A/N- This story was adopted from U-Wish-U-Knew, now known as True-Love-IchiHichi, who got the inspiration to this story off of another story called 'Grimmy pet'. This is completely our own story, with the idea from 'Grimmy pet' which deserves credit for that. I also changed up a few things in it. Some OCC-ness. Hope you enjoy! As it's originally True-Love-IchiHichi's story, this chap is dedicated to her!


~3 years ago~

"One more dose, his body can take it." a man in a doctor's white uniform, covered in blood, with a mask, and special gloves and goggles announced to the rest of the team.

They were experimenting on an innocent hybrid with his arms tied behind his back and a gag set in his mouth to contain his screams of pure agony. At the moment his mind was so overcome with pain that he couldn't comprehend what any of them were saying. All he knew was that it was along the lines of pumping him full of more drugs and chemicals. Not to mention more pain than should be possible to withstand.

"No Doctor! His body CAN'T take it! You'll kill him and all this will be for nothing!" another shouted in protest to the previous statement.

The other person ignored them and stuck another syringe in the poor hybrid's arm, injecting further chemicals to the ones already swimming in his body. The hybrid barely flinched at the contact but then the chemical took effect and his body painfully started to lose all color. His tongue started to turn a sickening blue and the sclera of his eyes began to turn black. His usually yellow eyes darkened to an alluring gold color and a hole slowly appeared in the center of his chest.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! MFHFHHFHF! AHHHHHHHHH!" he screamed through the gag as the area around the hole in his chest began to dissolve to widen the hole.

Very soon, he was completely white except for his eyes and mouth, and the hole was still growing. He continued to scream in agony, with all the scientists and surgeons watching in delight as his chest finally stopped deteriorating and a black hole that went through his body was left in its wake. His torso and abdominal were covered in clumps of flesh and blood from where the flesh was expelled. He had managed not to die because of the other chemicals that sped up his recovery and stopped the blood flow.

"The scan says that the chemicals slightly deteriorated the voice box and vocal cord, but it's a success all the same!" the head scientist yelled cheerfully.

All the eyes in the room widened and then there were cheers of success and happiness at the gaping hole in the abused hybrid.

In a few minutes time the hybrid was completely healed, or at least he thought he was as not much pain was felt. Little did he know that there was still a 3 inch diameter hole in his chest. One of the scientists slowly came closer to him, holding a large syringe. Since the violated hybrid was no longer in extreme mind numbing pain he recognised the shape of the syringe and screamed, desperately trying to get away from it. The others held the poor thing down and the needle was injected. His mind went into a daze like it always did when a needle was injected, but as soon as the metal was out of his skin he started screaming bloody murder again.

He shook as tears leaked down the side of his face. His body was devoid of any flaws, but he was still covered in blood, sweat, tears, and clumps of rotting flesh- his own rotting flesh. He soon calmed down as the anesthetic took effect and soon after he was out cold.

"Will one of you take it back to its room and wash the thing off, it reeks. Whatever you do, do not kill it. It took us many years and countless hybrids to get that hole in its chest without killing it. That one we've been working on since the thing was 5 and if it dies it's your head." the head scientist said to one of his many assistants.

He obeyed and picked the malnourished 15 year old hybrid up and easily carrying the light body to its so-called room which was more a cell than a room. The assistant didn't give a rat's ass about the tortured being in his arms. They were all taught to be indifferent so as not to lose their sanity in this line of business.

He carried the broken, unconscious form into the bathroom, where he used the high tech mechanical cuffs on its hands, pressing a small button for two metal tentacle-looking things to shoot from the cuffs and attached to two handles on either side of the 6 x 6 shower. At this point the pure white being was beginning to grow conscious once more. He awoke to find himself kneeling on a tiled floor with his arms still behind his back, but the cuffs extended to connect with the walls. He was immobile in this condition.

"Stay still." the assistant ordered as he grabbed the hybrids shorts and ripped them off with barely a flick of his wrist.

The cat hybrid's eyes widened as he saw a young male with short black hair and beady pink eyes, wearing a lab coat suddenly strip him of what he was wearing. He screamed once more, but the man didn't pay attention and continued stripping him. Once he was completely naked and exposed the other male turned on the shower. The hybrid snapped his attention to the other male and watched as he grabbed a shower nozzle (the kind where you can detach it and it's attached to a hose) and fixed the temperature.

His eyes widened as he watched an unbelievable amount of steam rise from the water spraying out of the shower hose. It must be scalding and he could get badly burnt! Wasn't the guy going to turn down the temperature? The hybrid's questions were answered as the man emotionlessly pointed the water towards his immobile form pinned to the floor on his knees.

He closed his eyes just as the scalding water hit his body. It burned and felt all around awful, but the man didn't stop. The abused hybrid screamed in pain, but stopped suddenly, noticing that his voice sounded odd. He decided on trying to move away from the water instead, but it was no use. He simply took the pain and looked down, watching as clumps of skin, blood, and many other substances and chemicals were washed down the drain. His body slowly got used to the temperature and he relaxed slightly- but only slightly.

The assistant seemed to notice he was relaxing and flipped the hybrid. He landed on his back with his legs parted, in a very compromising position. He tried to move, but the other male held his hip and aimed the water down, washing off his privates. The cat hybrid twitched as the other male continued to stare at certain places and tried to move away before the guy could do anything. He was stopped by the hand on his hip moving between his legs and rubbing his dick and balls. His eyes widened and he started to squirm as pleasure flooded his body. He squeaked when the other started pumping him. The half-cat let out a breathy moan and started to cry at his weakness. With one final jerk he came, shooting blood and black semen all over the tiled floor.

Why the hell was his semen black anyways? Who knows...?

Anyway, it seems the assistant was only trying to get the blood out of places it wasn't supposed to be and not help him with any sort of relief from the torture at all.

Before he had time to react he was pulled into a sitting position once more and he was being burned by the water again. He couldn't scream at him stop, because of the gag. He was helpless. He couldn't help, but feel that something was wrong with him. He knew he had more chemicals and drugs floating through his body than should be possible, but other than that something still felt wrong. He couldn't place it, until he looked at his legs.

They were white as snow.

He recalled being tan. What had happened?

Just as he noticed this, the water was turned off, he was clean and being pulled out of the shower after the cuffs were released from the walls.

"Dry yourself and get changed!" the other male ordered as he unlocked the restraining cuffs and locking the door on his way out.

The cuffs were still around his wrists and elbows- they just weren't connected anymore. The cat hybrid sighed again, stretching his sore arms after another day of experimenting but he couldn't stop looking at himself.

He used to be so tan, but now he looked like he'd never been outside in his entire life. He grabbed a towel from the small metal bed with rags for sheets and a sorry excuse for a mattress. He used the towel which was basically another rag to dry his body and tail off and grabbed a smaller one for his hair and ears. Once he was dry he slipped on a pair of boxers and his 'uniform' which consisted of a white pair of baggy pants and a black long sleeve white shirt. It went over his hands, but had finger holes that stopped half way down the fingers. Kind of like a shirt and fingerless gloves in one. It never seized to surprise him that they were so comfortable- 95% cotton and 5% spandex baby!

"This suck-" he began, but cut himself of when his voice gave a watery kind of echo sound, "What the hell happened to my voice?"

He grabbed his throat and to his surprise it felt much smaller. He figured one of the drugs must have messed with his vocal cords and thought nothing more about it. He suddenly keeled over grabbing his chest when it gave an awful ache. It felt extremely sore, but he didn't sprain his chest, it wasn't even possible. He slowly hobbled to the bathroom and stood in front of a large mirror, looking at his reflection.

He nearly fell over at what he saw. He usually brown hair was pure white and his usually yellow and white eyes were gold and black. His usually brown ears and tail were also pure white. Finally, he noticed when he opened his mouth to gasp his tongue was an awful blue- don't get it wrong, he loved the color blue…well used to…until he saw his tongue.

His chest gave another ache and he pulled his shirt off. He looked in the mirror and this time he did fall back. There was a hole in the center of his chest- he could see right through it to the wall behind him. The inside of it was black and it was 3 inches wide.

He gingerly reached a hand up to touch it. Touching the outside of it made an odd feeling shoot up and down his spine. He had never felt that before although he has felt many different kinds of odd feelings so he ignored it, putting it off as another effect of the chemicals in his body. Slowly, he stuck his finger into the empty space of the hole, making sure not to touch the skin on the inside- if you could even call the black expanse skin anymore. It was completely smooth by what he could see and it didn't even look like skin, instead looking like fancy glass.

"Here goes fuckin' nothin'" he said as he slightly tapped the inside skin.

The result was his body jerking and going into paralysis. He could barely move- it felt so odd that his brain didn't even try to comprehend it. There was supposed to be skin, bone and an organ there! Touching empty space where his heart was supposed to be was probably so entertaining for his brain to grasp. After a few seconds his body came back around and he slowly sat up, clutching his head when a migraine started to form. The chemicals in his blood stream quickly dispersed the headache and he stood up grabbing the black shirt off the ground and slipping it over his head again. The stupid shirt made him look even paler.

Thank god the fucking doctors had enough sense to give him long sleeves or he'd freeze to death. Wouldn't want to happen to their favorite little experiment, would they? It was only fall outside- at least he heard it was- but it was freezing inside the facility. He hadn't ever actually had a chance to go outside in 7 years, so he doesn't really know if it's supposed to be cold. There were six or seven other inmates, but they were all dying or insane. He surprised himself by making it this long with his sanity intact but now, with a hole in his chest, he wasn't sure how much longer he could last.

He sighed and put his left hand on his hip while lifting his right to rub the back of his neck. Damn, they really did a number on him this time. Seriously, they just had to give him a blue tongue, didn't they?


He jumped as he heard another inmate finally lose it. What was that, the fifth one this week? He jumped again when his door burst open and a deranged inmate came charging his way. He jumped out of the way just as the other jumped on his bed. Three guards bolted in and tried to subdue him. The recently-turned-white cat hybrid took this opportunity to bolt for freedom.

He grabbed a security key and a cuff key out of a guard's pocket as he was running past. He also snagged the guy's wallet. He opened it quickly and looked at the cash, not wanting to be arrested for a stolen credit card.

His eyes widened. Who the hell keep $600 bucks in their wallet? Oh well, lucky kitty! He quickly stuffed it in his pocket and continued running. He took the cuff key out of his pocket and unlatched the cuffs from his elbows and wrists by sliding it across the metal. They fell to the floor with a loud clang and he suddenly felt like he was going to float off the ground. Only now did he really realize how heavy those things were. He could run so much faster now!

"So close..." he whispered to himself as he opened the large front door with the security key.

He nearly stopped to just take a look at everything- the sky, grass and leaves-nearly, but he didn't have the time to appreciate nature right now. As much as it hurt him to do so, he bolted down the walkway leading away from the facility, ignoring everything else.

Who ran that torture factory again? Eisun & Pon? Aiton & Hin? Oh yeah, Aizen & Gin corp.! Like the name of the owners mattered anyway, but whatever.

He continued running long after the sirens rang signaling that an experiment escaped. He continued running, his feet stinging from hitting the pavement, rocks, and dirt, but he didn't care. He finally ran out of breath and nearly collapsed outside a small store. He sat down on a bench and caught his breath for a minute or two. He was running so long and so fast he was probably a good 10 miles away from that dreaded place.

He slowly got up and walked into the store. It was full of black clothes, but he liked it, even though he stood out like a sore thumb, being noticeably white and all. He soon found a rack with black baggy pants covered in 'D loops'. Of course he had no idea what they were, but picked them off the shelf anyway. He walked for a couple more minutes until he came across a rack with sleeveless shirts. He picked a white one with a blood red broken heart, connected in the middle with a band-aid. He looked around again to find something to wear under the shirt. He found a red and black striped, long-sleeved shirt that looked as though it would fit him skin tight. He walked to the back were the shoes and socks were and picked out a pair of black socks with black sneakers covered in skulls. He noticed skater hats to the left of the shoe rack and grabbed a black one covered in crude graffiti. Remembering his eyes, he grabbed a pair of dark aviator sunglasses that were definitely not see-through. Finally he grabbed a pair of fingerless gloves with dog-collar studs around the wrists. Once he was done, he walked to the front to pay.

"How may I help you sir-..." she began kindly but barked when she saw his ears and other features, "We don't serve hybrids buddy. Especially not albino ones with blue tongues and black and gold eyes...freak."

He gave her a death glare, trying to hide how much that comment hurt behind anger, but decided to not draw attention to himself and stopped.

He pulled out a fifty while looking at her and put the clothes on the counter. She looked at the fifty, at him and at the fifty again. She smiled and rang up the items. He gave her the money and walked into the dressing room to put them on.

He pulled off his old clothes, being careful to avoid the hole through his chest, and dropped them on the chair in the small room. He then pulled on the dark red and black striped skin tight long sleeve shirt and the heart shirt over that. He pulled on the pants and tucked his tail into the left leg, but they were loose around the hips. He disregarded that for a minute and pulled the socks and shoes on over his slightly red and aching feet which of course had been healed of all the little cuts and scrapes due to the chemicals still in his body. He put the hat on and flipped it backwards and slipped the sun glasses on, effectively covering his eyes from view. Finally he pulled on the pair of gloves.

Once he was changed he ripped the old clothes apart and threw them in the trash can with all the tags he ripped off the new clothes. He walked to the back of the store again and pulled a blood red belt off one of the racks. He walked to the front, paid the cashier who didn't even look up and fastened it around his waist. Since he was so skinny the belt went around twice. Once through the belt loops and the second dangling low on his left hip.

"Not bad..." he mumbled, walking past a small bus stop.

He noted where it was and walked further down the street. He never knew how comfortable shoes were until now. He vaguely remembered wearing shoes when his old master dumped him off at that torture chamber 7 years ago, but it was so long ago his memories were kind of foggy. He sighed and stopped in front of a small sub shop.

He walked in and looked at the menu hanging above the counter. He couldn't help himself so he gave in to his desire and ordered tuna. After a bit of thought, he also ordered a 'Sobe Pina Colada' drink. He put them in the paper bag they gave him and bolted toward the bus stop when he saw the bus coming down the street.

It had the words 'Karakura Express' painted at the front. Where the hell was 'Karakura'? He had never heard of that place before but as long as it was away from here, he didn't care. He boarded the bus. He walked to the back of the bus, away from everyone, and sat down. The driver announced that 'Karakura Town' was about 3-4 hours away. Wasn't that long for him as he's been experimented on for more than 7 hours a day so no big deal.

About 20 minutes into the ride, he started to eat his sub. Damn, it was good! He didn't want to eat too fast so he ate a moderate pace. He couldn't remember the last time he had food…2…3…maybe 3 1/2 weeks ago? It didn't matter. This was good. He was so occupied with his sub he almost forgot the drink. He slowly reached down into the bag and pulled out the 'Sobe'. He drank half of it in one go as he hadn't drunk anything in a few days and damn, was his throat dry. Soon after he finished his meal he fell asleep.

He awoke to the bus stopping and various people getting off at the stop, the city bus stop. He wanted to wait until the suburb bus stop so he stayed on. About 20 minutes later they arrived and he grabbed his bag and empty bottle and got off. He threw them away in a trash bin and walked down the street. He didn't know where to go…maybe he could go to someone's house and ask to be their pet? No way, they'd probably dump him somewhere, like 'torture corp.' as he liked to call it.

He kept walking, until he was grabbed and brought into an ally. He didn't want to say anything or whoever it was would call the cops because of his voice so he stayed silent he as they began to beat him up for looking odd. He stumbled out of the ally, leaving all of the gang members unconscious on the ground as he had whooped their asses. He didn't bleed, but he was pretty banged up. He stumbled up to a mansion and knocked on the door as hard as he could before falling unconscious. Little did he know he had picked just the right house.


~Present Day~

"Shirosaki Ogichi Zangetsu, you get your ass out of bed, it's time for school!"