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Touko's POV:

The weeks after the final battle were, well...kinda hectic. A lot happened, to be honest; one, Ghetsis and N went missing. Second, I got my fair battle with the Elite 4 and Alder; and, surprisingly enough, I won. I was now, officially, Unova's reigning champion. Dad likes to joke around saying I could probably win over all the titles if I wanted to.

Oh, right. 'Dad'. Red and I...well, after I was brought back to life, Mom forced us to have a nice, long chat. Locked us up in a room for a couple hours, too. We managed to talk everything I'd been upset about out, and Mom found us cuddled up on the bed, Dad holding me in his arms (she took a helluva lot of pictures).

Cue the 'aw'ing. Sometimes, I wonder if there's someone out there reading about my life...weird, huh?

Anyways, yeah...everyone's all happy now. Well, sorta; Creep-a-lot Junior and Creep-a-lot Senior both escaped. Apparently, my safety had been more important at the time. For some reason, I knew this was going to come back and haunt us.

At the moment, I was in the fields just outside my house; yes, we were still in Unova. Dad and the others decided to move here, only going back for official business. Aunt May and Aunt Dawn both decided it was about damn time this family had its happy ending. Or, beginning; it was confusing.

Considering the large amount of people who had to move in, things were, again, hectic for a while; the house had to completely revamped. Each couple/family got its own floor (so I got a new room). The kitchen and living room were the same though...or, at least, in the same place. They attacked our poor house, I tell you, like a pack of angry termites.

Aunt May and Aunt Dawn, that is.

"Something on your mind?" Zekrom's voice floated in my thoughts, interrupting my musing. I smiled, resting myself against the comforting bark of Viola; the tree that had stood in our backyard since I was a little kid.

The wind ruffled my hair, teasingly, and I watched as the emerald-green blades of grass swayed in sync. 'Just thinking about how calm everything, and everyone, seems. Although, I can't shake the feeling that something else is going to happen...soon...'

"You deserve a break, Touko," he mentally sighed, and I could picture the regal dragon shaking his head at my paranoia. "Though...I would imagine..."

'What is it?' I thought to him as I watched my pokemon play among the cherry blossom trees that were, at the moment, in full bloom. The individual petals unhinged themselves from the trees, falling to the ground in a graceful manner. Reshiram and Leavanny sat, watching the others as they leisurely chatted about god knows what.

"N...was working with the other organizations. They were never found, no?" I could feel Zekrom's hesitance to continue, as if I'd get upset that he was bringing up yet another problem. He was still so worried that he'd do something to break our bonds.

'No...' I realized what he was getting at, and felt apprehension pulling at my heart. 'You think they'll try something without Ghetsis and N?'

"I'm not sure, Touko. All of them are strong leaders by themselves, so it's highly likely they'll try something. I believe, though, they have to fall back and think of what to do. That gives us some time, right?"

"Touko? Something wrong?" Reshiram asked, moving over to cuddle with me. I giggled, and petted her head, shaking my head no. "Nah, just talking with Zekrom with problems that might arise in the future."

"Care to enlighten me of what my brother has to say?" she asked, smiling. Ever since Zekrom's essence had leaked into all of our bodies, he enjoyed conversing with everyone.

"Well, he thinks the other leaders are gonna try something..."

She sighed, "Highly likely, unfortunately. Though, let us hope for the best."

I nodded absentmindedly, gazing at the fluffy-white clouds in the sky. At the moment, I...really, couldn't care less about the evil men plotting against us. Or the fact that N and Ghetsis were still at large. At the moment, all that mattered, was that everyone I cared about was in one piece.

And we were all together.

I smiled lazily, remembering every struggle faced during my fall, and my rise. That was all there really was to life, if you asked me; you rise and fall.

And repeat the method.

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