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Ch. 10

Getting out of the castle proves just as hard as getting into it. We manage to narrowly escape detection from Peeves, Snape, and one of the Carrows thanks to some fancy spell work of Hermione's and Ron's luck of being a Weasley. When we finally make it out of the castle and out the front door of the Shack, Fenrir and Charlie are waiting to get us back to Grimwald Place. I can't contain myself when I see him and I launch myself into Fenrir's arms. His arms wrap around my back and pull me in tight against his chest.

While I burrow into Fenrir, Hermione and Ron fill him and Charlie in on the pseudo plan we came up with.

"Are you okay little one?" He whispers in my ear.

"We need to get moving and kill this bastard. I can't be away from you for that long again." I mumble into his peck.

"You won't have to because I'm going with you into Gringotts." He growls, "I cannot let you out of my sight. I almost killed this dragon tamer while waiting for you."

"Scared the shit out of some animals in the forbidden forest too." Charlie chimes in.

"Glad you lived bro. Mom would have been pissed if you didn't come home." Ron jokes.

"Now Ron you know your mother would have been out here destroying the grounds if either one of you didn't come back." Hermione chides.

"The perfect example of a momma wolf." Fenrir grumbles, "Now let's get out of here and hurry up with our mission."

With slightly muffled cracks we disparate away and back to our headquarters to try and figure out how to destroy the diadem and steal the cup.

We've been sitting around the large kitchen table for close to an hour and still we

haven't figured out how to destroy the diadem. No one wants to try and wear it unless they become possessed. Not a one of us knows a spell to get rid of it and we already tried just smashing it with a hammer.

"What the bloody hell are we supposed to do if we can't destroy it?" Ron grouses from his chair.

I whine into Fenrir's neck in sadness. I need this stupid thing to go away and leave me alone. I need Fenrir to stick is fat knot in my hole and pump me full of his cum. I need to be carrying our pups.

"I once read of a spell to create wizard's fire." Hermione states, "It is made of metal what about trying to melt it like muggle items?"

The room goes quite as they contemplate this thought. It's so crazy that it might just actually work and the sooner we get rid of this horcrux the sooner we can get around to stealing and destroying the cup.

"We can try Fiendfyre." Sirius suggests, "What is the harm in trying the spell?"

"There is actually a lot of harm in trying this particular spell." Remus jumps in, "If the wizard casting the spell cannot control the spell it can become out of control and consume everything in its path."

"So what do you need to be able to control it?" Bill Weasley asks.

"You need a powerful wizard or witch with a strong mind and a clear purpose who is also an experienced caster. You also need few distractions if I remember correctly." Hermione recites.

"So who here fits that bill?" Ron asks.

Everyone turns this way and that looking at everyone else trying to figure out if anyone fits the bill.

Of course Hermione is the first to speak, "Well I know that Ron is out of the question judging by his school work and I'm out because I don't have enough power."

"Sirius is out." Remus interjects, "He doesn't have the focus required."

"I'm out as well." Charlie says, "I don't have the concentration either and I'm telling you neither does Bill."

Before the twins even get the chance to speak Mrs. Weasley pipes up, "None of the Weasley children are attempting this spell. I can tell you right now that none of them have the concentration required for this spell."

"That leaves Harry and Remus." Hermione says.

"And me." Fenrir adds.

"You?" I question, "I thought you said you didn't like wands?"

"You are correct. I did tell you that I don't like wands, but I didn't tell you that I couldn't use one. I did go to Hogwarts, remember?" He explains.

"Oh right." I blush, "And you do have the power otherwise I wouldn't have found you."

"Exactly." He nods.

"Are you sure you can handle it?" Remus questions softly.

"I can handle it." Fenrir nods the affirmative.

"Alright then the rest of us should leave the room so that we aren't distractions by accident." Remus intones and then motions to the rest of the group.

I ignore him and tuck myself closer into Fenrir's side as everyone else leaves. Before Remus walks out of the kitchen he looks at me then looks at Fenrir. He must have got the response needed because he walks out of the room and leaves me where I am.

"Harry I need you to stay right where you are and not move or make a noise. I'm going to cast the spell and direct it to the diadem on the table. As soon as the diadem is destroyed I'm going to attempt to cut the spell off. If it doesn't turn off I need you to leave the room and get everyone out."

I let out a soft whine and burrow closer, scared of the thought that Fenrir could lose control of the spell.

"I'm pretty sure that all will be fine, but just in case be prepared little one." Fenrir says before extending his hand out palm up, "May I borrow your wand as I don't have one of my own?"

I pull my wand out of the arm sleeve I keep it in and hand it to him. He gives the wand a test flick and a jet of blue sparks leaves the tip. Fenrir gives a satisfied nod.

Before I can even blink Fenrir casts the spell and a jet of fire explodes from the tip of my wand. I jerk slightly at the first sight of the fire. It's an unfamiliar scene, but I quickly melt back into my place and watch the diadem closely to make sure that it's melting.

As quick as it started the flame cuts off and Fenrir slumps against the edge of the table panting. I look up and whine softly hoping he's okay.

"Is it melted?" He asks.

I glance at where the diadem was sitting on the table and see nothing but a scorch mark. A large smile spreads across my lips before I wrap my arms tightly around his waist.

"You did it." I whisper.

I watch as Fenrir lifts his head from where it had been bowed while he recovered. It's as if his ears perked up like the wolf he is. He smiles ferally before reaching down to pick me up. My legs automatically come up to wrap around his waist while he holds me up.

"Now that that is taken care of we are going to quickly get upstairs and in our nest before them come barging in here to see what's going on. I have plans that they don't need to know about." Fenrir growls.

I shiver in his arms before nipping playfully at his ear.

"Am I walking to our nest or am hitching a ride?" I ask.

"I think I'll just carry you. I don't want to let you go."

"Then it's settled I'm carrying you."

I squeak as Fenrir tightens his hold on my ass before making a break for the back stairs and our nest. I continue my kisses and nips on his neck and shoulder while he runs on silent feet to the room we made our nest. I can feel my hole starting to prepare itself for him and I can't contain the whimpers escaping me.

When we finally reach our nest there is not time to think. Fenrir closes the door and pins me to it. The second my back hits the door Fenrir starts pulling my clothes off and I his. By the time all of our clothes are gone my hole is so slick Fenrir can easily slide three fingers inside. I can't stop the moan that leaves me. I need him to fill me up and I need pups.

"Fenrir" I moan, "Pups."

"I know little one I know, but we can't have pups until that bad man is dead."

A vicious growl leaves my throat as Fenrir removes his fingers. Before I can complain again he throws me over on the bed and I quickly scramble to present myself like the good submissive I am. I wiggle my rump like a bitch in heat, which I might as well be.

"I know baby I know. I'm going to fill you up good and keep you filled until you can't take anymore." Fenrir grows as he quickly mounts me.

It feels absolutely incredible to be pinned under my dominant. While the nips and kisses to my back drive my desire higher his sheer size comforts me like no other has before. The first brush of his cock against my sopping wet and open hole sends me writhing. When he finally sheaths himself completely a loud moan leaves my lips and if I hadn't been the one making the noise I would have mistaken it for a howl.

Fenrir growls above me while my walls ripple around his girth. I can feel myself stretch to accommodate him and I can't contain the whimpers that leaves my throat. He feels so good and fills me up perfectly. I don't know how I ever got through being a wolf without him.

My first orgasm comes with Fenrir buried deep inside me. The second comes when he's licking my release from my stomach. Then the third as he takes me yet again. By the time we have exhausted ourselves completely I've cum a couple more times and I ach in all the right places. Fenrir lounges back against the pillows pilled in our nest with an aura of self-satisfaction just radiating off of him. I snuggle into his side as close as I can get because I am loath to be out of contact from him.

"Do you think they know where we are?" I ask softly into Fenrir's chest.

"I wouldn't be surprised if Remus or your godfather could smell where we are." He chuckles.

I can feel the blush heat my face at the thought that my godfather knows exactly what I've been up to.

"We'll go back downstairs in a little while after we've cleaned up a little bit so that we can go get the cup and destroy it." Fenrir muses as he idly scratches my back.

"I don't want to go down there and talk about another dangerous plan to continue this dangerous quest." I grumble, "I just want to cuddle."

Fenrir chuckles causing my body to bounce where it lies on his chest, "Then we shall hide away in our nest for a little while before they come looking for us."

I giggle at how serious his statement sounds even though I know that we need to go downstairs and get a move on so that I can start working on pups, but for a little while we can just snuggle.

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