Chapter 19

Previously on 'The Silver Adventures of Aly Gray'…

'Team Rocket, you've done it, you've really done it. Now you're going to deal with me…' Totodile thought as his controlled trainer walked towards the cage, mumbling…

"Let Team Rocket succeed…"

It took a while to stay quiet and hidden, but once Aly and Whitney (slowly) walked out of the hallway with the cage containing their friends, Ekans and Vulpix came out from behind the boxes and glanced sadly down the hall.

"I can't believe it. Team Rocket really has controlled Aly and Whitney; and now they captured Totodile and Misdreavus." Vulpix said, feeling a little guilty and upset. "I should've helped them."

Ekans turned to Vulpix and gave her a sad smile. "No, Vulpix. It isn't your fault. If we were all caught, then who would be able to save us then? That's why I protected you. Trust me, I wanted to save both of them, but I couldn't."

He noticed Vulpix glancing at the ground, so he slithered in front of her and placed his tail on her head comfortingly. "So that's why it's up to us to save everyone. You and I, we'll make it. I promise."

Vulpix perked up with a smile when she heard Ekans inspiring speech nodded in agreement. "Alright then, let's go, Ekans!" She said, and then ran down the hallway, followed by Ekans.

Though they 2 were determined to find their friends, the two Pokémon could not find their way through the surprisingly large basement. There were so many twists and corners through the hallway that it felt like a maze.

"Who knew one basement could get a Pokémon this lost." Ekans commented, sighing at the small feeling of confusion on where to go.

"I wish there was something to give us a hint on where everyone is." Vulpix said in desperation.

As if her wish was heard by some unknown source, the next room they looked into was a locked double-red door, with a window right next to it.

Ekans stretched his limbless body upwards until his head could finally see through the window. Inside was something that answered their problem; the security room. The large computer displayed many screens and showed almost every single corner of the building.

"Vulpix, I found the computer that shows all the security cameras. We should be able to find everyone with that. Now we just need to unlock the door."

Vulpix showed a small gentle smile and took a few steps back. Without asking what his foxlike friend was doing, Ekans watched as Vulpix opened her mouth and led out an Ember attack. The specks of flames brushed against the metal doors and the heated pressure slowly melted its way through them. All that was left was steam coming from the hole in the doors.

"Good thinking, Vulpix!" Ekans complimented with a smile, causing Vulpix to blush.

Inside, Vulpix made her way to the office chair that was in front of the monitors and Ekans slithered next to her.

"So now we just look and see which one of these cameras show where Aly and the others are."

It didn't take them long; because they found what they were looking for at the very top left screen.

On the screen showed a group of people (Obviously Team Rocket members by the look of their uniforms) and in front of them, sitting on top of a small podium, was the Hypno controlling everyone, only there was a metal head-band device on its head.

"There's Hypno." Ekans hissed angrily.

"Why is that thing on its head?" Vulpix asked.

"If I had to guess; Hypnos are known to putting people to sleep, though I only seen a Hypno do it to one person or a few people. Team Rocket wanted everyone in the department store to help them; so they probably made that device to increase Hypnos' Hypnosis." The Snake Pokémon answered her.

Something on the screen interrupted their conversation. Looking back at the screen, it showed the group of Team Rocket members parting from their position to let their green-haired leader through. Proton stood in front of the Hypno and turned to his employees.

There was a small sign above the room the monitor show. It was a small metallic one that read '0-B'. That was towards south from where the security room.

"We know where they are now! Let's go before Totodile and Misdreavus become their next victim." Ekans said, looking at his friend.

"Right!" Vulpix nodded.

Both determined, the two Pokémon jumped off from the office chair and ran towards room 0-B.

"Members of Team Rocket; I am pleased to announce that we have acquired all the needed materials for our objective. Soon, we shall return to base." The members of Team Rocket smiled at the thought of finally ending this mission and returning back to base to rest. "First, however, we have unfinished business."

The members looked confusingly at each other when they heard this. Since when did Team Rocket have unfinished business.

"Ladies, please introduce yourselves." Proton gently yet teasingly commanded.

Emerging through the shadows, the green beanie-capped girl and a pinkette gym leader. Their dull and emotionless eyes could not shine in the light; not even for a moment.

"Who are these girls, sir?" One of the members (A female grunt) asked.

"Who are they you, ask? Well while the girl in pink has no importance for me, that young lady right there" He paused to point at Aly. "Is the very reason why Team Rocket failed to capture the Slowpokes."

The members began to murmur amongst themselves; shocked to hear such a young and small girl could stop their plans. Especially a plan that was conducted by one of Team Rocket's greatest men.

"Yes; it is hard to believe this girl could ever stop my plan. However, she only intervened with our plans. For it was this Pokémon who truly defeated my Pokémon." Proton pointed his finger again to the other side of Whitney and Aly.

Pushed by two grunts was the cage containing the trapped Totodile and Misdreavus.

Gasps and more murmurs filled the room.

"Silence!" Proton ordered loudly, his smirk fading into a frown. Everyone immediately quiet down. "Well, I am not going to allow this Totodile and girl to ruin my plans. It is time to show these meddling twerps what happens when you mess with Team Rocket and their plans!"

Not everyone seemed to agree with Proton's objective at that moment, but no one dared to tell the executive otherwise, not with that usual terrifying expression on his face.

"You two! Move the cage from there to Hypno." The green haired man ordered the two grunts. The male and female responded quickly, but not fast enough for Proton. "Faster!" He added furiously.

Once the cage was in front of Hypno, Proton walked in front the cage and leaned slightly downwards, just a few inches above Totodile and Misdreavus. He gave the two Pokémon an evil smirk.

"I bet this is giving you pleasant memories, am I right, Totodile?" He asked, the smirk never fading. Totodile and Misdreavus continued to give him silence and glares. "Good, then. It's a pity, though, that you are not putting much of a fight compared with our last battle. I'm sure your trainer enjoyed that beating."

That was all Proton was able to say before he was sprayed by a Water Gun directly in the face.

Proton's smirk once again faded into a look of pure anger. Scowling, he grabbed the bars of the cage and gave it a good shake. "That is the last time you show disrespect towards me, and Team Rocket. Because I am going to make sure that you, your little friend, and your trainer suffer. By making you one of us."

One last shake, and Proton strode away, black boots stomping hard on the ground. "Hypno, prepare to use Hypnosis on those two!" His voice returned to its scary and angry pitch.

Not as scared at this human as the others, Hypno nodded with an expressionless look.

Misdreavus stopped watching the scene when she felt movement in the cage. She turned to her friend and saw that he was slamming his body multiple times against the bars of the cage.

"It's no use, Totodile. The cage is just too strong to br-"

"No! I'm not gonna just sit here and let Team Rocket win!" Misdreavus was taken aback from Totodile's sudden risen voice and the anger in his red eyes. She knew that he doesn't want to surrender, and neither did she, but she has never seen Totodile like this. Then again, she's only known him for a couple of days.

As Misdreavus stood stunned from Totodile's yell, the Jaw Pokémon continued to slam his body. "I'm not letting them win…I won't let them win this battle…I won't let them use her…won't let them hurt her…" The last part was actually something he spoke unconsciously, too consumed in hatred to pay attention what he was saying.

"Now Hypno, use Hypnosis!" Proton commanded from the sidelines with the other members.

"Why won't these stupid bars break!? Fine, I'll make them break!" Totodile began to think of ways he could use any of his moves to get out of this dang cage. He would not become a servant of Team Rocket. He promised his father and big brother that he would escape from them. He promised his father he would protect all that he considered important. Vulpix, Misdreavus, the other Pokémon, Aly…

The tiny blue fist that was clenched at his began to glow a fiery red. His red eyes began to grow larger and his body was emanating a red aura.

"T-Totodile…?" Misdreavus began to call out scarcely.

Hypno raised his two yellow hands and placed a finger at each temple. Rubbing small circles into the skin, Hypno's eyes began to outline in a pink-reddish color. Then, small pink transparent rays mysteriously came out of its eyes and began to drift towards the cage.

The Rage-using Totodile was about to punch the bars of the cage,

And the Hypnosis was about to hit the bars of the cage as well,

Until a sudden force smacked into the side of the cage and sent the wheels below spinning.

The cage was sent flying to the side of the room, missing the Hypnosis as it faded away due to no targets to use it on. Misdreavus screeched at this sudden movement of the and accidentally shoved Totodile down with her. Totodile was snapped out of his dark state when this happened and his head was smacked to the side of the cage. The Rage immediately went away. He was definitely gonna have a killer headache after that.

"Now what!?" A very furious Proton asked aloud.

Finally, the cage stopped moving when it collided to the brick wall. The force form both sides was something the cage could not handle, so the cage gave up on its strength and it was completely destroyed.

"What was that?" Misdreavus asked as she floated above the debris.

"You're alright!"

Totodile (who recovered from his failed Rage and became conscious again) and Misdreavus looked up and gasp when they saw who the force that saved them was. "Ekans! Vulpix!"

"The blindfolds worked?" Totodile asked them.

"Yep. While we were able to push you guys away from the Hypnosis attack, the blindfolds we have on protected our eyes, that way we couldn't see the Hypnosis or Hypno's pendulum." Vulpix answered with a smile, relieved to see her friends alright.

"Hey, where are the blindfolds?"

It now dawned on Vulpix and Ekans that the blindfolds they put on and wore into the room was gone from their heads. Glancing around, the 4 Pokémon saw shreds of the four blindfolds under the destruction between the destroyed cage and dented wall.

Looks like Vulpix and Ekans didn't tie the knots very good. You shouldn't expect it to be perfect when you've only got 4 paws and not hands, never the less no limbs at all.

"Whoops." Both Pokémon exclaimed with sweat drops on their heads.

"You know what? We don't need them now. Let's just make sure we don't look at Hypno at all. We can do it!" Misdreavus reassured everyone with a small smile.

"I thought you two said the Ekans and Vulpix were taken care of!" Proton yelled at one of his two grunts, interrupting the conversation.

"Come on, guys. Let's stop Team Rocket for good this time." Misdreavus said with confidence in her smile. The 3 Pokémon nodded with a smile, though Totodile was still a little shaken up from the situation he almost made earlier.

The 4 Pokémon turned around and were about to charge at Hypno, but Proton and a few of his grunts stepped in front of them. Proton was looking more ticked than ever. There was no sign of playfulness or mischief on his face.

"You sure love to make me mad, you little blue pest. Well, I was going to show you my bad side, but I'll let these two have that chance."

Totodile and the others gave a questioning look, but then they gaped as Aly and Whitney slowly moved in front of Proton. Though their faces were still lacked expression, the Pokémon still felt intimidated.

"Ladies, it seems our plans are going to be put on hold. Destroy these 4 Pokémon and we shall be back on schedule. And I'll make sure to put in good word to the boss on your success." Proton commanded the two hypnotized girls, sounding a little gentler than before.

"Yes Proton, sir. Let Team Rocket succeed." Aly and Whitney said in a chorus. Then, they reached into their pockets and brought out one Pokeball each. Pressing the buttons, the girls tossed up their Pokeballs into the air without saying their usual peppy phrases.

The lights faded and Pidgeotto and Clefairy emerged. Only their eyes looked exactly like the two female humans.

It seemed Clefairy was not the only one who was going to battle. Emerging behind Whitney's leg was the Eevee they found in the department store hours ago.

"They're under Hypnosis too?" Vulpix asked in confusion.

"Hey, who's the brown fur ball?" Totodiles asked with his hand cupping the side of his mouth.

"Looks like an Eevee. Is that Whitney's, Misdreavus?" Ekans asked the Ghost type Pokémon.

Misdreavus shook her head. "Clefairy is Whitney's only Pokémon, though she does use others at the gym. But I know for sure that she doesn't own an Eevee."

"Doesn't matter. That Eevee is hypnotized. We've gotta save it along with the others." Totodile interrupted. He turned to his opponents and began to give orders. He was not sure when he became team leader, but he was sure he was not gonna listen to toxic breath over there. "Okay, here's the plan. Vulpix, you take Eevee. Misdreavus, you take Pidgeotto. And Ekans, you take Clefairy. I'll go for Aly and Whitney when they're not expecting it. Got it?" When they nodded, Totodile pointed his index finger. "Let's go team!"

Vulpix pushed on all fours and charged at Eevee, Misdreavus moved her levitating body towards Pidgeotto, and Ekans slithered over to Clefairy. While this began to go down, Totodile slipped behind them and hid behind a box (nearby Aly and Whitney) and waited for his perfect chance.

Coming in fast, Vulpix opened her mouth and shot out multiple Embers. Eevee was too slow to react, so it cried out in pain when the fiery specks hit her.

It seemed this Eevee was not too high leveled up. It didn't take Vulpix's Ember well. The Fox Pokémon also noticed that Whitney was too focused on ordering her Clefairy to use a move on Ekans to notice Eevee. So this Eevee really was not the pinkette's. Then why was it hanging around her?

Too busy in her thoughts, Vulpix was pushed back when Eevee used Quick Attack on her.

"Use Gust."

Pidgeotto thought of nothing as she used her wings to create a large amount of wind and cut Misdreavus with it. All personal opinions were gone from Pidgeotto now. So she continued using the attack.

Misdreavus turned around quickly and used Thunderbolt behind the Flying type's back. The bolts of electricity landed perfectly, causing Pidgeotto to land on the ground painfully.

Misdreavus floated over to her fallen opponent, worrying that her Thunderbolt was too much for her.

Her mistake, however, as Pidgeotto opened her empty eyes and used Gust once again.

Ekans barely managed to dodge as Clefairy used Metronome, which was turned into an Ice Shard.

Ekans was feeling extremely guilty about fighting his new-found friend, but it looks like he can't prevent it. This was the only way to help them, even if he was fighting them.

Ekans slithered on the ground until he was behind the Fairy Pokémon and opened his large mouth, releasing a Poison Darts attack. They landed perfectly, which made Ekans frown. 'I'm so sorry, Clefairy.'

"Mimic." Whitney commanded with her own empty pink eyes.

Clefairy opened her eyes and replayed the scene of Ekans using Poison Darts on her. Memorizing it, Clefairy turned her dull eyes to Ekans and opened her mouth. Out of nowhere, small purple darts came out and smacked into Ekans. Though he was a Poison type who knew this move, it still hurt a lot.

But that didn't mean he was gonna give up. He still needed to save his trainer, their trainer.

By now, Aly and Whitney focused on the battle before them, not paying attention to the Jaw Pokémon that snuck up behind them.

However, something hovered in front of him. A Koffing, which was the same Koffing he had met in the Slowpoke Well. 'Not again.' Totodile thought in annoyance.

"Koffing, use Sludge." Proton commanded.

Opening up its mouth, Koffing spurt the brown-blackish sludge on Totodile. Totodile mentally thought to himself why Poison types just have to be so smelly when it came to their attacks.

Totodile prepared an Ice Fang to stop him, but he was too slow and Koffing slammed its body into him, sending him flying forward.

Ekans was unable to move as Totodile came rolling and crashed into the Snake Pokémon, who landed on the fallen bodies of Vulpix and Misdreavus.

Totodile slowly lifted his head and opened his ruby eyes. Looks like they just failed at their so-called plan that was gonna save everyone.

Proton stood in front of them with a smirk and crossed arms. 4 of his grunts stood on the sides of him and the still-sitting Hypno sat behind everyone. "I told you I would make you all suffer." Walking to the side, he added with a glint of light in his eyes. "Pleasant nightmares, Totodile."

He failed. He couldn't protect his friends and trainer. He couldn't stop Team Rocket. If Totodile's father and brother saw him now.

'Sorry dad. Croconaw. My friends. Aly. I wasn't strong enough…' Totodile thought hopelessly as he lowered his head in shame. Ekans, Misdreavus, and Vulpix felt exactly the same guilt and copied Totodile's movement.

"Hypno, use Hypnosis."

…A moment passed in silence.

"Hypno, I said use Hypnosis!"

…Another moment passed in silence.

"Stupid Pokémon! Why are you not…" Proton was silenced when he saw why his Pokémon did not use the move.

For Hypno was outlined in a light blue magical aura and lifted up in the air.

"Hypno?" Proton gasped when he saw that his Pokémon was actually struggling within the mysterious grasp.

"What's the matter, sir?"

"Why is Hypno floating like that?"

Seeing the total chaos as a perfect chance, Totodile slowly opened up one eye and slowly opened his mouth.

Using all the power he had left, Totodile used a powerful Water Gun on the faces of Aly, Whitney, and their Pokémon. And it landed on target, to everyone's relief.

It was as if something was blocking all thoughts from entering their minds, to Aly, Whitney, and the Pokémon. Now that they returned, the former hypnotized victims wondered what happened to them that made them think like this. What happened to them? Why were they in a basement? And why were they all wet?

Suddenly, they remembered fainting from watching a mysterious pendulum on the TV.

Opening up her teal eyes, Aly's vision was returned to her and the first thing she saw was almost all her fallen Pokémon on the ground, and it looked like they were hurt.

"Guys!" The crimson-haired tween exclaimed with worried eyes as she rushed over to her Pokémon. Pidgeotto, snapping back into reality, saw her friends and flew down to them.

Whitney had to shake her head multiple times to get a clearer vision. When it cleared up, Whitney saw a fallen Misdreavus near Aly and the others. There was no doubt in her refreshed mind that that was her brother's Misdreavus. "Misdreavus! Are you alright?" She asked as she held the Screech Pokémon in her arms. Misdreavus opened her eyes slowly and formed a smile.

"Misdreavus!" Misdreavus looked up and saw it was Clefairy who called her name, and it made Misdreavus smile more knowing her best friend is back.

"Clefairy…you're okay…" Misdreavus weakly replied, trying to stay awake. Clefairy made her own smile and placed a small pink hand on top of the Ghost Pokémon's head.

"Where are we? How did we-Eevee!" Whitney called out to the Evolution Pokémon. Hearing its name being called, the brown-furred creature perked with a smile, glad to have seen her new friend again, and jumped into her arms. "Thank goodness you're alright!"

"Looks like everyone is all here. I wonder what happened." Aly began to look around for more answers, but she stopped when she saw a familiar green haired man and Koffing. "Proton!" She glared.

Proton did not seem to hear her, but he did not care. He and the other members were still trying to figure out what was wrong with Hypno. The Psychic Pokémon was still floated within mid-air and struggled as it moved its body. The blue magical glow never faded around its body.

"Hypno, use Psychic to free yourself." Proton ordered.

Hypno nodded slowly and tried to focus its mind, but it seemed that the magical blue glow was somehow distracting it from doing so.

"You don't think Hypno is under a Psychic attack?" One of the grunts asked aloud.

"Impossible! Hypno would have sensed it. Besides, the Pokémon are down. Who else could've-" Proton was suddenly cut off when Koffing floated in front of its master, glaring at the wall to the side of them.

"Koffing, what are you doing?" The green haired man asked his Pokémon, immediately forgetting about the hovering Hypno.

As Proton glanced where Koffing was looking, he did manage to see something move in front of the wall. It was too hard to try to make out the shape of the moving object, which Proton assumed that it was invisible.

However, he was starting to make out two transparent eyes that were outlined in the same blue glow his Hypno was trapped in.

'There's our little Psychic intruder.'

"Koffing, use Tackle!" He commanded Koffing.

"Koffing!" Koffing replied as it pushed its body forward. Though it could not make out the whole shape of the creature, Koffing set its eyes on the glowing pair of blue ovals, assuming those were the eyes. The Tackle landed and the creature was pushed towards the center of the room forcefully. It managed to stay invisible, but now everyone could see the glowing blue outlined ovals.

In the process of getting hit, the creature accidentally released its hold on Hypno with its Psychic. Hypno stretched its arms, happy they were free, and then fell on the ground, but landed gracefully on its feet.

"You have got a lot nerve to meddle with Team Rocket." Proton said with a low tone, sounding very intimidating. He walked a few steps closer to the creature and tried to get a better image of it, which failed. "And you should know Team Rocket does not do well with people who meddle. But you're not exactly human are you?"

The creature glanced up in fear, its blue outlined ovals shining in the light. 'Oh no…'

"Hey, Proton!"

Before Proton could command another attack, a gust of wind came rushing and knocked him off his feet. The man slowly got up, grunting in pain a little, and glared when he saw that it was Aly who commanded the Gust attack. "We've got a bone to pick with you." The red-haired tween declared as she cracked her knuckles, standing protectively in front of her fallen Pokémon. Whitney nodded with her determination, even though she never even personally met the man. Then again, he was working for Team Rocket and kidnapped them.

Everyone was too focus on sending death glares at each other, that they forgotten all about the invisible creature in the room. The creature took this as an opportunity to escape.

Slowly floating up, the creature raised two invisible arms and summoned the powers within itself. As it did this, a silver ball of light with a green center appeared. Everyone saw the light peek into the corners of their eyes and gasped when all they saw was a ball of light floating in the air.

Silent as the night, the creature released the attack and sent it soaring into the wall on the other side of the room. The light smacked into the wall and was very powerful; almost as if tons of boulders were hurling themselves at it.

The wall gave out immediately, unable to withstand the force. It was destroyed within seconds and a large explosion appeared. Everyone ducked to dodge the wall debris that came their way, with Aly and Whitney hunching over their Pokémon to protect them.

Once the explosion died down and the smoke cleared, all there was left was a giant whole in the wall.

Then, without any hesitation, the invisible creature flew out of the room and out through the hole as fast as it could.

In an instant, a sound of police sirens came into hearing until everyone could hear it clearly. Approaching in front of the whole was a motorcycle, with Officer Jenny riding on top.

"Team Rocket!" She exclaimed with a serious look, mentally glad they finally found them.

Following close behind her, Duncan and Bill came running until they were right beside. The purple-haired young man saw the sight of crimson and pink, which made him cry out in joy. "Whitney! Aly!"

"Duncan!" Both girls yelled back in a chorus, smiles on their face.

"Proton of Team Rocket; you and your group are under arrest for the kidnapping of the missing Goldenrod City civilians. You are also under arrest for stealing items from the department store. Recall your Pokémon and come quietly." Officer Jenny order the group. In case that would not work, the green haired police officer slowly placed her hand on the Pokeball on her belt.

However, a truck outside of the hole came around the corner and interrupted the scene. It was a black pickup truck with a large trunk, covered by a tan sheet.

A man and woman soon jumped out of the front seats of the truck, both wearing Team Rocket uniforms.

"Proton, sir! The boss just called in. He wants us to return to base right now." The male grunt informed the administrator.

"Tell him I'm not leaving until I finish these brats!" Proton growled, his eyes turning menacing.

"I am sorry, sir, but we have no time to debate." The female grunt said grimly, a little scared that she just told one of Team Rockets' scariest members no. Looking to her right, she raised an arm. "Hypno, use Psychic and bring the executive here!" She ordered the Pokémon.

"Hypno! Don't you-!" Proton could not even finish his sentence when he was suddenly frozen, feeling the invisible power of Psychic wrap around his body. He was lifted in the air quickly and was thrown into the trunk of the truck. Hypno made a leap and climbed into the truck.

With them inside, the two grunts ran back to their seats, started the engine, and took off down the road.

"After them!" Officer Jenny ordered. Her two officers nodded and brought out their Pokémon, which were to Noctowls. Then, they hopped on their own motorcycles and chased down the truck.

Duncan finally ran over to the two girls, who were still confused on what happened just now and what happened hours ago, and he knelt in front of his twin. Without a word, he grabbed his sister's shoulders and hugged her.

"Thank goodness you're alright." Duncan sighed, a small smile on his face.

"Missed you too, Duncan." Whitney smiled back, returning the hug.

Aly smiled at the sweet scene between the siblings. She felt a little envious, since she was an only child and never had any siblings to hug.

"Are you alright, miss?" Looking up, Aly saw a green haired young man lowering his hand to her. Smiling at the generosity, she took it and hoisted herself up. Before she forgets, Aly took out her 3 Pokeballs and recalled Ekans, Vulpix, and Pidgeotto so they could rest. When that was done, she knelt down and picked up Totodile, who was still unconscious.

Duncan and Whitney broke the hug, but Duncan's smile faded when he saw his Misdreavus on the ground. "Misdreavus!" Picking her up gently, Duncan cradled the small Pokémon. "Are you alright?" He asked gently. His partner opened her ruby eyes and smiled, winking as well.

"Are you kids alright?" Officer Jenny walked over and asked, motioning at Aly and Whitney.

"Yes, we're fine." Whitney answered her.

"Wait a minute. What happened to us?" Aly asked, still waiting for someone to answer her question.

"You mean you don't remember?" Officer Jenny asked. The two girls shook their heads sadly. Duncan sighed and then began to explain what exactly happened with him and the Pokémon after the girls left.

"So that thing we saw on the TV was a Hypno." Whitney muttered to herself.

"I am afraid so. Hypnos can have the power to do that." Bill commented. He saw the confused looks on Aly and Whitney's face and remembered that the girls just woke up from their hypnosis and have not met him yet. "How rude of me. My name is Bill."

"Nice to meet you, Bill. I'm Aly Gray." Curious to why he was here, the crimson-haired girl asked, "You helped out Duncan and Officer Jenny?"

"Yes. You see I was looking for my-"


Hearing the unexpected noise, everyone turned and saw Eevee come running towards Bill. "Eevee!" Bill cried out with his arms open. The Evolution Pokémon smiled back and jumped into his arms, happy to see its friend again.

"Oh, so you're the Bill that owns this Eevee." Aly realized.

"Well not technically own, but I am taking care of this Eevee." Bill informed her.

Aly was about to ask more, but Officer Jenny's question popped up first. "So how did you two girls snap out of Hypnos' Hypnosis?"

"Well, we weren't sure what exactly happened, but we couldn't really see or hear anything while we were asleep. We just assumed we were dreaming about something, which was probably the dream about us being part of Team Rocket. We dreamt that for a while, and then all of a sudden, Whitney and I were splashed by my Totodile's Water Gun."

"That makes perfect sense!" Duncan said with a smile. "I remember always waking Whitney whenever I found her napping during her jobs." He joked, laughing at the faces his twin would make as she dripped wet. This made Whitney send him a small glare with a blush on her face, embarrassed by that memory.

"Then that means we can use your Totodile's Water Gun to wake everyone up." Officer Jenny said with a smile.

"You mean you manage to get everyone?" Aly asked.

"Yes. After a while, we managed to get through the doors without hurting any of the civilians. They put up a good fight, but we used one of our officer's Pokémon to use its Sleep Powder. It put them straight to sleep."

Aly looked down at her Totodile, and to her surprise, he was slowly waking up. "Did you catch any of that Totodile?" She asked him. He nodded, though his head was still spinning a little. "Think you could use your Water Fun a few more times?"

Once again, he nodded, which made his trainer smile.

It was around 9:15 when everyone was awaken, thanks to Totodile's Water Gun.

"I'm glad everyone is back to normal." Aly said with a smile, leaning against the top of the hood of one of the police cars.

"To." In her arms was her Totodile, who had his eyes closed and his arms resting behind his eyes.

Minutes later, Whitney came jogging up to Aly with a smile on her face. "Guess what, Aly? Officer Jenny is letting the city continue the Ghoul-n-Spook tournament!"

"That's awesome to hear! But I take it you have more exciting news?" The crimson haired tween asked with a smirk.

"You guess correctly. Bill is going to watch the tournament, but that's not what I'm happy about. So while everyone was reverting back to normal, Bill and I had a chat. While we were talking, the Eevee he had kept walking over to me and nuzzling my leg. Bill then told me that Eevee seems to really like me. You know what happened next?"

"Nope. I don't think I do." Aly joked.

"He told me I could keep Eevee!" Whitney proclaimed with a smile and her hands clasped, giggling at her statement.

"He gave you Eevee, just like that?" She asked in disbelief.

"Yep. He told me he only captured Eevee so that he could study these new evolution stages apparently Eevee could do; evolutions that are not just the ones we know today." The pinkette explained.

To prove her point, Whitney grabbed her new Pokeball from her belt. It was not a normal Pokeball; it was black with orange lines wrapping around the sphere and button.

Pressing the orange button, Whitney pointed the special-designed Pokeball down and it opened, the blue light. Eevee came out and smiled. "Vee-vee!"

"I've never seen that Pokeball before." Aly commented.

"It called a Luxury Ball. It's the Pokeball Bill caught the Eevee in. Isn't it fancy?"

Suddenly, music started to play through the city. It sounded spooky yet it had a techno beat to it.

"Looks like tournament is going to start soon." Whitney informed her. She turned her body to the right and raised her elbow. "Come on, Eevee."

"Vee!" The Evolution Pokémon cheered and jumped on her new trainer's shoulder. Then, the pinkette turned and began to run towards the entrance of the department, turning and calling out towards her friend. "You too, Aly."

Aly was confused at her friend's sudden action. Nevertheless, the crimson-haired tween ran to pick up the pace with her.

"Where are we going?"

Turning back with a giggle, as if Aly just made a joke, Whitney answered, "To get our costumes, of course!"

"Ladies and gentlemen! Welcome, welcome; to our annual Halloween Ghoul-n-Spook tournament!"

The city lights were sparkling in the night. The streets could only be seen by their respective lamp posts. Doors were decorated with Halloween items, from pumpkins on the patios to spider webs spread on the windows. On the sidelines of the roads held booths. Some of them sold food like spider-webbed themed cotton candy, other booths sold things like Halloween shirts and hats. There were even clothing that were shaped like Ghost Pokémon.

While the people who preferred to sleep were out; the costumed trainers came out to play.

The center of the city roared with applause and cheers, each of them coming from excited costume teens and children.

"It is always a pleasure to host such a wonderful event such as this. What better way to celebrate one of the world's favorite holiday than a tournament? And not just any normal tournament; this tournament is also celebrating the appreciation we all have for Ghost Pokémon!" As the announcer (who was dressed up in a human skeleton body suit) said this, the crowd clapped again.

"They really like Halloween, huh?" Aly asked with an amused smile. Bill chuckled at the small joke.

Lucky for her and Whitney, they were able to buy their costumes just in time. Although, Bill said he would pass on the chance of dressing up in a costume, much to Whitney's protest.

And to Whitney's relief; no one took her costume that she chose in the beginning. So she was dressed up in the black and pink 1950's waitress costume. She kept her pigtails, though.

As for Aly, her Halloween costume was a pirate. The outfit consisted of a black and white stripped tube top that was under a brown leather vest. On her waist was a red sash, which had a black metal skeleton in the center. Below it was a long black skirt, but her left knee was exposed. Black and white stripped stockings stuck on her legs and with black leather boots. Around her head was a black bandanna. Like Whitney, she kept her pigtails in.

To the left of Whitney and the right of Aly, all of their Pokémon stood with them. Only Totodile was perched on Aly's shoulder and Whitney held her new Eevee in her arms.

"I know; it can see as weird, but I love it anyways." Whitney answered with a smile.

"Enough of my rambling. Shall we get started with our scary battles in store?" The announcer spoke louder into the mic.

He was answered by more yells and applause.

"Then, let us introduce our first contestants." He pointed to his right first. "On this side, we got Brian in his terrifying vampire costume."

Brian smiled and walked up the stairs to position on the stage, his raven hair pulled back and his fake fangs poking out of his mouth.

"And on this side, we got one of Goldenrod City's Golden Twin; Duncan. And would you look at his costume!" The announcer commented in awe.

The purple-haired young man smiled at that comment and ran up the stage. His costume seemed to be an 1800-era ghost; with a black-brownish cloak with hood (tattered at the bottom), spider webs on the sleeves, a pocket watch sticking out the corner pocket, a forest green tattered scarf, a forest green top hat with brown feather, and white worn-out gloves.

Misdreavus also appeared, floating right beside Duncan's shoulder.

"Looks like we have our first ghost in this tournament. How scary." The announcer joked, with a few members chuckling along.

"Go and win this, bro!" Whitney called out with her mouth cupped around her hands.

"You can do this, Duncan!" Aly also cheered.

Their Pokémon also joined in, calling out Duncan's name in their secret language with smiles on their faces.

The announcer raised a hand. "Ghouls, call out your Ghost Pokémon."

"Shuppet, come on out!" Brian called out, tossing up his Pokeball. It opened up and a floating purple-limbless Pokémon appeared. It sort of reminded Aly of Misdeavus, but there were too many differences.

"Let's go, Haunter!" Duncan called out as well, tossing his Pokeball. It opened up and revealed the Haunter the girls knew and loved.

"Alright, everyone. Let's get spooky!"

With that announced, the Halloween battle began.

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