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~1 week later~

Ichigo's eyes shot open as he came, successfully pulling him from the wonderful dream he was having consisting of his favorite panther and albino kitten only to find reality much MUCH better as said kitten removed his mouth from his cock with a lewd 'pop' and said panther was covered in said kitten's cum as he had been giving Shiro a blowjob while he gave the sleeping Ichigo an amazing wake up call.

As Ichigo's mind caught up with the situation, he realized that yesterday was the last day of heat and by all means Shiro should probably be freaking out right now. At least, he thought that the former blowjob may have been the thing to purge him of the heat and that he would in fact start freaking out.

Needless to say, he was shocked when Shiro whimpered pitifully and said in his cutest voice, "Why aren't you fucking me Master?"

"Uh-um I…well…"

He trailed off as Shiro dipped his head to nip and lick at his well-defined abs. Grimmjow smirked and crawled over Shiro to give Ichigo a rough open mouthed kiss over Shiro's shoulder. Ichigo responded with equal vigor as he felt Shiro's growing hard on pressing insistently into his.

"Fuck it!" growled Ichigo as he turned them over in one move, pinning Grimmjow to the bed with Shiro squished between them.

He then proceeded to explore Shiro's mouth with his tongue while letting Grimmjow suck his fingers. After a week of mind-blowing sex, Grimmjow and Shiro didn't really need much preparation but Ichigo loved to spoil them every once in a while even though most times he was usually very sadistic.

Pulling away from Shiro with a raspy demand for him to kiss Grimmjow, Ichigo proceeded to prepare Shiro thoroughly with his fingers while nipping and biting his ass and thighs, loving the squeals and meows coming from his pet. When he was sure Shiro was properly ready, he lowered him onto Grimmjow's erection and proceeded to rim Grimmjow while Shiro rode him. He pushed two fingers into Grimmjow without warning, causing the blue-haired hybrid to yelp. Chuckling, he scissored his fingers without waiting for him to adjust, knowing that the panther could take it.

"I-ichi! Damnit! Just fuck me already!" cried Grimmjow as Shiro bounced up and down on his lap.

Grinning, Ichigo entered him in one thrust that had him pushing directly into Shiro's prostate causing the albino hybrid to cry out both their names in pleasure. He looked down at his panther over Shiro's shoulder and smirked as he watched him lose control to the pure pleasure rippling up his spine. Ichigo leaned over and bit harshly into the juncture of Shiro's shoulder as he thrust deeply into Grimmjow, marking his property. Shiro was the missing piece in his and Grimmjow's life and he hoped to god that he would forever remain in their lives. Even if he had to handcuff him to the bed. Smirking at his thought, he changed his angle just a bit to repeatedly hit Grimmjow's prostate with each thrust.

He was so lucky that he did not have school until after the weekend. It was a blessing that schools accommodated for students owning pets, especially during heat.


~a few weeks later~

"Time to wake up Ichi!" growled Grimmjow as he walked in Ichigo's room.

He was so pissed that Ichigo made Shiro and himself stay in their old room when he had school. Not that he disliked having sex with Shiro. Of course not! But he did enjoy being dominated by his master but with Ichigo's "No sex during school" rule, it had been quite a while since they last slept together.

Thankfully the holidays would start tomorrow and finally he could get the "oh so good!" fucking that he was craving.

Ichigo yawned and stretched as he sat up, "Mornin'."

Grimmjow sniffed and walked back out, heading to the kitchen where Shiro was happily preparing breakfast.

A few minutes later, a freshly showered Ichigo walked in, fully dressed, with his school bag and a wide grin on his face. After returning Shiro's morning kiss, he ate his breakfast in cheerful silence, waiting until Grimmjow snapped.

He finished eating and was about to leave when Grimmjow growled and mumbled "Fuck it." before reaching over to get his morning kiss as well. Ichigo smirked and kissed him forcefully, biting Grimmjow's lower lip harshly and demanding that his tongue be let in to explore Grimmjow's mouth. By the time Ichigo broke the kiss, Grimmjow was a panting mess and blushing.

"W-wha' was tha' for?" he stammered.

"Just a taste for what's coming tonight. Now be a good pet and entertain Shiro. See ya soon kitty!"

Grimmjow and Shiro had opted to stop accompanying Ichigo to school everyday and only did so twice a week since school had restarted for Ichigo.


When Ichigo opened the door to his place after school, he was immediately pounced upon by an animated Shiro. He caught Shiro who immediately wrapped his hands around his neck and his legs around his waist in order not to be let down.

"ICHI! Can we go get ice-cream?! I wanna play in the park~!" he half-sang, half-squealed, like an excited toddler.

The watery accent that his voice had since Ichigo knew him made the words almost incomprehensible but Ichigo found that it was adorable. Grimmjow walked to the door shaking his head slightly before moving to kiss Ichigo, who was still holding Shiro, but Ichigo turned his face so that Grimmjow ended up kissing his cheek instead.

"Uh, sure thing pet. Just let me put down my bag hmm?"

Shiro blushed and nodded while kissing all over Ichigo's face as he carried Shiro inside and dropped his bag on the couch. Grimmjow followed dejectedly.


"You'd better not be objecting to this Grimm. Else I'll be very unhappy and I'll hafta punish you pet. Patience is a virtue."


"It'll be fun. Don't worry. It's the start of the holidays!"

"You're the bestest master ever!" exclaimed Shiro as Ichigo asked Grimmjow to lock up as they left.

Grimmjow smiled slightly at this despite not being too happy and nodded in agreement to Shiro's words, pocketed the keys and strolled beside Ichigo who was still carrying Shiro like a baby.


Upon reaching the park, Shiro promptly declared that he wanted Strawberry ice cream with the cutest expression that he could muster while Grimmjow laughed and Ichigo tried to glare but who could glare at Shiro's puppy eyes?

Grimmjow grinned when Ichigo actually bought the treat for Shiro who began licking it with a very childlike expression. Grimmjow declared that he also wanted Strawberry ice cream which made Ichigo glare and buy himself a Blueberry ice-cream while indulging Grimmjow who grinned wickedly and, not breaking eye contact with Ichigo, proceeded to slowly lick around the ice cream before sucking it in his mouth and moaning at the taste.

Ichigo flushed as they were in public, more so in front of an ice cream truck where little kids were running around and begging their parents to buy the cold treat for them. Narrowing his eyes, he grabbed Grimmjow and Shiro's free hands and quickly dragged them off to a clearing in the park where he usually went to relax.

Sighing, he leant back on the trunk of a tree and began enjoying the sharp flavor of his ice-cream. Shiro kept lapping at his ice-cream like a kitten and making cute mewling sounds with every lick with his eyes closed while Grimmjow kept teasing Ichigo with the way he was devouring the poor treat.

Ichigo smirked and decided to reward Grimmjow a little while also punishing him for the lewd display earlier. He slowly licked the blue treat from the bottom of the cone to the tip of the swirl and rotated the ice cream before repeating the process with half lidded eyes. Grimmjow unconsciously moaned and his eyes remained glued to Ichigo's tongue. When he realized what he was doing, he promptly blushed and pouted before turning to watch Shiro enjoy his ice cream while practically shoving his own ice cream down his throat. All he wanted to do was to finish it and go home so that Ichigo could give him the proper fucking that he deserved.

Ichigo smirked as he observed Grimmjow's uneasy shifting. He knew that Grimmjow was hard because of the promise he had made to him earlier that day and he wanted to make Grimmjow so wound up that he'd lose all control with just a kiss. That was one of the reasons why he indulged Shiro.

As Ichigo finished his ice cream, he observed as Shiro finished his as well before contentedly sighing and shifting so that he came closer to Ichigo. Relaxing back against the tree a bit more, now that he was finished with his treat, he invited Shiro to lay his head on his lap with a grin. He could practically feel the hormones rolling off Grimmjow. Shiro lay down and stretched his body like the cat he was before laying his head on Ichigo's thigh and purring as Ichigo stroked his ears and petted his hair.

Grimmjow immediately swallowed his last bite of the ice cream in order to ask Ichigo a very important question.

"Do you plan on letting Shiro sleep here? Aren't we going to go home?"

Smiling, Ichigo decided that Grimmjow had been tortured enough in public and that if he continued to tease him, he might have a problem in carrying him at home, considering that they had walked to the park instead of taking the car.

"Of course we're going home. But Shiro's tired. I don't see why we can't stay a bit more."

Grimmjow whimpered and Ichigo smirked, "But for your sake, let's get home."

Shiro tiredly got up and let out a high pitched yelp when suddenly his feet were swept from under him. Ichigo had picked him up bridal style. Smiling, the cute kitten wrapped his hands around Ichigo's neck and nuzzled his neck affectionately. Grimmjow instantly followed and walked in step with Ichigo to their home.


As soon as Ichigo stepped into the house, Shiro leaned up in his arms and kissed him sweetly before Ichigo let him down. Grimmjow watched heatedly, trying to be patient with Ichigo but it seemed as though Ichigo was going out of his way to ignore him. Grimmjow growled lowly when Ichigo followed Shiro up to their room, without so much as a glance towards Grimmjow.

Ichigo inwardly smirked. He had Grimmjow right where he wanted him. In a bit, his cute pet would be rippling with pleasure from just a single kiss. He continued up the stairs, making sure that he didn't respond in any visible way to Grimmjow's growl. Sure enough, as he neared the middle of the spiral staircase, he heard hurried footsteps following him and Shiro.

By the time Ichigo had leisurely made his way to his room, Shiro was already stripped and spread out on Ichigo's bed with two fingers in his ass and his eyes closed as he moaned his approval to the, what he thought was, empty room. Ichigo grinned. His newest pet was a fast learner. He unhurriedly unbuckled his belt, letting it fall to the thick carpet, making a muffled thump that did nothing to notify the inhabitant of his bed to his presence.

Slowly, he loosened his tie and unbuttoned his shirt and let them join the belt on the floor. By the time he was only in his pants and boxers, Grimmjow had arrived at the door, as he stopped on the way up several times with insecurity gripping at his mind that Ichigo would probably leave him for Shiro. His heavy breathing alerted Ichigo to his arrival but Shiro was too lost in his self-pleasure that he probably wouldn't have heard if Grimmjow had run in shouting his name.

Ichigo turned and strolled to the door, gripping Grimmjow by his arms before he could escape and dragging him to the bed, where he dropped him next to Shiro and proceeded to wrestle him out of his clothes. He was surprised that Grimmjow was actually resisting him, even when Shiro noticed the change in the pressure on the bed and sat up to attempt helping Ichigo rid Grimmjow of his clothes. Needless to say, Ichigo got angry when Grimmjow's hand slammed into his nose painfully.

Growling, Ichigo ordered Shiro to get in the huge wardrobe and search for his whips and handcuffs. Then he let the full weight of his body settle on Grimmjow before roughly claiming his mouth, biting harshly on the defying lips until he was let in. He crudely ran his tongue over sharp teeth to push Grimmjow's tongue into play. Grimmjow shuddered and cried out, releasing his load on the inside of his pants because Ichigo just affected him that much, even when he was being extra dominant.

Ichigo grinned as he was hoping to make Grimmjow come with just a kiss for the entire day. However, as he victoriously sat up, he was terrified to notice that Grimmjow was actually sobbing. He hid his face into the mattress in an attempt for Ichigo not to notice, however, the gentle shaking of his shoulders and the little sniffles confirmed Ichigo's suspiscion.

"Grimm?! Did I hurt you?! I'm sor-"

"DON'T! Don't ya dare say ya sorry. You'll just make it worse. I know ya've gotten tired of me Ichi but I love ya and I want you to be happy so I'll just cherish whatever ya give me. Just don't make me feel so unwanted. Was I tha' bad that ya sorry ya ever slept wid me?!"

"W-What?! Grimmjow, where in all hell did you think that up from?!"

"And I don't care tha' ya gonna replace me with Shiro cuz I love 'im too. I'll try not to be…What do ya mean where did I get tha' idea from? Ya were ignorin' me all day and ya kept doing everythin' tha' Shiro asked ya to do. Ya didn't even kiss me! I know tha' I'm not desirable. I mean, Tousen always told me that. I-"

Ichigo cut him off with a kiss before backing up as Grimmjow's teary eyes looked back at him.

"You know, I thought it might have been fun to tease you today but it seems as though you weren't ready. I'm truly sorry for making you feel that way Grimm. I love you and Shiro both and I won't give either of you up for the world. I don't think either of you are undesirable or unattractive and I will never ever tire of either of you. I think that you both fill the missing pieces in my life. Please forgive me."

Shiro had come out of the wardrobe with the requested items just in time to hear the ending of Grimmjow's speech and all of Ichigo's. Smiling widely, with tears of joy streaming down his face, he joined them on the bed for a very teary hug. Ichigo kissed both their foreheads and then proceeded to make out with Grimmjow, while gently removing his remaining clothes. Shiro helped him out of his own clothes and then undressed himself before they both set about pleasing Grimmjow with their mouths. Ichigo rimmed him while Shiro sucked his spent cock vigorously. Grimmjow could do nothing more than moan delightedly as they both pleased him.

Soon enough, Ichigo's fingers were preparing Grimmjow's asshole while Shiro prepared himself. Ichigo slapped Shiro's ass as he got out from under Grimmjow when he deemed him ready, signaling that Shiro should get up. He then sat on the edge of the bed and positioned Grimmjow to ride him at the same time Shiro positioned himself over Grimmjow's cock.

As Ichigo snapped his hips upwards, Shiro sank down on Grimmjow, making him scream as his body was dually drowned in pleasure. The three lovers moved in unison, panting in pleasure as they rocked their hips in sync with each other until they all spilled their seed.


The next morning, after breakfast, Shiro shyly approached Grimmjow and Ichigo.

"I think it's time for me to tell you my story."


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