor Elm, was looking for you."

"Why was he looking for me?" The 12 year old asked.

"He said he had a favor for you to ask of you. I told him you would visit his lab. Besides, weren't you going there anyways?"

Aly rolled her eyes at her mother. "Of course I was. Geez! I'm not that forgetful."

"Do you have everything you need?" Her mother asked.

"Looks like it." Aly looked down at herself for checking.

A few seconds later, her eyes widened. "Oops! I forgot my back pack. Be right back!" She yelled as she ran up the stairs.

"Not that forgetful, she says…" Harper mumbled under her breath.

Moments later, Aly ran back down with a brown square-shaped back pack that had leather straps. "Now do you have everything you need?" Her mother asked again.

"Yes, mom." Aly answered back with sarcasm. "I'm off!"

Aly turned around to walk out, but her mother stopped her….again.

"Aly, wait! I want to give you your birthday present." She said as she handed Aly a small white and pink box. Aly took it and unwrapped it. Inside was a small, thin, golden card. At the top of the card was large black letters that read, 'Aly Gray'. Below it was a chart of Aly's info and trainer number.

"My very own ID card!?" She asked. Aly smiled and hugged her mother. Her mother returned the hug. "Thanks, Mom. I love it!"

Aly and her mother broke the hug and Aly headed to the door. "I'm off!"

"Give my greetings to the professor for me." Harper said, and then Aly nodded and shut the door.

Aly looked around her small hometown. New Bark Town. It was a small land and her house was right next to the ocean. That was Aly's favorite thing about the house. She would always be in her room and stared out her window that viewed that beautiful large ocean. Aly's thoughts were suddenly interrupted.


Aly saw a small blue mouse like creature with a large blue tail running towards her. The Marill ran and bumped into Aly.

"Marill? What are you doing?" She asked the small blue Pokémon.

"Ma-rill!" Marill said quickly and loudly. Suddenly, loud sounds of footsteps were heard.

"Marill!" The mysterious voice called.

Marill ran behind Aly and hid its face behind Aly's legs.

A boy, a year older than Aly, appeared to them. The boy had blue-blackish hair that only showed out of his front part. He wore a black and yellow striped hat and a red jacket. She recognized the boy who was her best friend, 'Ethan'.

"Hey, Aly!" Ethan greeted.

"Hi, Ethan." Aly greeted back.

Ethan started to walk around and look side to side with his head.

"Are you looking for something, Ethan?" Aly asked with her head cocked to the side.

"Sorry. I'm just looking for Marill. Have you seen it?" Ethan asked.

Aly playfully smiled, looked at the sky, and pushed up and down on her toes.

"Nope. I haven't seen Marill at all today." She lied.

Ethan began to rub his chin in thought. Suddenly, a large blue circular tail popped out of Aly's left leg. Ethan crouched to his knees and looked behind her legs. He saw Marill looking out of the opposite way of Aly's leg, seeing if the boy left. He sneakily poked Marill behind its back.


Marill screamed and jumped out in front of the two trainers. Ethan walked up and picked up the small blue mouse Pokémon.

"Found you Marill." Ethan said.

Marill giggled in Ethan's arms. They both turned to Aly. She shrugged her shoulders. "Sorry I wasn't much of a hiding spot, Marill." She apologized.

"Mar-ill mar." It said in an 'it's okay' tone.

"Well, we better get going. I have to start packing for my trip. Bye, Aly!" Ethan started to run away towards his house, but stopped again. He turned towards Aly and waved. "Almost forgot. Happy Birthday!" Then, he ran again.

"Thanks, Ethan! Good luck!" She yelled and waved back. Aly turned towards her left and walked to Professor Elm's laboratory.

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